Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (2023)

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Leyndell, Royal Capital, is one of the largest ancient dungeons in alter ring🇧🇷 What some players may not realize is that there is a whole underground part of the city that is worth exploring. The underground part, better known asUnderground Land Maneuversit's so extensive. That's why it deserves its own guide.

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Shunning Grounds has some bosses, unique NPCs, loot, and tons of challenges. It is difficult to traverse as each section of the sewer is maze-like or intentionally confusing. Therefore, we have created a guide that explains how to complete each area in Leyndell Sewers and reach the end.




that the omen

Esgar, Priest of Blood


Mohg's Enslavement

omen set

Heiligendrache Talisman

Bairn omen

Como entrar no Subterranean-Shunning Grounds

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VonAvenida Varanda Sitio da Graça, you want to go down the stairs where the knight with the lightning bow is. Go after him and the tail of the dragon. There is a staircase, but we don't want to go there and it leads to a dead end anyway. Instead, go down the steps below the dragon. This area is full of rubble. You want to jump onto the rooftops and go to the next area.

here it will bean old hidden wellin a corner A ladder also goes down the well. This will take you to Leyndell's underground breakout complex, Royal Capital.

In the alternate version of the city, Leyndell,City of Ashes, you can still access the underground breakout grounds by going directly south from Ash Grace Town. There will be a big hole in the ground that you can carefully fall into.

Roadside underground mercy place

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(Video) All Secrets of Leyndell Sewers/Subterranean Shunning Grounds (100% Walkthrough) | Elden Ring Guide
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Once inside the well, all you have to do is follow a defined path. You will go down some sewers and find some stairs where the rats will be at the bottom. They shouldn't be a problem. Continue straight, down the stairs and through a door.

You are now at the end of the skipped lands. They existthree big ogresAmong them there are very tough enemies. You can try a ranged attack and kill the one closest to you on the right. The best thing you can do now is go down the ladder and quickly get to theplace of grace🇧🇷 It's just after the stairs on the left.

The ogres are big enough to enter the Hall of Mercy if you take them there and get trapped. However, you can always rest on the site and the enemies will reset their locations.

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (15)

You will notice it from the Roadside Underground Grace Sitedouble doorsbefore you. These are shortcut doors that you open later. For now, you must leave the fun and go left, down the street.

Just before the two ogres at the end of the street,There will be a ladder going down🇧🇷 Get down here.

Koboldbefalene tubes

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Goblins are always annoying because they hide in the corners of the wall, waiting to pounce on you.bleed you to death🇧🇷 This is why you want to make sure you are constantlyTarget lock in this areaas well as slow. A goblin will fall onto the first wooden platform in front of you and to your right. Then there will also be a goblin in the pipes above you.

Whether you have ranged weapons or not, walk slowly so you can duel, even if you get one goblin down on you instead of being overwhelmed by several.

You need to go through the pipes and continue straight. Beyond the goblin at the gate will beladder cables🇧🇷 You have to be very careful coming out of the stairs because there is an ogre on your left.

Next,On the right is a lever.🇧🇷 Run fast and activate the lever. This opens oneshortcutfor you back to Underground Roadside Grace.

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You can now return to the goblin infested pipes. There's nowhere else to go here exceptgo down in more tubes🇧🇷 You can safely descend from two places: where the entrance to the shortcut is, or at the very beginning, where you went down the ladder. There are lower pipes to fall down, then you fall into a large rabbit hole. This large area hastwo lobstersready to attack.

There are short pipes in the ground that you can climb through to hide if you're running from the locusts. The only thing here is the beginning ofLeyndell Catacombs🇧🇷 Look at the arrow in the series of photos above to understand how to get to the catacombs from the lobster hole. AGraciaIt's to your right as you enter through the hole in the wall next to the second lobster.

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Leyndell Catacombs

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (25)

Before you start Leyndell Catacombs, here's what to getincreaseUp. This will lead to some ghosts attacking you. There is an active mind.recalledthe others every time you kill them. This summoner is hidden behind him.two false walls.


Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (26)

The first false wall is next to the stairs. Next is the second wall under the stairs. This will reveal aspectral snail, which, if defeated, make the other ghosts disappear. AHeiligendrache Talismancan also be found here.

climbing stairs is aHebelwhich opens part of the roof to your right. This leads back to the underground road. Be careful as the previous ogre is up there.

