73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (2023)

Discover Zola's list of 73 dream wedding themes for every style of couple. The themes range from art deco or gothic, retro or shabby chic to new trends that we love.

73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (1)

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Access our wedding theme ideas and inspiration boards below:

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  • classic wedding themes
  • creative wedding themes

Have you already chosen the wedding motto for your big day? If not, you should. We've put together an extensive list of different wedding themes that we love and that suit all types of couples, tastes and wedding styles.

Do I need a theme for my wedding?

While not mandatory to have one, themed weddings can help you set the style of your wedding.dress bridesmaid dresses, the wedding cake/food you serve, the photos you take for yourwedding website, wedding colors and much more. A wedding theme can also help you create more cohesion with your other pre-wedding events, such as connecting the wedding theme to yours.Hen party theme.

How to choose the wedding theme?

If you're looking for wedding inspiration, you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for a fall or spring wedding, there are many unique wedding reception themes for you and your partner to choose from. We've compiled a list of our favorite wedding theme ideas that will suit the needs of book lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, an eccentric bride, and more! Read on to discover the perfect wedding theme with 73 stunning wedding ideas for every bridal style.

popular wedding themes

Before we dive into all the wedding themes to choose from, whether classic or creative, glamorous or vintage, alternative or boho-inspired, let's take a look at some of the most popular wedding themes to look forward to. married couples:

  1. formally contemporary:Stick to the basics with this unique wedding theme that uses gift design elements. Draped fabrics, crystal chandeliers and tall centerpieces complete this sophisticated look.

  2. classic glamour:A classic glamorous affair is bold and over the top, with luxe touches from the venue to the decor. Monochromecolor palettesare popular, with metallic colors mixed in to add sparkle and glamour.

  3. Naturally:Consider an outdoor patio to celebrate the beauty of nature on your wedding day.ecological weddingDetails like edible gifts and a sustainable point of sale help enhance your natural wedding atmosphere.

classic wedding themes

If you are a traditional and classy person, you are probably inclined towards traditional and classy wedding themes.

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But "classic" and "traditional" do not have to be translated as "boring"! There are many wedding themes that will give you the classic look you are looking for while still feeling exciting and unique, including:

  1. Winter Wonderland:Your winter wedding reception can shine with a winter wonderland theme like snow. Use glitter, snowflakes, and Christmas ornaments to achieve this dreamy aesthetic.

  2. fall foliage:Use fall colors to inspire your wedding look - think brown, gold and forest green.

  3. full bloom:In spring all flowers are blooming and you can use these blooming flowers as inspiration theme for your wedding. Incorporate fresh spring flowers into every element of your wedding decor, from ornate table settings to a floral arbor.

Modern classic wedding themes

  1. Modern minimalist:Cut down on distractions by cutting back on over-the-top decor and focusing on what really matters: the happy couple. Less is more with this simple theme that uses shapes, geometry and little touches of color to bring it to life.

  2. Mid-Century Modern:Embrace this retro (but still modern) design style in your wedding decor with retro tables and burnt orange furniture.

  3. Art Deco:Celebrate the timeless elegance of the Roaring Twenties with gold accents, glittering sequins, feathers and lots of champagne. Use a white, gold, and black wedding color scheme for a sophisticated art deco design.

  4. art history:For a tasteful and sophisticated affair, consider a theme that celebrates art history throughout its decor and design. A museum or small art gallery is the perfect setting for this busy art class.

  5. neat:Your country club wedding is the perfect setting for a preppy wedding theme. Combine bright accents and modern patterns for a bold, flirty design on yourStore modern data, invitations and decor.

73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (2)Sources:Maria Naella|Photographs Kate Merrill|Photography by J Wiley|captured frames

Classic glamor wedding themes

  1. elegant property:Old world glamor takes center stage in the property's expansive garden during the ceremony and reception. Adorn your wedding tent with floating sheets, lights and flowers for an elegant and sophisticated look.

  2. Classic Romance:This timeless wedding theme comes with a soft, delicate palette of roses and gold and traditional table settings like rose bouquets and peonies. To create a romantic atmosphere, offer your guests candlelight and comfortable seating.

