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Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is an essential part of your SimpliSafe system.

This is the four-digit code that acts as the key to arming and disarming your system and changing many other settings on the device.

What are the steps to reset your SimpliSafe PIN? When we say reset, we mean changing your existing PIN and creating a completely new PIN.

If you know your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can reset it at any time using your device's keypad.

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The SimpliSafe User Guide: Resetting Your PIN

Can Ring Video Doorbell work properly if the Wi-Fi network is disconnected? - Smart technology (1)

Start at the main menu and then go to the area labeled "PIN". Just follow the steps on the screen after selecting the PIN you want to change.

Please call SimpliSafe at the number above if you have any questions or have lost your Personal Identification Number (PIN) (see below for more information).

To change your PIN on the phone, you must first remember your password.

With SimpliSafe PINs, many different steps can be followed depending on the model and manufacturer.

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Additionally, there are several pins available that serve specific functions. In this article, we look at the different types of PINs, how to reset them, and what to do if you forget your PIN.

The SimpliSafe PIN needs to be reset.

Can Ring Video Doorbell work properly if the Wi-Fi network is disconnected? - Smart technology (2)

You can prevent potential security breaches in our home security system by regularly resetting or changing your PIN.

This will help ensure the safety of our family. For example, if your roommate decides to move out or your relationship breaks down, you must reset the PIN before anyone who doesn't have permission to do so can access the system.

The SimpliSafe PIN can be reset using the keypad.

A PIN can technically be any four-digit number of your choosing, except„1234“(which is not allowed by default). To change the PIN using the keypad, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Click the button to open the menu.
  • Go to the area labeled "PIN".
  • Select the PIN you want to change.
  • If prompted, enter your four-digit Master PIN (this is the Master PIN you need to know).
  • If prompted, enter your newly chosen PIN. That sums it up well.
  • Reset a PIN over the Internet

You can change your PINs through your online account if you have a monthly subscription called the SimpliSafe Interactive Monitoring Plan.

Log in to your online account using the login details you received.

Go to the section dedicated to settings.

Go to PIN.

Follow the instructions on the screen after selecting the PIN you want to update.

Note: If you have the Standard monitoring plan, you cannot update your PINs online; Instead, you have to do it locally using the keyboard.

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I have forgotten the SimpliSafe PIN code.

Calling SimpliSafe Customer Service is the only way to reset or recover your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the SimpliSafe system if you lose or forget it.

Call the customer service number 800-548-9508 and go through each step with an on-site representative.

To reset your PIN over the phone, you must enter your password. You can verify the secure word by logging into your online account and viewing the corresponding profile.

If this is not the case, you will need to provide another form of identification, such as a driver's license or passport.

They will not take any action unless they are sure that you are the legal owner of the system. Until they are sure of this, nothing will be reset.

The SimpliSafe User Guide: Resetting Your PIN

  • SimpliSafe PINs explained
  • There are three different types of PINs available for use with SimpliSafe: the Master PIN, the User PIN, and the Duress PIN.

PIN maestro

The SimpliSafe Master PIN is the Master PIN that you must set when the system is first turned on after pairing with the base station.

The Master PIN is the only numeric code that can be used to access and change system settings through the keypad.

The security system can also be activated or deactivated with the master PIN. You must change the default "1234" PIN that comes with a SimpliSafe system in order to use the system.

User PIN

The security system can be deactivated with the user PIN; However, it cannot be used to access or make changes to configuration settings.

Up to four different user PINs can be stored in a SimpliSafe account, and each PIN can be named to better associate it with its owner.

You can add user accounts using the keyboard or online. A user PIN can be any combination of four digits„1234“You can add user accounts.

If you created a user PIN for a specific user, that user cannot delete or change the PIN and must enter the PIN to arm and disarm the system.

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User PINs can be useful in situations where you need to grant other people temporary or permanent access to your system.

For example, if you've hired a maid or babysitter, you can give them your PINs so they can use the system when needed.

In addition, you can create accounts for other people, such as your children, roommates, parents, etc.

With the app, you can monitor when other people who have your PIN access the system, enter or leave the house, and perform other actions. You know exactly who entered the building at what time.

PIN to use in

The purpose of the forced PIN is to provide an extra layer of security when you are in a vulnerable situation and are forced to enter your PIN against your will.

So if you're under a lot of pressure, you can enter the duress PIN instead of your real one and SimpliSafe will immediately contact the authorities.

It's a nifty trick that shuts down the system, doesn't trigger an alarm, and everything looks normal.

On the other hand, the person who is urging you to disable your security system will not know that the police have already been called. Changing or adding the threat PIN can be done from the keyboard or in the online account, respectively.

What is the default PIN code for SimpliSafe?