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (27)

Now is the time to return to the grace of the Leyndell Catacombs and begin your journey. The catacombs can be very confusing if you don't understand what's going on. this consists ofthree different rounds🇧🇷 Every time you jump from the ledge to the coffin, a new loop starts.

We call the first cyclea fire loopsince there are corpses that catch fire and explode when approaching. The beginning part of the second loop is empty and the third loop is full.fantasy glove.

Loop One: Bodies of Fire

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (28)

Your first run through the catacombs will cause enemies to rip through the wall in the first room, then burn enemies in the hallway. Leaving passive enemies near the wall in the other room can help you remember which cycle you are on. It is important to know that the fire-breathing pillars in the catacombs can be stopped and used as an elevator.

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (29)

After the fire goes out, run to the right to get a breath, then run to the pillar and hit it. This will cause it to go underground and become harmless. Jump on him and hit him again. The pillar in the first loop takes you to a room with an ogre and theCrucible Scale Charm.

Start down the pillar and down the stairs, jumping past the ogre and into the coffin.loop twoWhatever you want

They existtwo waysgo to the coffin Continue into the catacombs to start the next loop, or head back to the boss room. That's afake boss room, since the Grace of Leyndell catacombs are not located above the stairs. This room contains two ogres instead.

Cycle two: empty

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (30)

This loop is notable for the absence of enemies in the first room and hallway. Loop two is actually where you need to be to complete the catacombs. Use ofpillar of fireHere, like an elevator, you finally reach the lever that opens the actual boss room. Instead of a room with an ogre, the pillar will take you to the same room but with a different path to the right.

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (31)

Two little devils will surprise you here. This leads you toHebel, where you can also jump into the starting loop and the actual boss. If you don't go up the pillar and instead use the stairs in the hallway, continue the loop to loop three.

Cycle Three: Gloveworts

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (32)

This loop is easily recognized by the growth of Ghost Gloveworts. They don't respawn, but you can always look at the leaves and stem of the plant it grew on. There is no fire-breathing pillar in loop three. If you go where the pillar should be, aogerwill fall on you

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (33)

If you continue to the right, the loop will take you back to theloop twobecause that's where you have to be.


The official head of the Leyndell Catacombs isEsgar, Priest of Blood🇧🇷 fallsLord of the Blood Talisman des Jubelsafter defeat

see more information

Volver a Roadside Grace

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (34)

You have now cleared out the goblin infested pipes and catacombs. The next area is deeper. Between the two ogres at the end of the underground path isSkip Channel GridsVon.

(Video) Elden Ring - Mohg, the Omen Boss Fight & Location (Leyndell Royal Capital Sewers Walkthrough)

be careful becausebelow will be the mice.

From this location you can turn left to find thevaporizeror do the right thing to continue the arduous journey through the Leyndell Sewers.

Be careful not to take thoseogerhere since they are big enough to go with you.

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (35)

To get to the Dung Eater, all you have to do is go through the giant Miranda flowers and up the ladder at the bottom of the sewers. As you go up the stairs, there is a room full of hidden spider hands. The cell at the end will contain the dung eater,Alright, you found a Curse Seedbed and talked to it in Roundtable Hold.

There is nothing else to do in this area. To proceed through Leyndell Sewers, you must go back and take the first right. You will now be faced with a confusing piping system.

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pipe maze

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (36)

These tubes are pretty basic to start with. Walk slowly or you will fall into themtwo holeswithin this system of lines.

To get out of this tube system, simply jump over the first hole, go ahead and jump over to the second hole. Then turn right to the exit.

Falling down the first hole will take you to a small area containingfour calling spirits🇧🇷 Continuing this path will take you back to where you landed.hole twothrows you into a ghost cave with aElite-Mini-Jefethat can be scary. Once you are defeated or just want to run away, a pipe will come out of the northwest wall. Once inside the tube, turn right to return to where you originally fell.

The end of this piping system includes aogerIs aLadderin an open area. The ogre can follow you into the pipes. It is not advisable to bait as you cannot see where you are going and it is narrow. Fight him in the open or just run towards the stairs.

