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One of the fun features of Elden Ring is cooperative multiplayer play with friends. It makes the journey through the Lands Between a fun experience and allows players to help each other deal with enemies. However, multiplayer in Elden Ring works differently than other online titles and requires players to go through certain steps. Unfortunately, these steps can confuse a newcomer to the game looking to team up with his friends. This article is intended to simplify the process and cover the steps for multiplayer co-op in Elden Ring.

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How does cooperative multiplayer work in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring multiplayer cooperative title follows the fundamentals of all other multiplayer cooperative titles currently available. What sets it apart from the other games is the way it works. Since the days of Dark Souls, co-op in FromSoftware games has always been tied to the game's story.

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To enable cooperation in an area, players must do soInteraction with the effigy of the martyr. This will enable multiplayer functionality, allowing you to summon other players or friends. Yes, one of the unique features of Elden Ring is the ability to gamble.Cooperate with anyone who plays the game..

With some items and going through some steps, players need to make themselves recognizable and then summon others into their game. Then everyone can work together to defeat the boss fights.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Cooperative Requirements

To play cooperatively, players must complete and follow a few steps in Elden Ring before attacking other players and their friends.

Make sure the martyr image is on

The representations of the martyr are images that are usually found in various areas close to a place of mercy. those statuesAllow players to enable multiplayer in a specific zoneand even at the beginning of an uncovered dungeon. Once activated, players can discard the cooperation or competition token and other players can interact with it to start the multiplayer game. It also helps players looking for multiplayer to be summoned to a statue-enabled world.

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Using a furlcalling finger device

Once an effigy of the martyr is activated, use a Furlcalling finger remedy of items. Cure for furlcalling fingersallows players to discover all gold or red charactersPlayers drop it in an area, allowing them to summon the person to cooperate (via a gold board) or play PvP matches (via a red board).

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Making a remedy for Furlcalling fingers is easy. Players must collect Erleaf flowers that bloom all over the map. After the meeting, players need to visit their craft and craft the required item in the required quantity. Note that a Furlcalling Finger Remedy is used for each cooperative encounter. So if a player dies while in co-op, after respawning, use another Furlcalling Finger Remedy to make the characters visible to them.

Tarnished's crooked finger and his little golden effigy

Tarnished's Rolled Finger is a cooperative item used by players in Elden Ring.play side by side. Without this, a player cannot join another player's world to play online. Players can find this in the Stranded Graveyard. After waking up in this area. Exit the room through the first large door. At the end of the corridor, interact with the corpse and get the item.

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The small golden effigy is another item that players can take with them for co-op play. This item sends a call to the calling group of this area. However, to use this, a player must activate Effigy of the Martyr. Players can find this item to the east of the First Step Place of Grace, next to the first Marker of the Martyr or next to a summon statue of the Marker of the Martyr.

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Although these elements work in the same way, their application is very different. Tarnished's Furled Finger allows players to call their friends at a specific location. This requires both players to be in an area at the exact location. The small golden effigy allows players to send a summoning signal near the effigy of the martyr. It is used when one of the players has not yet fully explored the area.

Invite your friends or receive an invitation to play cooperative mode in Elden Ring

Once everything is collected, players can summon their friends using the following method.

  • First, open the multiplayer option in the pause menu. If your friend lives in a different region, make sure cross-region play is turned on in Settings under Online.
  • Go to the multiplayer option in the pause menu. Once here, press Y on the Xbox controller, Triangle on the PlayStation controller, right click and select the Y option to bring up the password menu.
  • Set a password for the multiplayer session in the password menu. Remember that both players need the same password to invite each other to cooperate.

Once the player follows the above step, there are two ways to summon their friends to cooperate.

When both players have discovered the entire area

  • Go to a specific location on the map in an area and ask your friend to get to that location. Make sure the martyr image is turned on in this area.
  • Drops a plate of Tarnished's Coiled Finger. This will make the downloaded board visible to the other player using the same password online.
  • The other player uses a Furlcalling Finger Remedy to make the character visible to him.
  • The other player interacts with the game board and teleports it into co-op mode.
  • Both players can now explore the area until one of the players is killed, ending a boss fight.