  3. fancy vineyard:Wine lovers can make sparkling wine a big part of their wedding day with an elegant vineyard celebration. To bring your vision to life, consider hosting your ceremony and reception at a real winery, using wine bottles and corks as creative decorations.

  4. Botanical Happiness:If you are planning to play with flowers on your wedding day, consider a botanical wedding theme. This lavish garden party is luxurious and sophisticated, often featuring metallic color palettes and opulent floral arrangements. Send a floral save-the-date and wedding invitation that matches your wedding theme.

Classic rustic wedding themes

  1. Rustic:Forrustic theme- popular at outdoor weddings - enhances natural elements or home decor (like greenery and flower arrangements in vases).

  2. Land:Cowboy boots and country music at a ranch-style wedding. You can even incorporate ranch activities like hay riding and horseback riding if the location allows.

  3. worn chic:this rustic meetingvintage weddingstyle is all about romance, smooth textures and warm colors. Take something old and give it a makeover by decorating it with antiques.centerpiecesand illuminants.

  4. From field to table:Make food the focus of your day by creating an open-air environment with organic decor and a fresh menu. Try an earthy palette and fruit and veg centerpieces.

  5. southern charm:Peach and Citrus Cobbler are just a few of the side dishes you can serve at your Deep South-inspired celebration. Emphasize feminine details and casual elegance at your ceremony and reception.

  6. French countryside:If you're getting married in a castle-like venue, consider saying "yes, I do" the French way. This wedding theme mixes opulence with rustic elegance. Be sure to bring plenty of lavender, macarons, and lovingly baked baguettes.

73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (3)Sources:Stacey Able Fotografia|Manga-Studios|release|Nichols Photographers

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classic vintage wedding themes

  1. Tee-Party:Host a vintage tea party for a daytime wedding celebration that's casual and sweet. Serve snacks on fine china, have the bridesmaids carry umbrellas and don't forget to add delicate lace accents to yoursantique wedding invitationsand decoration

Classic Destination Wedding Themes

  1. Tropical:You don't have to get married on the beach to enjoy the island atmosphere. Use lush palm trees, exotic flowers and seashells to create a tropical wedding and encourage guests to embrace the theme with resort attire.

  2. Nautical:Anchor your love with a wedding theme that celebrates the high seas. Dress your celebration in shades of blue, fresh linens and delicious fish dishes.

  3. Strand:If you dream of getting married barefoot, with your feet in the sand, the beach wedding is for you! Embrace the seaside with your decor and bouquet with a dried pompom wedding arch.

creative wedding themes

Do you want to create a more creative environment for your wedding? Then creative wedding themes could be just what you are looking for. Think outside the box when planning your dream wedding with these ready-to-use wedding themes:

creative seasonal wedding themes

  1. summer glamour:Treat yourself to a relaxed camping wedding with a touch of glamour. Raise a barnHinterhofplatzwith girly furniture and festive food stations for an unparalleled summer camp experience.

  2. Summer solstice:Celebrate Swedish midsummer holidays with a flower-centric summer ceremony. During the day, organize a picnic where you and your guests relax in the sun and make wreaths and wreaths.

Creative and modern wedding themes

  1. Postmodern Industry:Revitalize a worn space, like an old factory or abandoned warehouse, with a bold, modern twist featuring clean lines and elegant details. This theme looks to the future of design, so have fun imagining what your postmodern world will be like.

  2. Geode:This sparkling gemstone wedding theme is really gorgeous. Incorporate agate place cards, a geode cake design, and other stone accents to achieve this look.

  3. Pop-Art:If you're looking for a loud wedding theme that's always relevant, opt for a pop art wedding. Made famous by artist Andy Warhol, this style combines elements of pop culture with more traditional pieces for a look that's anything but boring.

  4. Maximalista Feminino:More is more with this colorful and eye-catching wedding theme that plays with dramatic displays and whimsical accents. Make your maximalism beautiful in pink with cascading flowers and glittery embellishments.

Creative and glamorous wedding themes

  1. Royal Wedding:Channel the grace of Meghan Markle and the heritage of the British royal family with this romantic wedding theme. Myrtle flowers, London artwork, tiaras and tea really make this look chic.