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (37)

Going up the stairs you can open doors that lead to a shortcut. Here you need to proceed slowly or quickly. Just inside the gates are two more ogres, but they have been pushed aside. You can easily sneak around if the previous ogre isn't chasing you down the stairs.

To the right of the room is a lever that opens the door and creates ashortcutback to Roadside Grace. Adjacent doors lead to the next area, an empty chasm with a spiral staircase.

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (38)


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(Video) Secret Path: Leyndell Sewers to DeepRoot Depths in Elden Ring - Full Complete Walkthrough Guide
Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (45)
Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (46)

These stairs are relatively safe. There are only two corpses on the stairs that are not aggressive. The second corpse will be near the edge. Here you mustjump carefullyto get to the next area. Instead of jumping off the direct ledge the enemy was on, go to therailinginstead of. Do not roll or jump, try to get closer and closer to the edge to fall smoothly.

After successfully "jumping", there are passively rotting skeletons and some small Miranda flowers in the hallways. In the distance you come to some stairs and a ladder. Stairs lead to onehuge miranda🇧🇷 To continue, turn right and go under the stairs. More tubes, yes.

There is only one direct way here. Your first right is a locked door next to an enemy.looks like goalkeeper gostoc🇧🇷 This can be unlocked later. Continue straight and take the next right at the end of the tunnel. This will take you to another large room with an ogre in it.

this ogre will fallthe omen boyArticle after defeat. Either you defeat it or run away from itLadderThis room leads to the next area. When you open the doors you will find yourself on top of the pipes infested by previous goblins.

high impedance tubes

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (47)

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Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (49)

At the doors, turn left and go up the pipes. If you follow the images above, all you have to do is climb the pipe, jump and turn around and reach the area with a door. Be careful here because a goblin will jump out the door to surprise you. Inside you are above the area with the ogre. Go down the tube hole.

Second tube maze: the end of the line

Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (50)

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Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (51)
Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (52)
Elden Ring: Leyndell Sewers Complete Walkthrough (53)

Going down, you will come to a fork in the road. Payment in advance,Most of the southeast will take you all the way.all sewers. Going to the right in most of the Southwest leads to dead ends and setbacks.

This pipe system in the southeast will lead you to the boss. EITHERfirst holeOn the opposite side is a giant rat that you can lure. Below this hole, you saw the enemy that looked like Gatekeeper Gostoc through a locked door. EITHERsecond holeThis tube system will take you to the other side of that locked door. You can open it to unlock a shortcut, but go ahead.

This leads you to aLadder🇧🇷 The stairs will take you to a small room full of sleeping enemies and a metal elevator on your right. The elevator takes you toForsaken depths, place of mercyand then the final boss of the sewers,that the omen.

The southwestern tube system leads to a dead end and takes you back to the goblin infested tubes. It is also full of FP and HP beetles.

(Video) How to Navigate the Lyndell Capital Sewer Systems!

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How do you get through Leyndell sewer? ›

Once inside the well, there's only one set way to go. You'll walk down some sewers and then meet some stairs, where rats will be at the bottom. They shouldn't be an issue. Continue straight, down the stairs and through a doorway.

What level should I be for the sewers Elden Ring? ›

Best Route & Boss Order In Elden Ring
AreaRecommended Weapon & Character Level
City of AshThe recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
SewersThe recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
23 more rows
Oct 14, 2022

How do you skip the sewers in Elden Ring? ›

As seen in the video, the player uses Waterfowl Dance, the unique skill of the Hand of Malenia weapon, to cleverly jump down to a lift below. The lift then takes the player to a Site of Grace at the bottom of the area as they successfully avoid a significant chunk of the dungeon.

Should I free Dung Eater? ›

Take your Curses back to the Dung Eater's body and feed them to him. After the fifth one, you'll get the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. That's all you need from the Dung Eater, so feel free to end him and collect his armor if you want.

Is there a boss in the subterranean shunning grounds? ›

Boss Fight - Mohg the Omen.

What is the most important level up in Elden Ring? ›

Endurance is the most important stat to level up early on, no matter your chosen Elden Ring class, because it increases your stamina. Stamina is required for attacking, blocking, dodging, running, and just generally staying alive during fights. It's by far the thing you need most at the beginning of the game.