When no player has discovered an entire area

  • First, activate an image of the martyr at the start of an area. This will open the call group to that entire location.
  • When you're done, use the small golden effigy to place a summoning token near the effigy statue.
  • The other player must activate their Effigy of the Martyr and use a Furlcalling Finger Remedy to make the characters recognizable.
  • The other player interacts with the correct summon sign and teleports away to cooperate.
  • Players can now explore and engage in boss battles together until the zone boss is downed or either player is killed.

By following the steps above, players should be able to try co-op in Elden Ring. While you're here, we encourage you to check out the best products.The lesson of the ring of fireand theMajor Waffen and Elden RingAlso.

How to team up with random players in Elden Ring

If players want to help random travelers in the game through their most difficult times, they should follow the steps below.

  • Make sure there is no multiplayer password set in the game. If there is one, remove it by going to the multiplayer menu.
  • When you're done, activate a statue of the martyr in an area of ​​the map or at the start of a dungeon.
  • Use the small golden effigy to place a summoning board near the martyr effigy statue and wait nearby.
  • When a player uses Furlcalling Finger Remedy and interacts with your character, you are drawn into their world to play cooperatively.

frequent questions

How many players can form a team at the same time?

As with previous FromSoftware titles, Elden Ring, also known as Host, allows players to summon another player or their friends to aid them on their journey. Up to three players can join a game and participate in cooperative mode at the same time. Activities range from engaging in PvP against other players to taking on boss fights and clearing out entire areas.

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Is multiplayer cooperative crossplay supported?

NO. Multiplayer and co-op in Elden Ring are completely system specific. Therefore, all players who want to cooperate with each other must be on the same system and not on different systems. Therefore, PC players cannot team up with console players and vice versa.

How long do I have to work together in Elden Ring?

The cooperative mode of the game lasts as long as players explore a specific area together until the boss of the area is defeated or until one of the two players is killed. As soon as a player leaves the borders of the territory or dies, the game ends in cooperative mode.

Can I use mounts in co-op mode?

NO. While playing multiplayer with another player, the game will not allow the use of mounts until one of the players leaves their world and the co-op session ends.

Does guest player progress carry over to co-op play?

A guest player's progress will not carry over during co-op play. So if a player helps his friend defeat a boss but didn't kill the same boss in his own game, the save file will not continue. Once multiplayer is over, they must kill the boss in his world.

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Elden Ring Multiplayer Cooperative Guide: How To Play With Friends? ›

How do I join my friend's multiplayer game in Elden Ring? To join another person's game rather than inviting them to your own, you need to use a permanent item that you're given towards the beginning of the game: Tarnished's Furled Finger. This allows you to place a golden sign for another player to interact with.

Why is my co-op not working with my friend Elden Ring? ›

In some cases, the “multiplayer not working Elden Ring” issue probably occurs due to a poor Internet connection. So, we recommend you check if your Internet connection is strong when you meet the issue. To make sure you have a stable Internet connection, you can try to reboot your Wi-Fi router.

Can you play the entire Elden Ring game coop? ›

Creator LukeYui's 'Seamless Co-op' mod allows you to play the entirety of Elden Ring with up to three fellow players, which means you can conquer the Lands Between hand in hand with your besties.

How does multiplayer matching work in Elden Ring? ›

Matchmaking also takes into consideration the players' weapons, calculating Level + Upgrade Level to determine multiplayer ranges. When doing this, the maximum upgrade level that you've achieved will be taken into consideration and you'll be paired with someone with a similar value.

How does Elden Ring seamless co-op work? ›

The Elden Ring Seamless Co-op Mod removes the multiplayer limitations typically imposed by the game. The mod also resolves many connectivity issues. After you defeat a boss, you can continue to play with your friends, and summoned players are not restricted to their summoned zone area.

How many coop players can you summon in Elden Ring? ›

The co-op side of Elden Ring allows you to summon other players into your game using summoning signs, similar to what you might have experienced in the Dark Souls series. In Elden Ring, you can assemble teams of up to four players.

What is the new Elden Ring update for co-op? ›

Elden Ring update 1.06 is available now, and it is a game changer for those that enjoy PvP and co-op multiplayer. After downloading Elden Ring update 1.06, fans have the ability to send their summoning sign to multiple areas in the Lands Between.

Does level matter for coop Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring limits who can join a Host of Fingers' game, specifically their character level and weapon update level. When the game checks your character level, it limits who can join your game to within a range, so you can't have friends or foes who are vastly more powerful or weak than you are.

