Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (2023)

FromSoftware's enemies are usually defeated using the same method: beat them to death. However, there are some exceptions. Here's how to find and destroy Grave Chariots in Elden Ring.

If you've ventured into the many dungeons scattered across the Midlands, chances are you'll find these giant carriages. Or, more likely, they've found you...literally.

But did you know that there are ways to defeat them? Here are the three tomb-style dungeons that contain chariots and a guide to the unique ways to destroy them.


    • Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot
      • Where to find the Tomb of Hero Fringefolk
      • How to Destroy the Fringefolk Hero Cart
    • Grab des Helden Auriza
      • Where to find the tomb of the hero Auriza
      • How to destroy heroine Auriza's grave wagon
    • Tomb of the hero of Gelmir
      • Where to find the Tomb of the Hero of Gelmir
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Wagon locations and how to destroy them.

You can find three locations where the carriages are in the Elden Ring:

  • Fringefolk Hero's Grave – Limgrave, Stranded Cemetery
  • Tomb of the Hero of Auriza – Altos de Altus, outskirts of the capital
  • Tomb of the Hero of Gelmir - Mt. Gelmir, north of the Bridge of Injustice

All of these locations are complete dungeons that require thorough exploration. They contain more enemies, including bosses, and offer a lot of loot.

This guide just explains how to deal with each Chariot enemy and discusses the loot each of them drops.

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HINT: Destroy this car requires a bow.You can buy one here.

Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot

Where to find the Tomb of Hero Fringefolk

you will findTomb of the Fringefolk hero Right at the beginning of the game in front of the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace in Limgrave.

However, the Chariot area is only accessible withVonStonesword Keys, as it's trapped behind a wall of goblin statue mist.

Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (1)

How to Destroy the Fringefolk Hero Cart

  • Continue through the poisonous section and you will face the chariot. For now, all you can do is avoid it.
  • Use the alcoves on either side of the path to protect yourself as it passes, but watch out for enemies lurking in these safe spots as well. If you get a spot, run!
  • You will come to a point where the path narrows. From one of the street corners before the narrow bridge, drop down to the area below.
  • Keep going past the goblins and the fire trap until you reach a room with a bridge. Here you will be confronted withVonGrafted heirs.
Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (2)
  • As with the previous descent, go down the bridge to the lowest level and you will find an elevator. Go up and up the stairs and kill the enemy on this platform.
  • Go to the other side where the enemy was and look at Chariot's trail. Attached to the roof, you will notice three flower pots. They explode when they hit the ground, so equip your bow and aim (the string,noo pot).
  • The chariot will bounce up and down the track, and you should shoot it as soon as you hear it hit the platform you're standing on.
  • When the time is right, the chariot will explode, never respawning, and reward you with 10x Great Arrows for your newly acquired item.Large Earth Tree Arch!

If you are an archery expert,Here are the best bows in the Elden Ring to rival your new weapon!

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Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (3)

Grab des Helden Auriza

Where to find the tomb of the hero Auriza

The Auriza Hero's Tomb is located in the Capital Outskirts section of the Altus Plateau, east of the Outer Wall Battlefield Grace Site.

  • if you onceclimbed the Altus plateau, head east on the outskirts of Leyndell, Capital City.
  • VonOuter Wall Battlefield Grace Location, take the road that heads west.
  • When you come to a fork in the road, take the one that heads southeast.
  • If you follow this path, you will pass under a bridge and its pillar. From here, take the tomb of the hero Auriza.

If you don't have itThis is where you can find it, along with all of the other Crystal Tears in the Elden Ring!

Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (4)

How to destroy heroine Auriza's grave wagon

  • In order to destroy these carts, you must also die. If you're stocking up on runes, spend them early or equip a Sacrificial Branch Talisman.
  • they existThreecarriages to be demolished this time.
  • Destroy Car #1:
    • You have to go down the first ramp and avoid Chariot #1. Once down, stay between the pillars, but make sure you stay away from Car #1.miChariot #2, which is now in front of you.
    • Go around Chariot #2 as you go up the next ramp and the path will widen around the corner.
    • Carriage #2 is on the right side of the room, but carriage #3 will join the group and roll up and down the left side.
    • In this area, use the safe zone right in the middle on the wall to avoid getting hit by the carriages.

Certain Ashes of War, like Quickstep, can help prevent them from being knocked down.Here you will find the best FP talisman to keep you moving!

Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (5)
  • Go down carefully and avoid the two wagons that go up and down. If necessary, you can enter the niches that are located in the walls. Just watch out for the skeleton enemies there.
  • At the end of this ramp the path narrows again and one of the cars above picks up this narrow path.
  • Stand between the pillars to avoid damage.
Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (6)
  • Look into the chasm on your left and you'll notice some items below. They are supported by thin wooden beams that require parking.
  • Drop onto the beam below the ledge on the left with a corpse.
  • Keep falling until you reach the bottom beam and climb the ladder guarded by a lone skeleton.
  • You are now under a new section of track with another wagon rolling on it. When the chariot passes you, get out and run.hochup the ramp and on the right you will find a room with a fire trap.
  • Hit the fire trap to change its flame pattern until the flame shoots toward the hallway you entered this room through.
  • Unfortunately there is no more way from here as the chariot is ahead and will not let you pass. let it kill you
Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (7)
  • After respawning, head back into the double wide area of ​​the lane where you will find the safe area in front of the wall.
  • Head down the path from there and a carriage will pass near the pillars below. This will cause the other two cars to collide with it, tearing all three to pieces!
  • Your reward for this achievement is considerable: theSentinel Tree armor setIt is inHoly Land Ashes of War!

Having trouble dodging cars? Check out how to get and dodge the Raptor of the Mists Ash of War!

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Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (8)

Tomb of the hero of Gelmir

Where to find the Tomb of the Hero of Gelmir

The Heroes' Tomb of Gelmir is located on the elevated section of the mountain. Gelmir, accessible by crossing the stone bridge to the northeast of theThe primitive spell caster Azur Grace.

This tomb differs from the previous ones in that the two chariots cannot be destroyed.

If you are having trouble finding it or just want to travel fast,Check out our map of all Places of Grace in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (9)

How to drive the Gelmir Hero Tomb Chariot

  • Head down the first ramp and dodge the first carriage as usual (watch out for the lava this time though!)
  • Jump left and go through the room where the Page and Noble NPC is, then navigate the Fire Trap room. Now you come to another section of the Chariot track.
  • But look carefully. The chariot that rolls in this area does not have an equestrian statue. That's because you need to assemble it yourself!
  • Follow him up the ramp, ducking into gaps if necessary, then look down the right side of the narrow path section. You will see a very thin platform that you have to fall onto.
Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (10)
  • Doing so will give you access to a room with a Bloodhound Knight, but you don't have to fight him.if you want a fightHere's our guide to a boss version of the same enemy!
  • Climb the ladder behind him and you'll respawn above the track, and after a bit of parkour you'll find yourself directly above the chariot.
  • Time your fall right and you'll land on top of the cart. Now you can get through the lava pool that would otherwise block your way!

Keep in mind that you will most likely fall into the lava after jumping from the chariot.How to find Bloodhound's Step, an Ashes of War that allows you to move faster!

(Video) Elden ring - How to destroy the Chariot on Fringefolk Hero's Grave

Elden Ring: Location of All Heroes' Grave Carriages and How to Destroy Them (11)

And here's how to navigate each of the three burial dungeons without getting crushed. Now you can return to the surface and let the game's bosses crush you! Have a good time!

Or if dying really is your idea of ​​funHere are the 5 toughest bosses in the Elden Ring to test you against!

Alternatively, if you are looking for an easier ride,Here is a list of all the bosses required to complete the main story. There is less than you think!


How do you destroy all chariots in Elden Ring? ›

Fringefolk Hero's Grave [Elden Ring Map Link]: Chariot can be destroyed by shooting the large suspended jars.

How do you destroy chariots with shackles? ›

The chariot protectors are meant to be destroyed by hitting a pillar trap deep within the dungeon, but Margit's Shackle lets players hit it through a wall to quickly destroy them.

Where are the hero's grave locations in Elden Ring? ›

Auriza Hero's Grave can be found in the east-most parts of Capital Outskirts, Altus Plateau in Elden Ring. Players can teleport to the Outer Wall Battleground Site of Lost Grace and sprint east to the broken stairs. Climb them and keep heading east until the route branches out, take the one on the right.

Can you roll through chariots Elden Ring? ›

These chariots will almost always kill the player in a single hit, and they are notoriously difficult to avoid, as no matter how much a player exercises Elden Ring's rolling mechanic, it is impossible to dodge these chariots without being in designated safe zones.