What does Dung Eater do to corpses? ›

7 He Holds The Key To One Of The Bad Endings

Like all beings who are vying for the Elden Throne or the Elden Ring's power, Dung Eater's goal is to curse all beings in the Lands Between. He does this through his aforementioned Seedbed Curses, which grows on the corpses of his victims.

What level is recommended for Radahn? ›

You should be at least level 70 before fighting Radahn, ideally with a powerful weapon suited to your chosen build, such as the Moonveil Katana, or strong spells with good range, including Comet.

How do you beat stray sewers? ›

It's possible to bypass most of them by going around to the right, and then back left, where you'll find another switch guarded by eggs on all sides. It's up to you if you want to pre-emptively explode them or just try to activate the switch and run, and then head through the newly opened doorways behind the switch.

Can you miss things in Elden Ring? ›

Warning: May Contain Story SpoilersUpdated November 16th, 2022, by Andrew Scariati: There are a plethora of missable quests in Elden Ring that you may not complete on your first journey through the Lands Between.

Do you have to fight the Dung Eater Elden Ring? ›

Step 5: Set the Dung Eater free

Unlock the door and speak to the Dung Eater, commanding him to leave his cell. It can be tempting to kill him here, given what he informs you he's planning to do, but you must resist the urge if you're going to complete this quest.

Is there a boss in capital sewers? ›

Mohg, the Omen is a Great Enemy in Elden Ring. The boss is located at the end of the Leyndell Sewers beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Where is MOHG in the sewers? ›

The weaker version of Mohg, the Omen is located in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds - an underground dungeon located below Leyndell, Royal Capital.

What to do with Dung Eater? ›

Speak to Dung Eater

Come to the outer moat." NOTE: Once you have found his corporeal form in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, you now have the option to give him the potion from Selvius, which will net you the Dung Eater Puppet Spirit Ashes. However, doing so will lock you out of the rest of Dung Eater's quest.

Is Dung Eater the good guy? ›

Type of Villain

The Dung Eater is a minor antagonist from 2022 action-RPG video game Elden Ring. He is a depraved Tarnished within the Roundtable Hold that is obsessed with defiling the corpses of many.

Is Dung Eater armor good? ›

Dung Eater's armor offers superb protection but is on the rather heavy side. It's one of the best sets in the game but will only be useful to those with high and tanky stats. You can unlock it once his quest ends, either by feeding him 5 Seabed Curses, turning him into a puppet, or simply killing him in his cell.

Does Dung Eater affect the ending? ›

Elden Ring's Dung Eater not only guides the player to the game's worst ending, but he doesn't even offer any rewards or achievements for doing so. The Loathsome Dung Eater guides the player to the worst ending in Elden Ring, and there is absolutely no reason for the player to follow him to it.

What is Mohg, the Omen weak against? ›

As mentioned above, this boss is weak against Physical Damage. So if you are a melee player, you are in luck. Now that you know what moves Mohg, the Omen uses and how to dodge them, it is time to attack. Most of the time, try to keep yourself close to this boss.

Where did Dung Eater go? ›

When you return to the Roundtable Hold, you'll find that the Dung Eater is missing from his usual room. However, there is a message that tells you to find him in the outer moat, just outside Leyndell, Capital City.

What is Mohg the Lord of Blood weak to? ›

Mohg is weak to bleed damage so it's worth it to modify your weapon with hemorrhage effects. He also has surprisingly low poise for a late-game boss so you can use big weapons and heavy attacks to stagger him quite easily.

When should I stop leveling Elden Ring? ›

It's advisable to stop leveling Mind at 40 points due to diminishing returns. This is unless you really need more for your build, then you can take it to 55 or 60 before the caps start to kick in.

What is the best tank armor in Elden Ring? ›

Bull-Goat Set. For straight-up protection, the Bull-Goat Set is the best armour in Elden Ring. It's also the heaviest, so you'll need colossal Endurance to avoid heavy encumbrance penalties while wearing it.

What happens if you refuse Melina? ›

So if you don't say yes, you won't be able to spend the Runes you collect on improving your character's stats, and you'll have to walk everywhere.

Who is the strongest character in Lore in Elden Ring? ›

Maliketh is the most powerful character in Elden Ring who is not a demi-god. This beast-like creature is the Shadow to Queen Marika, essentially acting as the demi-god's enforcer. What truly makes Maliketh a formidable foe is his sword, which wields the power of Destined Death.

