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Faith-building weapons are very populardark souls 3And in this guide we will discover the best options available to increase your spiritual abilities and cast amazing spells to perform dark wonders and defenses and improve your game.

Dark Souls 3 is a completerole video gameand continues the tradition of offering many different types of character builds, so every player can find something to suit their play style.

Builds offer variations, such as those geared toward cavalry that focus on raw power, and those geared toward mages who want to cast spells and master magic.

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  1. Best Faith Build: Dark Souls 3
    1. 1. Crucifix of the Mad King
    2. 2. Sint-Bident
    3. 3. Greatsword of the Knight of Lothric
    4. 4. Great Ax of the Dragon Slayer
    5. 5. The Holy Sword of Wolnir
    6. 6. Straight Sword of Sunlight
    7. 7. The Great Hammer of Morne
    8. 8. Large Corvian Scythe

One of these options involves belief building, which focuses on spiritual abilities. If you want to cast spells and use abilities related to miracles and pyromancy, the Faith version is for you.

It also improves the effectiveness of using Dark Defense, which is an added bonus that comes in handy.

Another Dark Souls 3 build that improves the effectiveness of Dark Miracles andPyromancy is intelligence., for which we have published a separate guide. GonnaThe best secret service weapons in Dark Souls 3and be sure to check it out.

Not all weapons are the sameand some work better with some builds and some worse.

Therefore, you need to choose your weapons carefully and make sure that they fit your physique well. However, figuring out these things on your own can be time consuming.

To help you save time, we have created a detailed guide to the Best Dark Souls 3 Faith Build Weapons for 2022.

Best Faith Build: Dark Souls 3

It should be noted that a total of 45 Faith is required to cast any Miracle in the game. The requirements for the other spells vary depending on what they are and how effective they are. Now that these important details are clear, let's get straight to the guide!

1. Crucifix of the Mad King

Dark Souls 3: Best Faith Build Opens (2023) | game stop (1)

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The Mad King's Crucifix is ​​not an option you can use in your first run of the game, as you can't get it until the end of The Ringed City DLC, which isn't even the end of the base game.

However, if you're willing to wait, it's one of the most unique weapons in the game. It deals dark damage without needing to do anything and is essentially a powerhouse.

At +5, it has 216 physical damage and 130 dark damage, which is further bolstered by the stat bonus it offers to Faith builds. It's a great weapon through and through, and while it can't be infused , can still be polished.

2. Sint-Bident

Dark Souls 3: Best Faith Build Opens (2023) | game stop (5)

Saint's Biden is a great spear that makes a great ranged option for the Faith build in Dark Souls 3.

The base damage is pretty decent, but since it can be infused and boosted, the potential damage is increased quite a bit. What makes it even better is that it is one of the weapons that got updated in later patches and reached C scale in Faith where it used to be D.

Combined with Lightning Fusion, the attack rating is 504 with 60 Faith and base Strength and Agility requirements.

3. Greatsword of the Knight of Lothric

Dark Souls 3: Best Faith Build Opens (2023) | game stop (6)

Greatsword of the Knight of Lothricit's one of the most popular weapons for Faith builds, and with good reason.

It has natural lightning damage, but you can also buff it up and add other items to it. We recommend pairing this sword with the Lightning Blade, which makes for incredibly high damage potential.

It is a very versatile weapon and can be combined with items, so there is almost no equipment that would not pair well with the Lothric Knight's Greatsword.

4. Great Ax of the Dragon Slayer

Dark Souls 3: Best Faith Build Opens (2023) | game stop (7)

If you want to get overwhelmed, you can turn to the Dragon Slayer's Great Axe. The weaponry is fantastic and suits crowd control quite well.

It's a two-handed weapon, but the fact that it is is amply rewarded by the fact that at +5 buff and 66 power, you take 729 total damage, which is one of the highest abilities available. . He has a weapon in the world. Game.

(Video) Can You Beat Dark Souls 3 With Only Miracles?

On top of that, he even comes with an incredible 194 lightning damage and gets a bunch of +5 critical hits and 60 faith.

5. The Holy Sword of Wolnir

Dark Souls 3: Best Faith Build Opens (2023) | game stop (8)

Wolnir's Holy Sword cannot be infused or polished, but it does have a natural faith scaling and is pretty good at what it does.

It has a longer range when used with one hand, similar to Wolf Knight's greatsword. While this buff is lost when used two-handed, the 276 physical damage loss it takes with +5 buffs is well worth it.

Another area where it's a bit mediocre is weaponry, but the long range, natural faith scaling, and high damage potential more than make up for that.

6. Straight Sword of Sunlight

Dark Souls 3: Best Faith Build Opens (2023) | game stop (9)

If you are looking for a simple option that is still very easy to use, the Sunlight Straight Sword is for you. It deals high damage per second, has a long range, and a higher number of critical hits than other weapons Faith has built.

Unlike some of the other weapons on the list, the Sunlight Straight Sword has excellent Holy Oath-like weapons that are very effective, especially in sticky situations.

7. The Great Hammer of Morne

Dark Souls 3: Best Faith Build Opens (2023) | game stop (10)

Morne's Great Hammer is easily one of Faith's best weapons due to its high damage potential, high health in its stance (32.9), and great weaponry.

Although he can't be buffed or infused, at +5 he has a whopping 631 attack rating with a combination of 50 strength and 40 faith.

It's not very good with elemental options, but it's a great faith weapon if you want to be a brute.

8. Large Corvian Scythe

Dark Souls 3: Best Faith Build Opens (2023) | game stop (11)

The Great Raven Scythe is a very interesting weapon. It can be infused and polished and is reinforced with Titanite.

His design allows him to have one of the longest attack ranges in the game and he has an innate shield penetration that is 40% on all attacks and 80% when using weapon arts.

On the other hand, each hit causes the bleed effect on the player. This damage isn't anything special or anything to worry about, but since it also comes with bleeding the enemy, it's not a weapon that everyone can use due to the risks involved.

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And with that concludes our guide on the best build weapons for Dark Souls 3 Faith.

We hope you have found the weapons that are most useful to you and we are here to answer all your questions. While you're in the area, be sure to check out some of our other helpful Dark Souls guides that we're sure you'll find useful.

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