Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (2023)

Blood weapons in Elden Ring do not cause slow health loss as you would expect. Instead, your swords increase blood loss until an explosive flow of blood paralyzes your foe. Sounds dramatic? Well, the damage caused is just as devastating; bites into a tenth of your health bar (or more).

This is on top of the damage your slashes and slashes have already dealt, so it's no surprise that many players find bleed builds overwhelming. Especially when you consider that this move can be repeated after a short cooldown.

Combined with bleed-focused clothing and attribute scaling, bleed weapons are absolutely insane in Elden Ring. There is plenty to choose from for both beginners and advanced players and our short list here will help you get started!

hook claws

Type:Slot/Hole »Ability:quick Step

Unlock Location:A corpse in the cellar of Stormveil Castle

Best suited for bleeding builds with high agility.hook clawsThousands of slashes will quickly spill blood across the battlefield as fast as you can dodge your chances. Powered by the "Quickstep" ability (which also lends itself to very skilled bleed builds), Hookclaws are one of the best bleed weapons in the Elden Ring both early and late game.

You can find the hooked claws on the body of an unlucky one in the bowels of Stormveil Castle, and they will mostly keep you satisfied throughout your time in the Middle Lands. While they don't appear ornate or absent, the hooked claws increase the bleed rate and can cause enemies to bleed rapidly with their quick attacks.

Think Wolverine in the Elden Ring.

Climbing Hooks Attributes:

  • Performance:mi
  • Agility:C

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (1)

streams of blood

Type:Physicist/Saint »corpse arrows

Unlock Location:Dropped by Bloody Finger Okina near the Church of Tranquility.

The Great Blood Letter and Deathbringer, Rivers of Blood, was the scourge of PvP until its recent nerf. It is now simply an excellent katana for traversing and bleeding the strange horrors of the midlands. Still, that will be more than enough for most players to quench their bloodlust.

Available afterOkina Bloody Finger Siege, the Rivers of Blood sword will guide you through most of your gameplay in the Elden Ring. Each slash deals physical and fire damage, and the Corpse Piler ability can be used repeatedly to slaughter your enemies with six fast, ferociously bloody slashes.

If you are a bit shy about PvP games, go for Rivers of Blood.

Rivers of Blood Stat Scaling:

  • Performance:mi
  • Agility:D
  • your back:D

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (2)

Morgott's Cursed Sword

Type:barra "Ability:fucking blood disk

Unlock Location:Enia at the Round Table

Morgott the Omen King is not that easy to kill in the Elden Ring. But his death is necessary and you will soon earn his memory. Once you've killed Morgott, trade Enia's keepsake in the Roundtable Hold and get Morgott's Cursed Greatsword.

The Cursed Sword ability isfucking blood disk, severing arteries and causing blood loss with explosive blows. This ability is particularly useful in PvP, where most enemies find it difficult to dodge the blows of Morgott's cursed sword. The same goes for clearing out a group of monsters in Elden Ring.

Merkschaling of Morgott's Cursed Sword:

  • Performance:mi
  • Agility:C
  • your back:D

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (3)

ghiza hilt

Type:Standard "Ability:rotating wheel

Unlock Location:Dropped by Arbiter Ghiza in Volcano Manor

While most of the blood weapons in the Elden Ring favor speed and small arms,The Wheel of Ghiza is one of the best weapons for building power.. After all, 28 power (and 18 dexterity) is the minimum requirement to be able to wield these spinning blades.

Once you have killed Arbiter Ghiza in Volcano Manor, you will be able to enjoy the Spinning Wheel ability, which continuously deals heavy damage in both PvE and PvP modes while inflicting heavy blood loss. Remember: the best way to kill Arbiter Ghiza is to use ranged weapons and stay away from his attacks.

For players who like to deal continuous (albeit less devastating) damage, Ghiza's Wheel isn't just a pretty front. Trust me, this hits harder than it looks.

Ghiza's wieatribution:

  • Performance:D
  • Agility:D

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (4)

Eleonora's pool sheet

Type:Standard/Perforation »Ability:blood cell count

Unlock Location:Left by Eleonora in the second church of Marika.

Like Eleonora, her deadly Poleblade craves blood. And while the arcane and skill requirements for Eleonora's Poleblade aren't small, once met, it's a reliable and versatile weapon.

Like the Rivers of Blood sword, Eleonora's Poleblade deals physical and fire damage. While her ability, Bloodblade Dance, resembles a dancer in her leaps and twirls, the mist from the twin blades creates a deadly combination that is both fierce and trance-like.

By keeping your distance and attacking fast with your abilities, you can easily bleed out and take down large beasts and pesky invaders.

Eleonora's Poleblade Attribute Scale:

  • Performance:mi
  • Agility:D
  • your back:D

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (5)

Meteorisch ertsblad

Type:Slot/Hole »Ability:gravity

Unlock Location:A chest in a small room in Caelid Waypoint Ruins

Essentially an upgrade to Moon Veil, Meteoric Ore Blade deals both magical and physical damage. The shining star, however, is the height of these attacks at the basic level. His ability, Gravitas, deals damage to an area and pulls fighters closer together, making this killing blow a real treat. A must have in your weapon slot for ridding rooms of beasts.

Also, Meteoric Ore Blade (MOB) is surprisingly easy to obtain. Just run through a room full of sarcophagi and multi-legged creatures and get it out of a chest. The problem is that you have to do something when you see him early.grind rune farmsbefore he can meet the high attribute requirements.