Why is he called Dung Eater? ›

Elden Ring's Loathsome Dung-Eater Was Executed Publicly

It is from this punishment that the Dung-Eater earned his title, since being covered - literally - in dung is definitely likely to leave a lasting impression on any and all who see it.

Is Dung Eater evil? ›

The Loathsome Dung Eater is one of Elden Ring's most evil boss characters. His actions are horrific in-game and in lore, and players should fear him.

Can you cheese Radahn? ›

It turns out you can actually cheese the boss fight with Elden Ring's mighty General Radahn. At least, you can cheese it once you get his health whittled down to 50 percent, which is admittedly still a task in its own right.

What level should I be for Godrick? ›

Godrick the Grafted: Overview
NameRecommended LevelRunes
Godrick the Grafted3015,000 Runes
1 more row
Mar 18, 2022

What level should I be to fight Melania? ›

The recommended level for Malenia is 120 at least, ideally 125+, with weapons of +23 or more. You can't really be overleveled for this fight.

How do you get to the sewer endings? ›

To experience the Bad Ending, you must choose to follow Dumpster Diver Dan. He will bring the players to the sewer. A obby in the sewer must then be completed, which will lead players to the Sewer Settlement.

How do you beat the sewer level in Apeirophobia? ›

The objective of this level is to escape. After going through the series of long hallways and rooms, the Player will find a glass-floored maze. Simply just stay as close to the left, and you will eventually find a hallway that leads to the exit.

How do you save Adam West in the sewers? ›

Adam West in Peril (Free Play)

Have Solomon Grundy use the Swamp Spot near the exit of Area 1 and he'll unearth a tank of shark repellent. Jump on top of the tank to save Adam West.

What is the hardest Elden Ring quest? ›

Ranni's side quest is the longest and one of the most challenging in the game. It's fitting that you'd have to go through so much to unlock what is almost certainly the game's darkest ending.

Does killing Rykard affect Volcano Manor? ›

After beating Rykard players can no longer progress the Volcano Manor questline, but this implies that they did not finish the questline to reach Rykard in the first place.

Is Dung Eater quest worth it? ›

While it may sound repulsive enough to put one off ever going near it, the Dung Eater's questline is well worth the effort required by virtue of the rewards it offers players. It not only leads to a set of armor and a new weapon, but it also gives players an item needed to unlock one of the game's endings.

Is the Radahn fight optional? ›

The challenging Starscourge Radahn is thankfully optional - but is a route to the end of the game if you like.

Is Dung Eater a good summon? ›

Dung Eater is a powerful tank, and his sword inflicts bleed damage on enemies which is very useful against bosses like Fire Giant and Malenia.

Is Mohg, the Omen immune to scarlet rot? ›

In addition to Bleed, Mohg is also weak to Physical attacks and Gravity Spells. On the other hand, he's immune against Fire, Frostbite, Scarlet Rot, and Poison.

Do you fight Mohg twice? ›

In lore, there's a very simple explanation for Mohg appearing twice in Elden Ring. It's not an uncommon occurrence, after all. According to the video from Zullie the Witch, the best example of this is Mohg's own brother, Morgott.

Are Mohg, the Omen and Mohg Lord of Blood the same? ›

Mohg, also known as the Lord of Blood and the Omen, is a major antagonist and secret boss in the 2022 action-RPG Elden Ring.

What does Varre give you? ›

Once you have collected Maiden's Blood using one of these methods, return to Varre at the Rose Church. During the conversation, you'll be asked to offer your finger. Doing so gives you the Bloody Finger item. Speak to him again and you'll receive a Pureblood Knight's Medal.

How do I get to Mohg without varre? ›

How To Get To Mohgwyn Palace Without Varre. If you killed Varre or just don't feel like doing his quest, you can still reach Mohgwyn Palace and defeat Mohg. It just takes much longer. You'll need to reach the Consecrated Snowfield, which involves gathering the Haligtree Medallion halves and using the Grand Lift of Rold ...

What to do after curing millicent? ›

After leaving Millicent's world, go rest at the Drainage Channel Site of Grace again, then return to where you just fought the invaders to find Millicent. Exhaust her dialogue, rest once more, then come back a final time to find her dead. Looting her body will earn you the Unalloyed Gold Needle.