  2. fancy desert:Achieve an earthy glam aesthetic with a bohemian edge by mixing uplifting bohemian elements with desert plants. This is perfect for a summer wedding theme in the western heat. Send your guests home with a juicy wedding gift to round off the theme.

  3. Breakfast at Tiffany's:Your wedding palette doesn't get more luxurious than Tiffany Blue. This elegant wedding theme will embody the late great Audrey Hepburn, so accentuate your timeless style with trendy black and white accessories.

  4. Masked:Play in a dark, elegant and sophisticated case while wearing a mask. Whether you're channeling Venice or Mardi Gras, this fun and festive wedding theme is filled with glitz, glamor and mystery.

  5. Greek:Host a wedding worthy of the gods by decorating your venue with curtains, vines and earthy colors. Gold accents and green can help make white and cream curtains stand out.

73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (5)

creative rustic wedding themes

  1. O Kentucky-Derby:This unique country wedding theme is perfect for spring weddings. Bring southern glitz and glamor to your day with derby favorites like fancy hats, mint juleps and of course horses!

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  2. Patriotic:If you, your spouse, or someone you love have served, consider honoring their sacrifice with red, white, and whitenavy blue weddingDetails. You can encourage veterans and soldiers to come in uniform.

Creative vintage wedding themes

  1. Retro-Trailer:Host a unique and relaxed ceremony and reception at a retro trailer park. Gather a bouquet of wildflowers, hang twinkle lights for decorations, and bbq to keep the theme casual.

  2. old trips:Adventurers will love decorating this theme that uses vintage globes, postcards and other vintage travel items as creative decorations. Celebrate your wanderlust as you embark on the greatest journey of all.

  3. 1950:Get back to the quiet days with a retro rock-a-billy wedding. Wear a calf-length wedding dress and perfectly styled hair for a stylish aesthetic, and set up a photo booth to capture all the fun.

  4. rebirth:Take your love back in time with this historical wedding theme. Consider replacing the traditional wedding dress with a medieval dress and serve a menu full of ancient spices.

  5. On the run from Elvis:Escape as if you were in Las Vegas with your very own Elvis Presley officiant. Keep it casual with this vintage style ceremony.

  6. flight fantasy:If you're a flight enthusiast, your wedding day should celebrate the fantasy of flight. Take your decorations back to 1937, the year Amelia Earhart took her last flight.

  7. Midnight in Paris:You don't have to travel to France to have a stunning Parisian wedding. Create a nostalgic vibe by using creative touches like Hemmingway and Bukowski books as centerpieces.

  8. Theater:If you and your partner are movie buffs, consider hosting your wedding in a historic theater. Make movie magic part of your day with popcorn, a film screening and a touch of old Hollywood glamour.

  9. Peacock:Channel the glamor of 1920s ballrooms with a peacock wedding theme. this modality,elegant wedding styleUse the beautiful shades of peacock feathers to tie together ceremony and reception details.

73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (6)

Creative picture book wedding themes

  1. Harry Potter:If you've always dreamed of going to Hogwarts, a magic ball could be your wedding theme. Grab your wand, spell books and chocolate frogs and throw a party Potter would be proud of.

  2. A Midsummer Night's Dream:Host a magical, Shakespearean-inspired mid-summer wedding – think fairy lights and greenery for an after-sun celebration of romance and wine.

  3. Alice in Wonderland:Take your guests down a rabbit hole with this themed garden party idea. Mix and match the look with eclectic accents like clocks, cards, pocket watches, and pastel colors.

  4. Romantic fairy tale:Ditch the cheesy themes in favor of a unique, romantic fairy tale. Use a pink and white color palette for a dreamy aesthetic and add tasteful touches to your reception decor.

  5. Great Gatsby:Celebrate the jazz age with a Gatsby-inspired party featuring diamonds, feathers and glamorous accents; Don't forget the champagne towers and fringes.

  6. Dusk:Edward and Bella knew a thing or two about love. channel the notorioustwilight weddingoutdoors with hanging flowers and wooden furniture.

  7. magic forest:Earthy couples can embrace the mystique of the forest with this wedding theme featuring twinkle lights, hanging moss and green vines.

