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Wondering why your Ring Doorbell keeps losing WiFi connection? Keep reading!

In this post, we explain the most common reasons for this problem and what you can do to fix it. Let's get to the point.

Does the doorbell keep losing WiFi connection? (Solved) - Smart TechVille (1)

Here are some reasons why your Ring Doorbell keeps losing Wi-Fi connection:

  • You are using an outdated version of the Ring app.
  • The firmware version of your doorbell is out of date.
  • Problems with the socket of your router.
  • Other Wi-Fi devices are interfering with your Wi-Fi connection
  • Weak WiFi signal strength.
  • Your Ring Doorbell battery is low.
  • Your Ring Doorbell voltage is low.

Now let's see some tips to solve these problems.


Doorbell keeps losing WiFi connection: try these troubleshooting tips

1. Change the band of your Wi-Fi network

Ring doorbells are compatible with both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi network bands. As you probably know, the 5 GHz network is faster but does not maintain a stable connection like the 2.4 GHz network.

If your Ring Doorbell keeps disconnecting, you may need to change your Wi-Fi band to fix the problem.

Check your router for active network bandwidth. If you work on a 5GHz network, please switch to 2.4GHz. You can do this from your router's admin page. Consult your user manual for specific instructions if you are not sure how to do this.

Also, be sure to disable auto switching on your router. Auto switching allows your router to switch network bands automatically, which can cause some connectivity issues.

2. Update your ringtone app

Using an outdated version of the Ring app is another likely cause of Wi-Fi connection issues with your Ring Doorbell. If the issue persists after applying the first solution above, please check and update your Ring app.

Follow the steps below to update the Ring app on your phone/tablet:

  • Open Google Play or the Apple App Store on your mobile device and type "Ring App" in the search bar.
  • The Ring app will appear at the top of the search results. Click on it to continue.
  • The system will now redirect you to the Ring app page. If you are not using the latest version of the application, please refer to aUpdatebutton at the top of the page.
  • tap onUpdateButton to update the application.

If the Ring Doorbell is still disconnecting, continue to the next step.

3. Make sure your doorbell firmware is up to date

Your doorbell may keep disconnecting from WiFi because your device's firmware version is out of date.

As with your Ring app, using an outdated version of Ring Doorbell firmware can cause some malfunctions. So you need to check and make sure that the Ring Doorbell firmware is up to date.

To check if your Ring Doorbell firmware version needs to be updated or not:

  • Open the Ring app on your phone.
  • then clickMenuicon (3 horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Any Ring devices you own should now appear. choosering the bell.
  • then touchdevice status.
  • Scroll through the device details until you findfirmware.
  • If you see the message "Updated" infirmware, Your firmware will be updated.
  • If your firmware version is not up to date, you will see a number belowfirmware.

So if your Ring Doorbell firmware is out of date, this could be the cause of your connection problem.

Ring firmware versions are usually updated automatically. If your Ring Doorbell firmware is out of date, please wait a moment; it will automatically update when the next activity occurs (doorbell, motion detection, etc.).

4. Make sure your router is working properly

Your router's plug may suddenly pull out of the socket. If this is the case, your Ring Doorbell may still disconnect from Wi-Fi.

So if the Ring Doorbell keeps disconnecting from WiFi, make sure the router plug is firmly connected to the power outlet. Insert the connector correctly if the connector is loose. You should also confirm that all of the router's LEDs are green.

Also, unplug the router and plug it back in. This should refresh your connection and potentially fix the connection problem.

If everything is fine with the router, the problem may not be with the router itself. Go to the next step.

5. Move your router away from other Wi-Fi devices

If there are other electronic devices that require Wi-Fi in addition to the Ring Doorbell, they may interfere with the doorbell's connection. As a result, your Ring Doorbell may lose Wi-Fi connection.

Many of these devices are larger than your doorbell, so network interference is more likely when your router is in close proximity to them. When many devices compete for a Wi-Fi connection with the same router, the larger devices may win the battle.

So if you have other devices closer to your router, try moving them away from your WiFi.

If the Ring Doorbell still loses connection after this, continue to the next step.

6. Move the router closer to the doorbell

Weak Wi-Fi signals can also cause Wi-Fi connection problems. If the Ring Doorbell keeps losing connection, try moving the router closer to the Ring Doorbell to increase Wi-Fi signals.

You should place the router and Ring Doorbell within 30 feet of each other.