Meteor Ore Blade Attribute Scaling:

  • Performance:D
  • Agility:mi
  • Intelligence:D

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (6)

winged scythe

Type:Physicist/Saint »Ability:Angel wings

Unlock Location:Ruins of tombs in the Peninsula de los Llantos

Winged Scythe Angel Bows are not only adept at tearing your enemies to shreds, they are one of them.Great weapons in Elden Ring for a faith Add the scythe to your arsenal in Tombsward Ruins quickly and easily, then invest runes into your skill and faith. A worthy sacrifice for a weapon that will continue to serve you well into the future.

What sets this Grim Reaper apart, though, is his Angel Wings ability, which stops most healing items and scares off invaders. Besides the fact that it's incredibly cool to travel through the middle lands with the symbol of death on your body.

Winged Scythe Stat Scale:

  • Performance:D
  • agility: mi
  • Trust:D

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (7)

moon veil

Type:Slot/Hole »Ability:temporary moonlight

Unlock Location:Fall through the tunnel Magma Wyrm of Gael

The Moon Veil Katana isn't just for bleeding demons.

The Moon Veil is a large-scale, powerful, and lightning-fast weapon that deals high damage with each hit, and the Transient Moonlight fires an instant hit and a beam of light. A truly deadly move when timed correctly.

Moon Veil is a must for Intelligence builds, but it's a tall order. Of the three Magma Wyrms, only the one that lives in the Gael Tunnel will drop it. The Wyrm burns through your best defenses, so a high fire resistance and quick dodge are your best chances of defeating this dragon.

Lunar Veil Attributes in Scale:

  • Performance:mi
  • Agility:D
  • Intelligence:C

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (8)

To reduce

Type:Slot/Hole »Ability:Reduvia Bloedblad

Unlock Location:Dropped by Bloody Finger Nerijus in the Murkwater River

For players who don't like the perfectly balanced attribute scaling, Reduvia's twisted and bloody metal should be your first taste of blood. It learns fast, scales well without much thought, and cuts well too.

The Reduvia Bloodblade ability fires a piercing arc of blood and can be fired rapidly with a high impact, covering your enemies in both their own blood and Reduvia's blood. Although Reduvia is one of the easiest bleed weapons to use in the Elden Ring, Reduvia's owner, Bloody Finger Nerijus, is no trickster and will bleed you out if given the chance.

But by your side Bloody Finger Hunter fights against Yura!

Reduvia attribute scaling:

  • Performance:mi
  • Agility:D
  • your back:D

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (9)

thorny whip


Unlock Location:It drops from the Prelate of Fire north of the Giant Mountain Catacombs.

The Thorn Whip is suitable for agility bleeds, has a low weight and a very strong blood print.

Best used with high stamina and in conjunction with another bleed weapon (such as the Reduvia); In this case, the arterial spray is a miracle. A bit disappointing is his pathetic Kick ability, which can stun and break guards, but is better suited to daggers and critical hits.

Also, the low drop rate is a bit suspect, which could lead to the Prelate of Fire doing endless runs before you start pounding and pummeling. However, most agility drills require a bit of patience, and one look at this whip will have your enemies screaming for mommy in no time.

Thorn Lash Attribute Scale:

  • Performance:mi
  • Agility:C

Best Elden Ring Bleeding Weapons (Early and Late Game) • GamePro (10)

Are the bleed builds in Elden Ring still good?

At launch, the bleed builds in Elden Ring were considered overwhelming, overused, and just plain brutal. However, since the recent updates and game balancing by FromSoftware, the bleed builds in Elden Ring are not as good as they used to be. But they're still some of the best build combinations out there.

While I would still recommend new players to Elden Ring to go for bleed builds as one of the easiest combinations to scale, experienced players may now want to try other types of builds as the playing field is a bit more demanding for each type.

Remember, once you've started down the path of a bleed build, you need to move on, as many of the best bleed weapons in Elden Ring require a significant amount of attribute points to equip.

Did we miss the bleeding weapons in Elden Ring?

Drop us a comment below with any of your other favorite bleeding weapons in Elden Ring and we'll be sure to check them out. In the meantime, check out some of our other roundups and walkthroughs for all your favorite games:

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frequent questions

Questions about Elden Ring Bleed weapons and builds? No sweat! These are the top questions we get from Elden Ring fans about bleed build combos.

How to deal with blood damage in Elden Ring?

Blood damage is one of the best moves in Elden Ring and can make the difference between victory and defeat in battle. To deal blood damage in Elden Ring, simply equip a weapon with this attribute and land multiple hits in a row. Depending on the weapon you are using, there are different levels of blood damage and how often you can deal that type of damage. Some weapons have a much longer cooldown than others. So read the title before you swing your sword (or whip!).

How can I add Elden's ring with blood affinity?

In Elden Ring, you can change an item's affinity using whetstones. To add blood affinity to a weapon in Elden Ring, simply apply Ashes of War to your weapons and upgrade them with affinities or other effects. You unlock the ability to do this when you purchase your first grinding wheel during gameplay.

Has the bleeding started in the Elden Ring?

Unfortunately, as of patch 1.06, the bleed in Elden Ring has disappeared. This was in addition to the nerfs to Bloodhound Step, Rivers of Blood, and Glintstone Pebble. Although bleed effects have been implemented in Elden Ring, the bleed builds are still extremely powerful and best suited for new players.

How can I increase the bleed in Elden Ring?

The best way to increase or increase the bleed in Elden Ring is to use Lord of Blood's Elevation at the same time as Seppuku. This not only maximizes blood damage against bosses in the game, but also in PvP play. Alternatively, you can go for the Rotten Winged Sword badge to increase your attack power on consecutive attacks.


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