  8. Secret Garden:Take a page from the English novel and plan a wedding inspired by the lush, cozy charm of a British garden.

  9. Disney:Inspire childlike wonder with a Disney-style wedding. Whether you focus on a story like Cinderella or mix elements from different fairy tales, this theme is sure to evoke nostalgia from your guests.

73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (7)Sources:Photo by Stephanie Weber|Nirav Patel|Abigail Malone|the art of lifejBlue Gardenia events

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Creative themes for destination weddings

  1. Aloha Lunch:Host a Hawaiian-inspired luau during the day to enjoy the sunshine and bright colors. The morning reception opens new menu offerings such as banana pancakes and mimosa.

  2. Jungalow:What is a Jungalow Marriage? Designer JungalowJustina Blakeneydescribes this design style as wild, cozy and homey, with bohemian accents and lots of plants, perfect for a more bohemian wedding.

  3. Yacht:This is not your typical water wedding. Take your cruise to the next level with a luxurious gala wedding on (or inspired by) a yacht!

  4. under the sea:Celebrate your wedding under the sea in an aquarium so you can say "yes" alongside the creatures of the deep. Decorate with centers of turquoise, coral and sandcrackers.

  5. Selva:If you're interested in hosting a quiet, private adventure, consider a rainforest wedding. Choose a destination with rich natural landscapes, send oneDestination Wedding Save the Date, and play with the green decor.

  6. Yoga-Retreat:Enter marriage with a clear mind and spirit. You and your guests can reach a zen state through meditation during the ceremony. Then dress up your reception with yoga-inspired relics and handmade throws.

  7. Safari:If you and your spouse are animal lovers, consider a safari wedding theme. Mix and match natural tones with animal prints to create an eclectic, bush-inspired vibe.

73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (8)

Alternative creative wedding themes

  1. Rock'n'Roll:Take inspiration from the rock stars of decades past with a wedding theme that celebrates your love of music, fashion and eclectic decor. You can rock your entire wedding night and then have fun with your spouse every day from now on!

  2. Festival:If you and your partner love music festivals, consider a festival wedding where guests camp on the grounds, wear wreaths of flowers, and dance late into the night.

  3. Carnival:Become a kid for a day with this wedding theme that will make you relive your childhood. Incorporate silly touches like balloons, circus tents, and fairground food, but maybe watch out for clowns.

  4. Gothic:A castle-like venue is the perfect setting for a goth event. Consider ditching the white wedding dress in favor of something more sinister, and don't forget to light up plenty of chandeliers.

  5. Steampunk:This elegant and sexy wedding theme evokes the aesthetic of the Victorian era. Have fun with your wedding day attire and encourage your guests to get involved with the theme too!

  6. Heavenly:When your love shines as bright as the stars in the galaxy, consider a celestial wedding to celebrate heaven. Star lovers can take decor inspiration and color palettes from astronomy, the stars and outer space with this otherworldly wedding theme.

  7. Berg:If you are a morning person and/or lover of the great outdoors, how about a hiking themed wedding where your guests are awake and active as the sun rises? Following your intimate mountain ceremony, highlight the trekking theme with a celebratory brunch reception.

  8. All Saints Day:If you're getting married in the fall, take advantage of the season's spooky color palette and popular accessories like pumpkins, smoke and glass balls.

  9. thriller:While you're dressing up everyone else, why not add some murder mystery (and some fun accents) to the mix? Perfect for gaming-loving couples, this wedding theme can be incorporated into the decor, entertainment, and menu.

  10. Zu War Two Thrones:Bring winter to your wedding with this theme straight from Winterfell. leave itwedding partyChannel character with faux fur, headbands and thick braids.

73 Wedding Themes to Inspire Every Type of Couple - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (9)

Sources:Uriel Photography|Michelle Edgemont|Nichols Photographers

Once you've found a perfect wedding theme for you and your spouse, it's time to get started.wedding plan. Shop decoration and more belowZola's Wedding Boutique, and don't forget to customize yoursinviteto your wedding theme.

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What is the best wedding theme for 2022? ›

Here are some popular wedding themes to help set the tone for your 2022 wedding!
  1. 01 CLASSIC WEDDING THEME. A classic wedding theme typically includes: ...