7. Charge your doorbell battery (optional)

Does your Ring Doorbell run on batteries? The doorbell may disconnect from WiFi because the device's battery is low.

So if Ring Doorbell disconnects from WiFi, check if the battery is low.

You can check the battery level of the Ring Doorbell by following these steps:

  • click notMenuIcon on the home screen of the Your Ring application. then selectDevices.
  • NOdevice menu, scroll down tohood option. A low battery icon appears next to the Ring Bell option.

Once you've verified that the Ring Doorbell's battery is low, charge it to reconnect the device to Wi-Fi.

To charge your Ring Doorbell:

  • Unscrew the screw at the bottom of the Ring Doorbell. Then slide the front panel up.
  • Then move the front panel away from the wall.
  • Press the release tab on the Ring Doorbell to remove the battery.
  • Connect the micro-USB cable from the Ring Doorbell to the battery base.
  • Then connect the other end of the micro USB cable to a charger.
  • Now wait until the battery is fully charged.
  • When the battery is fully charged, the status light turns solid green. Now replace the battery.

8. Upgrade your transformer

Your Ring Doorbell requires at least 16 VAC to function properly. If the Ring Doorbell's voltage is below 16 VAC, the device may disconnect from your wireless network.

When your Ring Doorbell starts to run low, it's usually because your transformer isn't providing enough power. So if you want your Ring Doorbell to get the correct voltage, upgrade your transformer.

Before upgrading your transformer, you must ensure that the voltage at your Ring Doorbell is less than 16VAC. To measure the voltage on your Ring Doorbell you will need a multimeter.

Follow these steps to measure the voltage on your Ring Doorbell:

  • Unplug the doorbell from the wall and unclip the wires.
  • Move the multimeter knob to AC.
  • Now connect the two multimeter probes to the doorbell wires.
  • Finally, check the multimeter display to read the Ring Doorbell's current voltage level.

Once you've verified that the voltage at your Ring Doorbell is below 16 VAC, you can upgrade your transformer.

9. Wait for your doorbell to reconnect to WiFi

Your Ring Doorbell requires constant power to function properly. So if you suddenly run out of power at home, the doorbell can disconnect from WiFi.

Ring Doorbell suddenly disconnected after home power went out? Then wait for it to reconnect to WiFi. The Ring Doorbell should reconnect to your Wi-Fi network within a few minutes after turning your house back on.

10. Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If your Ring Doorbell continues to lose its Wi-Fi connection after trying the other solutions above, your ISP may be performing an unscheduled maintenance check on your service.

Check with your ISP to see if they do a service check. In this case, you may need to wait for a while and check again if the issue is resolved.


So, here's how to fix Wi-Fi connection issues with your Ring Doorbell.

In short, if your Ring Doorbell keeps losing its WiFi connection, make sure your WiFi network is running on the 2.4GHz WiFi band. Also, make sure your Ring app and Ring Doorbell firmware are up to date; this should solve the connection problem.

However, if the problem persists, try other troubleshooting tips here or contact Ring Customer Care for help.

You may also want to learn how to troubleshootConnection issues with Wyze Doorbellmibell of eufi.


Why does Ring Doorbell keep disconnecting from wifi? ›

Check that all of your wires are properly plugged in and that all the lights on the front of the router are green. Check to see whether another wifi device is having a problem connecting to the network. Unplug your router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. See if your Ring Video Doorbell automatically reconnects.

Why does my smart doorbell keep going offline? ›

Your camera, doorbell and other devices are all offline

If all connected devices in your home go offline, there might be an issue with the router or network. Restart your router, modem, and any Wi-Fi range extenders or repeaters that you have. Unplug your modem and router power cords.

Why does my video doorbell keep disconnecting? ›

This is caused by your Ring Video Doorbell Pro not receiving enough power from your doorbell transformer. To check your the voltage of your Ring Video Doorbell Pro, open the Ring app, select your Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and tap Device Health.

Why is my doorbell camera not connecting to wifi? ›

Probably the most common reason you Ring Doorbell won't Connect to wifi is because it's out of range of the wifi network. If it is too far away, the signal strength may be too weak for the device to connect. To check if your device is within range, try temporarily moving your device closer to your router.

How can I improve the wifi signal to my Ring Doorbell? ›

If your wifi router is inside a cabinet, cupboard, or hidden by furniture, move it out into the open, at least 15 cm from any wall. Move your wifi router to a room that is closer to your Ring products, if possible. Add a Ring Chime Pro or a mesh networking system to extend your wifi network.