What does Mohg shackle do? ›

The Mohg's Shackle is a consumable item, so to use it, the Tarnished will be required to put it in their Pouch or to slot it in their Quick Item menu. Once there, gamers will need to use it against Mohg when the encounter begins, and it will freeze him in place for around three seconds.

What is the alternate use of Margit shackle? ›

As reported by GamesRadar, Margit's Shackle can stop Margit the Fell Omen in his tracks for a few seconds when activated, but its usefulness does not end once that great enemy has been felled. NateThePunk2 on Reddit is one of those who discovered that it can also cause a nearby hidden wall to disappear.

Can you destroy the chariots in Gelmir hero grave? ›

Gelmir Hero's Grave is located on the elevated section of Mt. Gelmir, reachable crossing the stone bridge northeast of the Primeval Sorcerer Azur Grace. This Grave is different from the previous ones in that the two Chariots can't actually be destroyed.

How do you destroy chariot Fringefolk in Hero's Grave? ›

Now this is tricky, but you have to time shooting the chain on a pot so it drops onto the chariot. When it's right below you and about to head down that track is a good time to do it. The pot will explode, destroying the chariot, and giving you the Erdtree Greatbow.

How do you beat Auriza hero's grave boss? ›

Don't get greedy, and bait out attacks that you know you can punish with your own. The Spear Knight has a few quick pokes, and long sweeping blows with delayed hits you'll have to time before attacking back. It can also charge up its spear for a big magic attack that you'll need to expertly time to dodge.

How many hero tombs does Elden Ring have? ›

There are a total of three Hero's Graves in the Atlus Plateau. These difficult and challenging dungeons in Elden Ring usually reward you with powerful weapons and items to continue your journey to becoming the Elden Lord.

Where are all the heros graves? ›

Hero's Grave: West Garden. Hero's Grave: The Monastery. Hero's Grave: The Great Library. Hero's Grave: The Swamp/The Cathedral.

How many grave sites are in the Elden Ring? ›

There are six Grave and Ghost Glovewort Bell Bearings across The Lands Between. Here's where they all are. Finding the Ghost Glovewort and Grave Glovewort locations in Elden Ring is one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of your journey.

What is Margit weak to? ›

Weak To. Bleed, Jump Attacks. Margit is a major difficulty spike from the bosses you've fought before. We recommend that you level up a few times and get your weapon to +2 before facing this boss.

What level should I be to fight Margit? ›

The recommended level for Margit the Fell Omen is at least 20, ideally 25+. You should also use weapons of +3 or more.

How do you break a Margits guard? ›

Margit will throw magic daggers at a distance at a range, and it's best to avoid them by dodging. The best way to strike Margit is to hit them once they've finished performing their attacks. By looking at their attack patterns, you can have a window of opportunity to hit them with quick strikes.

Does rolling make you invincible Elden Ring? ›

If players time their rolls correctly, they can avoid enemy attacks, even if their hitbox "hits" the character. This mechanic has existed in almost all of FromSoftware's games, and it is therefore not surprising to see it in Elden Ring, as it is heavily inspired by the developer's previous acclaimed series, Dark Souls.

What makes you roll faster in Elden Ring? ›

Having an Equip Load under 30% is how players can access the fastest rolling dodge the game has to offer. Rolling can be done in any direction to avoid attacks from all types of enemies. Additionally, a lower Equip Load means less stamina will be used for the dodging maneuver.

Does Weight Affect rolling speed Elden Ring? ›

Each level affects a character's ability to dodge, recover, sprint, and speed in general, and there are benefits and drawbacks to maintaining a Light, Medium, or Heavy load. If you carry too heavy a load, your character's ability to move around the world will be greatly reduced.

Did scythed chariots work? ›

The scythed chariot avoided this inherent problem for cavalry by using the scythe to cut into the formation even when the horses avoided the men. A disciplined army could diverge as the chariot approached, and then re-form quickly behind it, allowing the chariot to pass without causing many casualties.

What are the spikes on chariots called? ›

"On both sides of the wheels, moreover, he attached to the axles steel scythes about two cubits long and beneath the axles other scythes pointing down toward the ground; this was so arranged with the intention of hurling the chariots into the midst of the enemy.

Did Roman chariots have sides? ›

The chariot was a fast, light, open, two-wheeled conveyance drawn by two or more horses that were hitched side by side, and was little more than a floor with a waist-high guard at the front and sides.

Can Mohg get scarlet rot? ›

In addition to Bleed, Mohg is also weak to Physical attacks and Gravity Spells. On the other hand, he's immune against Fire, Frostbite, Scarlet Rot, and Poison.