What are popular wedding styles for 2022? ›

Romantic, classic, earthy, and rustic are popular trends for 2022 weddings. Couples are also getting creative with micro-themes based on movies, books, and hobbies.

How do I find the perfect wedding theme? ›

5 Tips to consider when choosing your wedding theme
  1. The season – The season plays a huge role in theme selections. ...
  2. Colours – Choosing colours is a daunting task and may take time. ...
  3. Budget and costs – Ultimately your budget will be important as it will guide you in selecting a venue, theme and decor within your budget.

What is the most popular wedding color for 2022? ›

Blush, grey, mauve, beige and even a pastel blue are just some of the many hues when aiming for this palette. If your heart is begging for more color, try taking a brighter shade and looking at the softer, or subdued version such as a dusty rose for a touch of pink or light sage from the green family.

What are the three best Colour combination for wedding? ›

See some of our favorite ways to create a fall wedding palette below.
  • Tawny Brown and Pine Green. ...
  • Gold and Plum Wine. ...
  • Off-White and Hunter Green. ...
  • Gold and Evergreen. ...
  • Magenta and Sage. ...
  • Maroon and Deep Purple. ...
  • Cherry Red and Heather Purple. ...
  • Green, Pink and Black.
Jul 15, 2020

What is the luckiest month to get married 2022? ›

What is the best month to get married in 2022? Well, the most popular month to get married is October, with September and June coming in second and third.

What wedding tradition is outdated? ›

The first tradition that has almost completely gone out of the window, is that of the bride's family (or father) paying for the wedding. In fact, whilst lots of parents help out with wedding funds, most couples today expect to be spending their own money on their big day.

What is the luckiest date to get married in 2022? ›

Auspicious Wedding Dates of 2022
  • Wednesday, February 2, 2022 & Tuesday, February 22, 2022.
  • Saturday, May 6, 2022.
  • Friday, July 8, 2022.
  • Saturday, August 8, 2022.
  • Saturday, September 9, 2022.
  • Saturday, October 8, 2022.
  • Sunday, November 11, 2022.
Jan 28, 2022

What should my wedding colors be? ›

Classic wedding colors: Black, gold, and ivory reflect classic and timeless wedding colors. 3. Fall wedding colors: Autumn foliage might inspire your fall wedding color choices. Choose burgundy, reds, oranges, and yellows paired with jewel-tone accent colors and muted neutrals.

How do you look classy at a wedding? ›

Women should wear a formal floor-length evening gown, no exceptions. Pair your dress with jewelry, heels, and an elegant clutch. Men are required to wear a tuxedo with tails, a formal white shirt, white vest and bow tie, white or gray gloves, and formal footwear, such as derby shoes or oxfords.

What is an elegant wedding theme? ›

Classic elegant wedding

This wedding aesthetic prioritizes traditional decor and other details that will never go out of style, such as monograms, pastel wedding color palettes, formal and black-tie dress codes, and fine china.

What is the wedding color for 2023? ›

Pantone's Color of the Year 2023 Is Viva Magenta—Here's How to Use It in Your Wedding Design. This "brave and fearless" hue will breathe new life into your celebration's color palette.

What wedding colors are timeless? ›

Navy and gold are some of the most timeless wedding colors, and they look gorgeous in any season. They can pull their own weight, but you can also add dimension to this palette by incorporating accent colors, such as dusty blue, gray, or even burgundy.

What is the most popular decorating color for 2022? ›

Gray-Green. Leading paint companies Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Sherwin-Williams all agree: 2022 is the year for gray-green. The sophisticated hue symbolizes balance and harmony often seen in the natural world.

What is the best color to welcome 2022? ›

Green: Happiness and Good Health

In many cultures, green is associated with the natural world. And who doesn't need more green space? Many studies have linked spending time in nature to better physical and mental health, including an increase in positive emotions such as happiness and a decrease in anxiety.