Do you have to be the same level to summon in Elden Ring? ›

Players Summoned using the Password system active won't have to adhere to the same level limits as standard users, but if you're a much higher level than the host, your health, attack damage, and defence will be capped.

Do you get less runes in coop Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring's Co-Op Provides Practically Free Runes

All of this risk is negated when helping others through co-op. Whether players use the Tarnished's Furled Finger or the Small Golden Effigy, they'll get runes for killing enemies as a phantom.

How do you play Elden Ring co op cross platform? ›

Elden Ring is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. However, Elden Ring Cross is not a cross-platform game; while you can enjoy the adventure with other players on another system, the Elden Ring Cross platform will never be fully supported between multiple consoles and PCs.

What is the password for Elden Ring coop? ›

Elden Ring Multiplayer Coop & Online Features

Fextralife's group password is FEXTRA, please add it to your group passwords in settings to make signs dropped by Fextralife more obvious to you!

Do Elden Ring bosses scale with coop? ›

Conversation. Elden Ring enemies do not scale. You can eventually overlevel them.

Why am I always unable to summon cooperator? ›

You are trying to activate a summon sign on an especially hard boss such as Malenia or Radagon and you get the summon cooperator error message, this can simply be because someone else has managed to summon the same operator.

Can you summon 2 friends in Elden Ring? ›

You can summon pretty much anywhere in The Lands Between, with few exceptions. Co-op is segmented though. This means you can either summon friends for an adventure in the open world or get a group together for a dungeon boss, but not both in the same session.

How do you summon 4 people in Elden Ring? ›

How do I summon my friends into my Elden Ring game? To summon players into your Elden Ring game, proceed to the summoning pool found within dungeons and bosses in the world. Look for the Martyr Effigies and once you see them, use the Small Golden Effigy to send your summon sign into the pool.

Should I do new game plus or make a new character Elden Ring? ›

Making a new character allows players to explore new classes without the difficulty increase found in Elden Ring's New Game Plus mode. If a player does opt for New Game Plus, however, they will get to continue using their old character and keep most of their items.

Is New Game Plus forced in Elden Ring? ›

It is important to know that the game never forces you to go to New Game Plus mode. Once you choose to watch an ending and finish watching the credits, an option will appear that allows you to skip to the Journey 2 or stay in your current game.

Can new players enjoy Elden Ring? ›

New players should power through their initial worries to be rewarded with what's likely to become one of the best games of the year. More than the game's map, Elden Ring is massive in scope, so new players should experiment with the many tools Elden Ring offers in order to succeed.

What is the max level in Elden Ring? ›

Level Rune Cost Calculation in Elden Ring

The highest level possible is a grand total of 713, achievable when all eight attributes are capped at 99 points.

What is the highest level player in Elden Ring? ›

The maximum Elden Ring player level is 713. We meant it when we said that it takes a massive amount of runes to get there. It takes 1,692,558,415 runes in total to scale up to that level.

What is the optimal multiplayer level in Elden Ring? ›

As a result, the best way to find as many players as possible for duels is to stick to level 125, and most invasions in Elden Ring's endgame areas occur at level 125 as well.

What level do you stop leveling Elden Ring? ›

Depending on your build, it's usually wise to stop leveling Strength once you've allocated 50 points to it. Any more results in diminishing returns.

Can you free roam with friends in Elden Ring? ›

ELDEN RING. client players can freely interact with in-game objects (opening chests, doors etc.) In other words, using this model, the only times the co-op players part company, is if a fog gate boss is fought, a player or host dies, or a client voluntarily leaves.

When can you no longer summon in Elden Ring? ›

If you have either gone to the aid of other players or had a friend's character join your game, you will find that you lose the ability to summon. This is due to the fact that you already have a summon to assist you in dealing with the difficult boss fight.

Can I give runes to other players? ›

Objects that you cannot share. Basically, it is only possible to gift weapons, helmets, greaves, armor and consumable items. It is not possible to gift key story items, spells, enchantments, ashes or large runes.

How many runes is good in Elden Ring? ›

Through the use of a consumable Rune Arc, players will know true power to assist their Rune Level 1 adventure. Updated on March 26, 2023, by Jake Fillery: Players may ask themselves how Many Great Runes are there in Elden Ring, and the answer to that is 8.