Von„1234“The number serves as the default PIN for the original SimpliSafe system. By contrast, the company's latest product, the new SimpliSafe system, doesn't have a preset PIN.

When using the system for the first time, the keypad will ask you to generate a Master PIN after being prompted to do so. The system cannot be successfully configured without first generating a Master PIN.

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Since the previous SimpliSafe system did not have a menu to navigate, a PIN could not be generated because it is no longer manufactured or marketed.

The user was assigned the default PIN of 1234 during the installation process and it was their responsibility to change it at a later date.

Instructions on how to generate a secure PIN for your SimpliSafe

Whatever PIN you come up with will never be safe. But if you're willing to put in a lot of work, you can make something that's sturdy and won't break easily. Consider the following tips.

Once a year you have to change the PIN code of your card.

It is recommended that you update your SimpliSafe PINs once a year, just like any other password. You can prevent access by people who already know your personal identification numbers (PINs) by changing them.

It is possible that your ex knows the code or that your children have passed it to you somewhere.

Never use data that has personal meaning to you

Avoid using critical data like PIN. If someone tries to break into the system and somehow knows you, they can easily guess important dates in your life, such as your birthday and your children's birthdays. Finding a person's date of birth on the Internet is easy.

Therefore, you should avoid using personal identification numbers (PINs) that are tied to a person's birthday, anniversary, address, social security number, or any other number that can be guessed by studying that person's Internet activities. person.

avoid sequences

You should use numeric strings like„6789“as your PINs, as these are the PINs thieves often try first.

Never use numbers that are easily predictable and always try to make them appear as random as possible.

Never use the same personal identification number (PIN) for multiple accounts.

If you use a Master PIN in addition to other User PINs and a Threat PIN, make sure that each PIN is clearly different from the others. This prevents other users from discovering your Master PIN.


Can Ring Video Doorbell work properly if the Wi-Fi network is disconnected? - Smart technology? ›

Ring Cameras and Video Doorbells will not work without being connected to a Wi-Fi network with a stable internet connection. Without an internet connection, you will not be able to receive security alerts/notifications or stream live video and audio feed from your Ring device to your smartphone.

Does Ring work if wifi is disconnected? ›

Your Ring Alarm usually communicates with you or your monitoring service through the internet via wifi or an Ethernet cable. Any time your Base Station loses its connection to the internet, regardless of the cause, a cellular backup system kicks in that will allow the system to continue to monitor your home.

Does poor wifi affect Ring doorbell? ›

If you are getting less than 2mbps you can still enjoy the Ring experience, but you may notice lower video or audio quality, or potentially delayed notification, when using your device.

Can I use Ring doorbell with wifi but no internet? ›

Things to check
  1. Make sure your wifi router is plugged in and turned on.
  2. Check other devices around your home to see if they're connected or disconnected to wifi. ...
  3. Make sure your Ring device has your most updated wifi network and password.
  4. Check the power at your location, and at the circuit breaker.

How can I make my Ring work without wi fi? ›

If you're home's internet goes down, you can still access all your Ring devices by creating a mobile hotspot. Once your hotspot is turned on, your other wireless devices will detect it. But you have to go into the settings for each device and connect them to the hotspot. They won't start using it by themselves.

Can a security camera work without WiFi? ›

Yes, there are security cameras without WiFi. Typically, security cameras use WiFi to send footage to the cloud so that you can view it on an app. But “No-WiFi” options store the footage locally. Some will save footage to a digital video recorder (DVR), while others store footage on a memory card.

How close does Ring doorbell need to be to WiFi? ›

For the Ring Alarm Home Security System, any device that is connected to the Base Station is designed to communicate to it with an at most 250 ft open range via Z-Wave. This does not account for any interference of walls, appliances and other devices in the home.

What speed internet do I need for Ring doorbell? ›

Ring devices require 2mbps of upload bandwidth to provide the best possible video and audio experience. Ring devices will work with less than this, but for the best video and audio quality, connection time and responsiveness we recommend at least 2mbps per Ring device.

Can you set up Ring security without internet? ›

If your internet connection is out, or you need to use Ring Alarm Pro in a location without an internet connection (via a modem and ethernet), you'll need to use Ring's cellular data option to stay online. The Ring Protect Pro subscription offers 24/7 Backup Internet when you need it.

Does Ring doorbell use internet data? ›

Each time you watch a saved videos via the Ring app, it will use LTE data, so keep this in mind.

How does Ring doorbell work without wiring? ›

Battery power

The rechargeable battery that comes included with your Ring Video Doorbell is designed to power your device without being connected to an external power source. It will need to be recharged on a regular basis.

Do ring cameras record without WiFi? ›

Your Ring Camera will still be able to record footage and store it locally without an internet connection, but you won't be able to access this footage until the device is reconnected to the internet.