What two colors look the best together? ›

26 beautiful color combinations that'll inspire your next design
  1. Royal blue & peach (trending) ...
  2. Blue & pink (classic) ...
  3. Charcoal & yellow (classic) ...
  4. Red & yellow(classic) ...
  5. Lime green & electric blue (trending) ...
  6. Lavender & teal (trending) ...
  7. Cherry red & off-white (classic) ...
  8. Baby blue & white (classic)
Sep 27, 2021

What colors compliment gold? ›

The trick is to pair metallic gold with warm, deep-tone neutrals, such as charcoal or slate gray, chocolate brown, rich olive green, and dark tan or beige. White works, too, but be sure to choose a warmer shade so the contrast doesn't appear too cool when paired with gold.

Which colour does the bride prefer? ›

Red is fiery! In many Asian cultures, as in India, red also symbolises prosperity and joy. Therefore it's a colour that Indian brides have been donning for ages. Even those women who opt for a different colour, mostly make sure that some part of the bridal trousseau - like say the dupatta - is red.

What is the cheapest month of the year to get married? ›

Spring Months

As a fringe month with less predictable weather, March is a great time of year to book a wedding, as you'll find lower venue fees almost anywhere. April and May are considered peak season in much of the country, though you may be able to find affordable venues in regions that have a longer winter.

What is the luckiest day of the week to get married? ›

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are cited as better options: "Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, and Saturday no luck at all."

What month is the luckiest to get married? ›

The Chinese calendar marks auspicious days throughout the year that correspond with luck for a variety of life events from travel to signing contracts to saying "I do." According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, the best months for marriage in the Year of the Rabbit 2023 are May, July, August, October, and November.

How late can a bride be at a wedding? ›

Allow more time than you think you need to get ready. Aim to be ready 30 minutes before you need to leave. Or if you want some posed photos before you go, be ready to do those 45 minutes before.

What wedding tradition is most unique? ›

Here are unique wedding ceremony traditions that will make your big day even more special.
  • Handfasting Ceremony. ...
  • Wine Box Ceremony. ...
  • Ring Warming Ceremony. ...
  • Sage Smudging Ceremony. ...
  • Sky Lantern Ceremony. ...
  • Tying the Knot Ceremony. ...
  • Tree Planting Ceremony. ...
  • Unity Candle Ceremony.
May 18, 2020

What is the most popular wedding tradition? ›

White Wedding Dress

Long before they meet the love of their lives many girls dream of their wedding dress, and it's usually white. The white wedding dress or gown, after all, is still one of the most practiced American traditions, says Blum.

What is the happiest year of marriage? ›

According to a team of researchers from Pennsylvania State and Brigham Young University, married couples reached their happiest point at the 20-year mark. For the study, scientists looked at relationship satisfaction in 2,034 marriages with an average age of 35-37.

What is the least popular day of the week to get married? ›

Unsurprisingly, Saturdays are always the most popular day of the week to get married, with Tuesdays often being the least, but it's the exact date and months people choose to get married that varies the most.

What is the lucky number for marriage? ›

Number 9 is also a very lucky number, especially for weddings. The number “9” 's pronunciation is the same as the Chinese word “久“ which means “long-lasting”. That's why some people prefer to have their weddings on the 9th, 19th or 29th to hope for an enduring marriage.

What is the lucky color of the year 2022 wedding? ›

Few classic color options remain a top choice for brides across the decades as blue. In addition to this color being what some call a good luck charm for the day, it's also a color that symbolized royalty, brings on a sense of tranquility, and the 2022 Atlantic blue shade embodies all that and more!

What are the latest wedding colours for 2022? ›

4 Top Wedding Color Trends for 2022
  • MONOCHROMATIC. Monochromatic colors seem to be hotter than ever this year. ...
  • RUST AND TERRACOTA. The terracotta trend of 2021 is still going strong in 2022! ...
  • JEWEL TONES. Jewel tones are normally most popular for fall weddings, but now we're seeing them all year round. ...
May 18, 2022

How many colors is too much for a wedding? ›

Picking Way Too Many Wedding Colors

Otherwise, Burton recommends committing to three colors max (plus one metallic) to ensure everything looks cohesive. "Use neutrals, such as whites, grays, and beiges, if you'd like to keep things more low-key color-wise."

