Elden Ring: How to get to the Forgotten Cathedral (2023)

The Midwaylands are teeming with people.hidden areasto explore, discover secrets and fight optional bosses. However, in a game as big as Elden Ring, it's easy to overlook a few things here and there. While it's perfectly fine to skip some items and locations, there are some secret areas that are very important and contain some of the best items in the game.

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The Cathedral of the Forsakenit's the home ofthat the omen, a boss almost as challenging as his Mohg counterpart, Lord of Blood. If you want to get certain secret items like thatfingerprint shieldis infrenzied flame sigil, you must first reach the Cathedral of the Forgotten. To get there, you must first visit theUnderground Bypass Areas, accessible fromLeyndell, Capital Real.


Leyndell, capital real

As you progress through the Midlands, you eventually reach the mid-game area ofAltus Plateau.This sprawling golden landscape is filled with beautiful sights and dangerous enemies, but its most notable feature is the massive city it contains.Leyndell is an essential area to visit during your adventure.So if you haven't reached it yet, don't worry because you will eventually find it. Once you reach Leyndell, you'll need to move around the area until you get a chance to enter the underground avoidance area.The entrance is easy to missand the area itself is optional, so you'll know where to go if you want to get to the Cathedral of the Forgotten.

The underground avoidance area is easily accessible fromAvenida Varanda Sitio da Graça,and then go down the stairs right in front of you. Then go through the large metal doors at the bottom of the stairs.turn left immediatelyand walk over to the porch railing. Follow the balcony railing to the right until you see a small roof you can jump onto, then jump off the balcony and land on the roof. when you're on the roofjump rightand move forward while hugging the wall to your right. If you go in the right direction, you will come through a large arch.ignore at the doorand keep going while hugging the wall and you will quickly see a small hole. At this point you just have tojump into the Brunnenand follow the linear path that leads to the underground breakout grounds.

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Underground Bypass Areas

Once you reach the sewers, you will need to travel a little further before reaching the Cathedral.The sewer area is quite a large maze,So it helps if you know where you are going. It starts atUnderground place of grace by the wayside,Then exit the room you are in and head left until you reach the end of the hall. when you are at the endJump into the large hole in the grate floor to the left.You will fall into a long tunnel full of rats, so be careful and keep going. Head northwest through the tunnel for a few seconds and take an immediate right at the first opportunity to enter a narrow, dark tube. Follow the tube path but be careful and go slow because almostImmediately upon entering, there is a virtually invisible hole at the bottom of the tube.This can be avoided by running or jumping on it, but if you don't know it's there, you'll almost certainly walk into the trap. If you end up falling down the hole, you'll have to fight your way back to the starting point, which can be quite a dangerous inconvenience.

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Assuming you've successfully avoided the hole or already started over, proceed with yBe sure to look at the second hole at the bottom of the tube.This one is just as easy to miss as the first and just as annoying to drop. When you successfully reach the end of the tube, you can turn right and go through the door. Follow the path further andBeware of the snail's ambushThis happens right after you go through the gate. When you reach an exit room with a ladder,An Omen will jump off the ledge to attack you.You may have to fight him, but if you're fast enough, you can dodge him and head up the ladder before he can reach you. As you go up the stairs, go straight ahead and through the large metal doors directly in front of you. Once you exit the door, you will find yourself on a narrow ledge with a narrow staircase. Ignore the stairs to your right and proceed carefully.Walk off the ledge to your left.You will go down another narrow flight of stairs, and you can follow it until you come to a corridor full of rotting corpses. Run down the hall and follow the path until you reach a stairway that leads to a ladder. However, do not go down the ladder. Instead of,Turn around and go through the door on the lower level next to the stairs.

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Go through the door and then through a pipe.turn right immediatelywhen the pipeline branches in two directions. You will quickly go up the hill if you go the right way. Go straight until you come to a dead end with a basilisk and turn right again. You run up the stairs again and this time you enter a large room with aanother deadly omen.This one is particularly powerful and almost impossible to avoid, so be prepared for a tough fight. He uses a combination of hard-hitting magic attacks and quick swings with his sword to overwhelm you, so keep moving and stay alert. If you're determined to avoid this, the best thing to do is throw a firebomb or seducer's skull somewhere away from the ladder in the west corner of the room, then run to the ladder and climb up as fast as you can while you're there, briefly detoured. Nevertheless,Your goal is to climb this ladder.which is directly behind the omen. After going up the stairs, go through a small arched doorway and into a large room filled with pipes to go through.Before crossing the pipes, it is very important to go straight through the wooden walkway and open the large entrance doors in front of you.Opening these doors gives you a shortcut that leads directly to Grace's original location, on the side of the underground street you started on, should you die in the next section.

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After opening the shortcut doors, go through the pipe you just passed and follow it until you reach the end at the highest point in the room. There are somecaptive goblinswho will try to shoot and ambush you to get you out of the pipe, so stay alert and be thankful for the shortcut you just opened. When you reach the end of the tube,do a running jump to the leftand lands on the raised wooden platform below. Then turn right through the arched door, but watch out for the fanged goblin that will prevent you from going the other way.It is advisable to kill them.as soon as possible, otherwise you will have to send spam. When you get to the wooden platform on the other side, there is aabbreviation ladderYou can kick it down, like a whistle with a big hole in the top.go for a pipe,and enter through the hole in the ceiling.

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Go straight and along the pipe until you reach the pipe forks on the left and then immediatelyTurn left.If you follow the pipe down and to the right you will come to another hole in the ground. This time go ahead andjump into the holeAfter landing, continue forward until the pipe forks again.Turn left.If you did everything right, you will end up on a ladder. Head downstairs and you will find yourself in a room full of living jars.You don't have to fight them.and it's probably best to avoid them after your long walk to get to this point. Just go to the right side of the room andride the elevatorto the next shrine at the bottom. After restingForsaken depths, place of mercy,All you have to do is go through the door ahead and follow the stairs to the fog door in the boss room. Eventually, after going through the mist, you will reach the Cathedral of the Forgotten. Now all you have to do is defeat Mohg the Omen and then you can claim the cathedral as your own.

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