Does Elden Ring avoid rune loss? ›

Players will not lose Runes upon their next death when using the Sacrificial Twig. So when using the item, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be able to hold on to all their collected Runes till their next death regardless of how long it takes.

Is Elden Ring seamless coop crossplay? ›

At this time, Elden Ring does not offer crossplay functionality. Even though the multiplayer mode is one of our favorite aspects of the game, it's a big disappointment not to be able to join the same lobby with separate platforms.

Can you play Elden Ring co op PC and Xbox? ›

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform on PC and Xbox. No, Elden Ring isn't cross-platform on PC and Xbox. If you play Elden Ring on the PC, you can only play with PC gamers. The case is same for Xbox consoles too.

How do you help other players in Elden Ring? ›

If you want to help someone, use Tarnished Furled Finger to create a gold summon sign that appears in other players' games. Elden Ring calls this cooperative multiplayer. If you want to fight someone, use the Duelist's Furled Finger to create a red summon sign.

How does summoning work in Elden Ring? ›

To summon these Spirits, you will need to select them from your inventory to activate. Your character will automatically ring the Spirit Calling Bell (no need to equip it) and your Spirit will come to your aid.

Do bosses scale in Elden Ring multiplayer? ›

How does Elden Ring multiplayer boss scaling work? If you've summoned just one person, bosses will receive a 60 percent buff to their health as well as a 50 percent buff to its resistances. If you were to summon two other players to your world, the buffs increase even more.

How does PVP work in Elden Ring? ›

PVP Rewards in Elden Ring. Defeating an opponent in PvP will reward the player with Runes. The amount of Runes is a fixed amount depending on the defeated opponent's Level; It is a percentage of that player's most-recent leveling cost (eg. a level 50 player drops some % of the cost of leveling up from level 49 to 50).

Does spirit ash level affect matchmaking? ›

Spirit Summon Upgrade levels, Talisman Slot Number, and Flask Upgrades (both seed and tear) are NOT counted when invading/cooping. I have made level one characters over and over again and tested this, none of these three things will change your matchmaking range.

Why can't I summon Elden Ring? ›

If you have either gone to the aid of other players or had a friend's character join your game, you will find that you lose the ability to summon. This is due to the fact that you already have a summon to assist you in dealing with the difficult boss fight.

Does Elden Ring bosses get harder when you play with friends? ›

Plus, if you've played co-op in Elden Ring, you likely already know that the bosses are significantly harder to take down when you've summoned in friends to help.

Do cooperators increase boss health? ›

Summoning player cooperators increases the health of enemies and bosses.

Can you fight all bosses with friends in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring coop and multiplayer allows you to explore and fight bosses with friends, using summon signs and the Golden Effigy to communicate online. This is a different system to the one used for NPC Elden Ring Summon, as it requires a couple of extra hoops to send those invitations and bring players across online.

Does Elden Ring level scale for PvP? ›

Elden Ring PvP Scaling Guide

As of Patch 1.07, there is a new Damage Scaling that only applies when playing vs another player. This new feature affects some Weapons, Skills and Magic Spells. This scaling does not affect cooperative multiplayer or solo play, and is used to balance PvP independently from PvE.

What level does PvP stop Elden Ring? ›

Strength: Since damage across the board in Elden Ring is very high, many PvP players stop at the 55 softcap for Strength. Alternatively, some level Strength up to 66-70 and use your weapon with two hands to effectively get 99 Strength since two-handing raises your effective Strength by 50%.

Can you be invaded solo in Elden Ring? ›

it's been fixed in this game, players have to use item Taunter Tongue to accept invasions without co-op.

What is max level in Elden Ring? ›

The highest level possible is a grand total of 713, achievable when all eight attributes are capped at 99 points.

Who is the best summon in Elden Ring? ›

If there's one bit of consensus among Elden Ring's fans, it's that the Mimic Tear is the most powerful summon in the game. Put simply, the Mimic Tear creates an exact copy of your character - your equipment, moveset, and even your spells and abilities are duplicated.

What are the weakest spirit ashes? ›

Generally, the least useful Spirit Ashes are ones like the Jellyfish or Rotten Stray that do little more than apply a status effect.


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