Can you use a ring doorbell without a smartphone? ›

Can You Use A Ring Doorbell Without A Smartphone? Yes, you can use a Ring doorbell without a smartphone, however, you DO NEED access to the Ring app on a smartphone or tablet in order to set the device up for the first time.

What can interfere with ring doorbell? ›

Since WiFi is just radio waves, if there's suddenly loads of extra 'traffic' on the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands, there will be no way for the wireless signal to effectively get from the device to the receiver. And that's exactly what a wireless jamming device is.

What kind of WiFi does ring doorbell need? ›

All Ring devices are compatible with 2.4 GHz wifi networks. Some Ring devices can also use 5 GHz networks. Ring products are designed to work with your home wifi network. Your Ring devices will not work with a mobile phone hotspot.

What type of WiFi does ring doorbell use? ›

What WiFi networks is Ring Video Doorbell compatible with? Ring Video Doorbell is compatible with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi networks operating on 2.4 gHz frequencies. Ring recommends WPA2 wifi security.

Can Ring work with cellular data? ›

The Ring Protect Pro subscription includes 24/7 Backup Internet, a feature that keeps your Ring Alarm Pro online using cellular data. You can choose “I need internet” during setup, and set up your Alarm Pro using Backup Internet.

Does Ring only record when motion is detected? ›

Currently, Ring cameras only record when motion is detected in a pre-determined zone or when someone rings the doorbell of your house. The design increases the safety and efficiency of the system as a whole.

Why won t my Ring camera connect to my wifi? ›

Reboot your device (shut it off completely), then try setting up again. Change your cellular data setting. If you don't see your home wifi network when you're setting up your device, one of your mobile device settings may be preventing setup. You can always switch your settings back after.

Can police recover deleted Ring videos? ›

Many Ring owners are also curious about whether the police can get access to their deleted ring doorbell videos. Sadly, police is also impossible to do so. Ring company won't provide any video recovery service for customers, even for the police with a warrant to view your deleted Ring videos.

Can you hear conversations through Ring? ›

Can a Ring Doorbell hear conversations? Yes, it can but only to a certain distance. Some Ring Doorbells can capture audio up to 3 feet.

Is Ring based on wifi? ›

The Ring Alarm Pro works with a wide range of wifi and Z-Wave devices*, including: Ring Alarm security devices, including Contact Sensors, Motion Detectors, Keypads and Range Extenders (both 1st gen and 2nd gen), which connect via Z-Wave. Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras connect via wifi.

Is it better to hardwire Ring Doorbell? ›

If your Ring Video Doorbell 2 is hardwired to an existing doorbell, that will keep it charged with normal use. If your Ring Video Doorbell 2 is not hardwired, the battery will need to be periodically recharged.

How does Ring work if not hardwired? ›

Unlike a hardwired Ring doorbell (e.g. Ring Doorbell Pro), a battery-operated doorbell does not use the electricity generated by the hardwiring to power its regular operations. Instead, it uses the provided rechargeable battery to detect motion and generate a Live View.

How do I turn off my Ring camera without my parents knowing? ›

If you're looking to turn off your Ring camera without your parents knowing, there are a few things you can do. One option is to simply unplug the device from its power source. Another is to disable the camera in the Ring app.

Does turning off wifi stop Ring doorbell? ›

What Happens To Your Ring Doorbells and Cameras When The Wi-Fi Is Off? Essentially – nothing! Without access to the internet in some form or fashion, Ring Doorbells and Cameras cannot detect nor record motion. Your Ring doorbell may still ring – but it will only be heard outside from the actual device.

Can burglars disable Ring doorbell? ›

Researchers at Dojo, an Internet of Things security company, have found that bad actors can intercept your Ring doorbell by accessing the network it uses. This is possible because the data traveling between the Ring device and its application is not encrypted.

Can someone else disable my Ring camera? ›

Only the owner of a Ring device can deactivate it. You won't be able to control or change any of the device settings after your device is deactivated. Your videos are stored in the cloud only with a Ring Protect Plan, and the storage time may vary based on your Video Storage Time settings.

Do ring cameras record without Wi-Fi? ›

Your Ring Camera will still be able to record footage and store it locally without an internet connection, but you won't be able to access this footage until the device is reconnected to the internet.

What is the safest security mode for Wi-Fi? ›

WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3: Which is best? When choosing from among WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 wireless security protocols, experts agree WPA3 is best for Wi-Fi security. As the most up-to-date wireless encryption protocol, WPA3 is the most secure choice. Some wireless APs do not support WPA3, however.

What is the least secure wireless security? ›

WEP is the least secure type of encryption and should only be used if necessary. WPA and WPA2 are more secure, and WPA2 is the most secure type of encryption available. When configuring wireless security, you should always use WPA2 if possible.


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