Does poor wifi affect Ring Doorbell? ›

Test your wifi connection

Ring devices require 2mbps of upload bandwidth to provide the best possible video and audio experience. Ring devices will work with less than this, but for the best video and audio quality, connection time and responsiveness we recommend at least 2mbps per Ring device.

What are the disadvantages of a smart doorbell? ›

Con: May Slow Your Internet Connection

This is because the doorbell will be streaming live video footage, which takes up a lot of bandwidth. If you have a slow internet connection or you frequently use other devices that require a lot of data, you may want to reconsider installing a video doorbell.

Can you have a doorbell camera without Wi-Fi? ›

A common question that generally gets asked is this: do doorbell cameras need WiFi? The short and to the point answer is, no. Doorbell cameras do not need WiFi to properly function; however, it is recommended that you do install them with a sturdy internet connection.

Why do I have to keep resetting my Ring Doorbell? ›

If your Doorbell becomes unresponsive and requires a reset in order to reconnect to your wifi network, it could be due to a weak signal. It may be helpful for you to look into our Community Post on RSSI to learn more and see how you can improve this signal.

Why is my Ring Doorbell not finding my wi fi? ›

In the Settings app (the gear icon) tap Wifi. Under this setting, you'll see a list of different network names. Below that list, tap the option that says 'Ask to Join Networks', then select 'Ask'. Then try running through setup again to see if the Ring temporary network appears.

How far can Ring Doorbell be from router? ›

Hi @ASH26. For the Ring Alarm Home Security System, any device that is connected to the Base Station is designed to communicate to it with an at most 250 ft open range via Z-Wave. This does not account for any interference of walls, appliances and other devices in the home.

How do I check my wifi signal strength? ›

If you open up Settings and tap Network and Internet, go to Internet, and then tap the name of your Wi-Fi network, you'll see a signal strength reading as the first option.

Can smart doorbells be hacked? ›

This is possible because the data traveling between the Ring device and its application is not encrypted. As a result, anyone with the know-how can easily hack your Ring device, and spy on you, and whoever enters or leaves your house. They can even steal your Wi-Fi password.

Do doorbell cameras get hacked? ›

Technically, yes. In 2020, a class-action lawsuit of more than 30 people was filed against Ring when their Ring doorbell camera was hacked by malicious actors. ¹ The suit claimed that the company's security protection allowed hackers to control their smart cams.

Which doorbell video Cannot be hacked? ›

For a simpler, but still smarter-than-a-traditional-doorbell option, choose the Arlo Audio Doorbell Plus. There's no video included, but that also means less security risk—a hacker can't gain access to your feed and flip the script by spying on you.

Can I use doorbell camera without service? ›

There are plenty of highly rated video doorbells without subscriptions. Instead of storing footage in the cloud, these doorbells store video locally, usually on either a microSD card or their internal memory. This frees you from paying a monthly fee and gives you more control over your recordings.

How do I reset my Ring Doorbell without removing the wifi? ›

Select the doorbell or security camera you need to reconnect to wifi. The next screen should be the Device Dashboard. Tap on Device Health. Tap on Reconnect to Wifi or Change Wifi Network.

What do I do after I reset my Ring Doorbell? ›

Performing a hard reset

After releasing it, the light on the front will flash a few times indicating that your Ring Doorbell is restarting. It may take a minute to fully complete this process. Then, put the Ring Video Doorbell in Setup Mode again, by firmly pressing and then releasing the orange button on the back.

Why does my nest doorbell wired keep going offline? ›

Your Nest doorbell might be going offline because of power supply issues, Wi-Fi connectivity, or even environmental factors like hot weather. The most likely causes are problems with your Wi-Fi network including a bandwidth and Wi-Fi range.

Why do my Ring alarm sensors keep going offline? ›

The fix usually just means you have to do a factory reset on the device and then reconnect it to your smart home ecosystem. It should only take a few minutes to reset any Ring device, even the Ring app, and get your whole smart home up and running again.

Why does my Nest Wi-Fi keep disconnecting? ›

Sometimes loose, disconnected or damaged cables can cause connection issues. Make sure the provided Ethernet cable is connected securely (the tab should click in) to your Google Nest Wifi router or primary Google Wifi point's WAN port . The other end should be connected securely to your modem.

Why does my security camera keep going offline? ›

What Might Cause Your Security Cameras to Go Offline. Security cameras go offline for two principal reasons. It's either too far away from the router, or there is insufficient bandwidth.

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