Is Margits shackle infinite use? ›

Margit's Shackle can only be used twice against Margit and only during his first phase -- so once he pulls out his giant hammer of light, the shackle is no longer helpful.

What should I have before Margit? ›

Ideally, your dominant weapon should be +3 or higher before challenging Margit, so plan on plundering some Smithing Stones from the Limgrave Tunnels and visiting the blacksmith. Spirit Summons, while not essential, are a helpful tool if only to keep Margit distracted while you close in for an attack.

What is Morgott, the Omen King weak to? ›

Lastly, Morgott is quite susceptible to status effects like Poison, Frost, Bleed, and even Scarlet Rot.

Is Gelmir hero's Cave optional? ›

Gelmir Hero's Grave is one of the Minor Dungeons found in the Mt. Gelmir Region in Elden Ring. It is an optional dungeon that is home to a few treasure items and a miniboss Foe.

Does Gelmir Heroes Grave have a boss? ›

Red Wolf Of The Champion Boss Fight

This is a boss you likely fought before, as he is a copy of the Red Wolf of Radagon from Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes.

What boss is in Gelmir hero's grave? ›

This will take you to the last fog gate where you can fight the boss, Red Wolf of the Champion. Defeating this boss will reward you with Bloodhound Knight Floh Ashes. Loot the remaining chest in the boss chamber to obtain Deathroot.

What do you get for defeating Loretta Knight of the Haligtree? ›

Defeating her will earn you Loretta's War Sickle (Halberd) and Loretta's Mastery (Sorcery). Both of these are great items to get, especially the Sorcery, as it is one of the best spells for Mages in PvP as it has good tracking.

What is everything in Auriza hero's grave? ›

Auriza Hero's Grave is a location in Leyndell, Royal Capital in Elden Ring and the home of dual Crucible Knights. This grave is a smorgasbord that contains a unique armour set, a new weapon, a Stonesword Key, a Talisman, some Spirit Ashes, and weapon upgrade materials.

What is the hardest grave in Elden Ring? ›

Fringefolk Hero's Grave is the first minor dungeon you'll come across in Elden Ring after leaving the tutorial area, but it requires two Stonesword Keys, so you won't be able to access it right away. That's a good thing since it's definitely one of the toughest minor dungeons in all of Limgrave.

Are the heroes graves worth it? ›

Hero's graves contain some of the best loot in the game, especially in the Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave. The Tarnished will be able to acquire protective Incantations, Golden Runes galore, and one of the best pieces of armor in Elden Ring.

Who is the boss of the fringe folk hero? ›

The boss of the Fringefolk Hero's Grave is the Ulcerated Tree Spirit. This boss can move around rapidly, attacking with feet, tail, and head. It can also grab and use fire. However, it is weak to fire itself.

Is Auriza Hero's Grave worth it? ›

Auriza Hero's Grave is ‌on the borders of the Royal Capital, Leyndell. The catacomb is definitely worth exploring as players will get two heavy Elden Ring Armors, an Ash of War, a Spirit Summon, and many more useful items.

What is the biggest dungeon in Elden Ring? ›

As far as Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring go, Raya Lucaria Academy is one of the biggest. Its vertical complexity is astounding thanks to the waterwheel elevator which takes players to some secret depths and opens up a secret shortcut. What makes it even more interactive is how it's connected to the overworld.

Does glovewort respawn? ›

Rounding up plenty of Grave Glovewort in Elden Ring will be an important task if you wish to upgrade the various Spirit Ashes you obtain throughout your journey. However, unlike most other crafting materials in the game, these don't respawn after you pick them.

Can you get more than 4 Great Ghost Glovewort? ›

You can hold up to 999 Great Ghost Glovewort.

How do you invade infinitely Elden Ring? ›

Being a consumable Multiplayer Item, players will burn through a Festering Bloody Finger with each invasion. Fortunately, an item known as the Bloody Finger can grant players limitless invasions. Thus, eliminating the costly effort of acquiring Festering Bloody Fingers.

What are abductor virgins weak to? ›


What are grafted scions weak to? ›

Grafted Scion makes its first appearance in Chapel of Anticipation, which is the game's tutorial area.
Grafted Scion Overview
DropsOrnamental Straight Sword Golden Beast Crest Shield 3,200 Runes 12,800 Runes (NG+)
Weak ToHemorrhage Physical Slash Damage
2 more rows
May 13, 2022


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