Which hair style is best for wedding? ›

Whether you prefer a classic updo or want to wear your hair down, there are a lot of amazing ideas for you!
  • French Twist Hair Style. This wedding hairstyle is a classic. ...
  • High Bun. ...
  • Loose Waves. ...
  • Half Up Half Down. ...
  • Long Wedding Ponytail. ...
  • Mermaid Braids. ...
  • Classic Updo. ...
  • Asymmetrical Twisted Updo.
Dec 15, 2022

How can I look beautiful and attractive in a wedding? ›

10 Tips to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day!
  1. #1 – Drink a LOT of Water. Make your skin glow for REAL, not just shimmery highlighter. ...
  2. #2 – Avoid Sun Damage. ...
  3. #3 – Invest in Great Skincare. ...
  4. #4 – Get Regular Facials. ...
  5. #6 – Tanning. ...
  6. #7 – Consider Lash Extensions. ...
  7. #8 – Consider Hair Extensions. ...
  8. #9 – Don't Forget About the Groom.
Feb 21, 2019

How do I make my wedding not boring? ›

11 Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Isn't Boring
  1. Make introductions at the rehearsal. ...
  2. Stick to the schedule. ...
  3. Don't let guests go hungry. ...
  4. Plan an exit strategy. ...
  5. Consider your venue. ...
  6. Work your seating chart. ...
  7. Put a time limit on toasts. ...
  8. Bring in the entertainment.

What is a classic wedding theme? ›

Delicate white florals, plenty of lush greenery, light linens, and minimal decor: These tried and true wedding details will never go out of style. And if you're a couple that prefers timelessness over trends, we suggest planning your ceremony and reception in a classic wedding style.

How do you do a simple classy wedding? ›

9 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Simple
  1. Make your guest list the A-list. ...
  2. Hire a wedding planner/day-of coordinator. ...
  3. Pick a venue or setting that looks great au naturel. ...
  4. Get married and have your reception in the same place! ...
  5. Embrace "All Inclusive". ...
  6. Give your wedding party fashion freedom. ...
  7. Shorten the timeline!
Sep 1, 2022

What is fairytale wedding theme? ›

A fairytale wedding theme is based on your favorite childhood tales. To achieve this kind of wedding, you'll want to create a magical, romantic atmosphere. Pick a setting that will set the mood immediately.

What is the luckiest month to get married in 2023? ›

What is the best month to get married in 2023? In Chinese culture, March, July and September are considered unlucky because it relates to death. All other months are great but the luckiest months to get married are in May, August and October.

What will be the color of 2024? ›

WGSN, a global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, a global authority on the future of color, have announced Apricot Crush as their Color of the Year for 2024.

What paint colors will be popular in 2023? ›

With the latest 2023 color of the year announcement, soft, earthy shades of pink and clay take the lead as the most popular paint colors.

What is the color of the year 2022 wedding? ›

From floral arrangements and cake, to stationery and bridesmaids dresses, there's no end to the potential Very Peri inclusions for 2022 and 2023 weddings. So, if you're still trying to pick your wedding colours, read on to see if this purple-blue hue is the one for you!

What is the most popular wedding date for 2022? ›

The Most Popular Wedding Date of 2022
  • You may have heard, we're in the midst of a wedding bubble. ...
  • And, the most popular wedding month of the entire year is October. ...
  • We're preparing for the number-one most popular wedding date of the year – October 22, 2022.
Oct 20, 2022

What is the lucky color for wedding? ›

Royal and vivid hues such as gold, yellow, orange and red are considered to be lucky for the Life Path 1 bride. Gold and yellow represents creativity, joy, glamorous and sophistication. Orange represents confidence being a woman, while red indicates power.

What is color for 2023? ›

Marvelous Magenta

The Pantone Color Institute named Viva Magenta as its official color of the year for 2023 for its joyous yet powerful nature.

Who pays for wedding reception food? ›

The bride and her family pay for all professional services, including food and decorations. The groom's family pays for the DJ or band and liquor.

What year is the best time to get married? ›

Dr. Fisher believes that marriages that take place when the couple is in their late 20s to mid 30s are most successful. "By the time we are getting to the late 20s we have a clear sense of who we are and what we want out of life," he explains.

What's the most common wedding date? ›

Saturday 21st August

August was actually the most popular month to get married overall in 2021 with 16,350 couples tying the knot.


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