Elden Ring Jarburg Guide (2023)

Jarburg is in a dungeon.Elden Rings Liurnia des Lake DistrictHere you will find countless vessels, potsherds, and runes, as well as flower-making materials. When filling thediallosSide quest, you can finally get themaccompanying glassTalisman,Hoslow's Flower Whip, InDiallos Masker. In thisancient ringJarburg guides, we'll tell you where to find the area and what loot to expect.

Location Jarburg

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Jarburg is on the east sideLiurnia des Lake District, not far south of the long bridge that leads to the eastern island. From the Liurnia Highway North location, head north on the main road along the cliff until you approach the bridge. Then turn right and drop down past the stone tombstones to get closer to your destination.

jarburg built

However, its most exciting potential rewards are JarburgHoslow's Flower Whip,Diallos Masker, and theaccompanying glassTalisman, but they can only be obtained by completing a side quest with the NPC Diallos. Additionally, the village still lends itself well to less common materials such as:lily trina,yellow eye, Inleaf artery, along with various golden runes, pieces of broken vessels, and ritual vessels.

A quiet flower town

It is important that you realize that the people of Jarburg want peace. Do not attack any of the living pots in the area or they will all turn hostile and you will have to kill them all. This would make it seem like they are being removed permanently, and you may also not be able to proceed with the related side quest as desired. If you attack the pots, you cannot save yourself from this sin later.Visit the Church of the Vows.

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When you first approach the town past the tombstones jutting out of the cliff, you eventually come to a roof. Jump up and pick this upSmeedsteen [3] x3. Then drop to the ground and go to the building on the right where you can activate Grace's Jarburg location.

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Downhill from the Place of Grace, on the left side of the road, there is a building with arituals canon your roof. She reaches the roof by jumping over the rocks behind him. Then go to the front of the building and look for one on the porch.Broken glass. Go down the hill and examine a ruined building to find another one.Broken glassand aliving glass.

Going back up the hill to the Place of Grace, you will see a cauldron to the right in a thicket near one of the buildings. Look behind the cauldron to find some rocks to climb on. Use them to reach the top of the cauldron and hold for a second.rituals can. Then it goes uphill behind the place of grace. There is a large tombstone on the left that you can check for anotherBroken glass. Past this point you will soon come to a graveyard where you can loot graves for one.Golden rune [1], of thegolden rune [2],Golden rune [3], and aGolden rune [6].


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Jarburg is a peaceful town and none of the living pots will be aggressive towards you. Do not attack anything or anyone in the city to make sure you are not left out of missions.

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Three different quest lines are found here: Iron Fist Alexander, Diallos, and Jar Bairn. Let's discuss them one by one.

alexander iron fist

While Iron Fist Alexander never appears in Jarburg, this is where you'll find his cousin Jar Bairn. However, you need to complete Alexander's questline to complete Jar Bairn's questline, which will take you to the endgame.

You will first meet Alexander when he is stuck in the ground above the ground.The Place of Grace Saintsbridge. From there he will retireGael-Tunnelin Caelid. (Technically, you can't meet him anywhere and he'll just show up the next time you see him.) then goes toBurg Rotmähne, where he will join your fightRadahn Stellar Plague. When the battle is over, it will search the battlefield. She talks to him there and exhausts the dialogue from him.

After the fight with Radahn, he heads to a location south of the Carian Study Hall (and east of a Tibia Mariner battle) with a viewYarburg. You have to hit him from behind with a punch.oil potto release it this time. From there continueSeethewater-EndstationInmountain does not comeand then it appears as a call toFeuerriesefight in thegiant mountain peaks.

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Finally, Alexander goes tocrumbling blue farum, where he challenges you to a duel of warriors. If you defeat him, you get this.fragment of alexanderInalejandro's guts.


You can find Diallos in the main room ofA round table awaits youwhen you first reach it. He will tell you that he is looking for his servant.Weight. You can't do anything with it or for it until you achieve something.Liurnia of the Lakes.

You'll find Diallos (and unfortunately Lanya as well) to the northwest.Academy Gate Town, Place of Grace, where he will tell her that she was killed by a "hidden house of these despicable devils" - what he meansvolcano village.

Diallos returns briefly to await the round table. She talks to him there and he will tell you that he is going there.volcano villageIn the mountain. does not come

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Once you complete your second kill for the family,Rileigh de Idle, Diallos goes to Jarburg. (He may have to do a quick back and forth to finally get it going.)

In Jarburg you can find him in a house on the east side of the street.

Jar Bairn

Not far from the Jarburg hill, a place of grace, a few steps lead to the porch of a house. Known as the animated jackpotJar Bairnsits on its edge. She talks to him, rests in the nearby Place of Mercy, talks to him again and repeats her dialogue until exhausted. She will ask you if you want to be the new guy.Potentate, but you will soon discover that you are not cut out for it. He will also name his uncle Iron Fist Alexander.

After a while (either staying in the Place of Grace, fast traveling, or other tasks) he will also tell you about poachers looking for live pots. Once Diallos arrives, Jar Bairn will complain about Diallos' slippery hands. He makes the most of both dialogue options.

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Return to the Place of Mercy in Jarburg, spend time and keep checking with Jar Bairn and Diallos; this takes two or three in-game days. Jar Bairn sets off when tragedy strikes the peaceful town. He talks to Jar Bairn and Daillos to revisit their dialogue options.

Jump back and forth between Place of Mercy, Jar Bairn and Diallos a few more times until you come to aRune of Gods,Hoslow's Flower Whip, InDiallos Masker. Jar Bairn returns to his place on the steps of the Throne of Mercy.

The final step of the quest for Jar Bairn is to return to him.alejandro's guts. Leave them and hit the Jarburg mercy location to reload the area. he will do itCompanion Jar TalismanThis will cause your Ritual Rift Casts and Pots to deal more damage.


What am I supposed to do in Jarburg? ›

Jarburg is a dungeon in Elden Ring's Liurnia of the Lakes region, where you can find numerous pots, jar shards, and runes, as well as floral crafting materials. By completing the Diallos side quest, you can eventually secure the Companion Jar talisman, Hoslow's Petal Whip, and Diallos's Mask.

How do you get past the giant jar in Elden Ring? ›

Go down to the Siofra River Well (which you can enter via an elevator next to the Minor Erdtree in Mistwood) and travel north as far as you can on the lower level. Eventually you'll come across an elevator, which will take you into The Great-Jar's chasm. Ride it up.

Should I give Alexander's insides? ›

Alexander's Innards can be given to Jar Bairn in Jarburg after the village is attacked by poachers. When giving Jar-Bairn Alexander's Innards, you will receive the Companion Jar talisman.

Where does Jar Bairn go after Jarburg? ›

After exhausting Diallos' dialogue and reloading the area, the Jar-Bairn will have moved to be next to Diallos' body. Speak to him here and then reload the area once more to find him back at his customary spot on the stoop of a village building.


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