What happens if you finish the dung eater quest? ›

Completing the Dung Eater questline will reward you with the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse, which is used to unlock an ending in Elden Ring. You can also claim the Omen armor set, which increases Omen Bairn damage. For some players, you may only be interested to know the Seedbed Curse locations.

What happens if you use the Seedbed Curse on the Dung Eater? ›

After giving the Dung Eater the fifth Seedbed Curse, you'll have completed his quest and he'll award you with the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse, a key item necessary to getting the Blessing of Despair ending he wants you to achieve.

Where are all 5 Seedbed Curses? ›

He'll give you the Sewer-Gaol Key to aid in your journey.
  • Dung Eater Capital sewers location. ...
  • Dung Eater invasion location. ...
  • Seedbed Curse #1: Leyndell Tower. ...
  • Seedbed Curse #2: Leyndell Fortified Manor. ...
  • Seedbed Curse #3: Volcano Manor. ...
  • Seedbed Curse #4: Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.
Mar 21, 2022

How do you get into the sewers under the capital? ›

To use the Sewer-Gaol Key, players will first need to access the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital. From there, players should head down the nearby stairs, through the door, and hook a left to run along the edge of the balcony.

How do you get to the bottom of the capital sewers? ›

Starting from the Lower Capital Church, we've going to find the Underground Roadside Site of Grace first. Exiting the Lower Capital Church, run to the right and jump over the balcony down into the sewer below.

How do I get into the sewers in Stardew Valley? ›

How to Unlock The Sewers. The Sewers can be found to the south of Pelican Town, but are not accessible until you acquire the Rusty Key. This is obtained by donating 60 different items to the Museum. In the Sewers, you'll find Krobus and his shop.

Can you get into the sewers in Lyndell capital of ash? ›

Leyndell, Ashen Capital Walkthrough

You can drop into the sewer to find the Crimson Amber Medallion +2, but you will have to warp back to the Site of Grace to get out of the sewer.

When should I fight a Dung Eater? ›

You can meet the Dung Eater pretty early on in the game, though you won't be able to start his quest until you've picked up your first Seedbed Curse—usually when you reach the Royal Capital.

What happens if you free the Dung Eater? ›

After giving the Dung Eater 5 Seedbed Curses, his quest line will be complete and you will be rewarded the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse.

What to do after talking to Dung Eater? ›

Talk to Dung Eater and he'll ask who you are. Choose Leave your gaol! and then return to the Roundtable Hold and head to the room where you first spoke to Dung Eater.

Can you marry Krobus? ›

While players can't actually marry Krobus in Stardew Valley, moving him into the player home reaps some interesting and unexpected benefits. Krobus is officially referred to as a "shadow person" in the Stardew Valley community, but he's actually the only monster that isn't hostile toward the player.

How do I become friends with Marnie? ›

To increase your relationship with Marnie, these are the best items to give her.
  1. All Universal Loves.
  2. Diamond.
  3. Farmer's Lunch.
  4. Pink Cake.
  5. Pumpkin Pie.
Feb 26, 2016

Where is Robin's axe? ›

The axe should be sitting right at the southeastern part of the forest, just east of where you can pick Spring Onions in the spring. This area is called the Cindersap Forest and it has many secrets, so if this is your first time exploring it, keep going!

What is the hardest level to escape in the Backrooms? ›

Level 9223372036854775807 is the signed 64-bit integer limit on a computer, and is presumably the final level of the Backrooms. Anybody that has reached this level has not been able to go any further for as long as this level has been discovered, and any levels claimed to be beyond this are currently unconfirmed.

What is the hardest level to survive in the Backrooms? ›

Level 6 is largely regarded as one of the most dangerous early levels in the Backrooms. However, investigations have shown that as of now, no entities have been found on this level. Despite this, few people seem to leave Level 6. The reason for this is unknown.

How do you purposely enter the Backrooms? ›

To enter the Backrooms, one must "noclip" out of reality.
Such entrances include:
  1. Walls that are a shade darker than normal, or that do not appear to cast a shadow.
  2. Doors that did not exist previously and appear to be out-of-place.
  3. Areas that give a sense of unease, where one feels strangely offput.


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