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This section of IGNElden-Ring Guidecovers all Golden Seed locations. Golden Seeds are what you use to charge up your Flask of Scarlet Tears and Flask of Azure Tears. Every region has at least one or two, and while most are harvested from small golden Erdtree seedlings, you'll find a few others in slightly more random locations.


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Find the location of each Golden Seed,holy tear,stone keybladeand more with our detailedInteractive map of intermediate countries.

Limgrave has several Golden Seeds in the western and eastern halves and on the Weeping Peninsula.

Golden Seed of Storm Hill

This is (probably) the first seed you will find. His tree grows to the right of the road and you can find it after leaving Stormgate Canyon.Burg Sturmschleier.

Semente Dorada de Roderika

There are two ways to achieve this.Roderikahe will give it to you when you complete his quest or when he has changed toround table, you will find him sitting there in the cabin.

Fringefolk Hero Boss Golden Seed


who defeatsUlcerated Tree SpiritYou deserve this seed. if you have twostone keyblade, you can access the tomb in the Stranded Graveyard tutorial dungeon. Keep in mind that this is a tough dungeon with powerful enemies, more powerful than most you'll find in Limgrave.

Fort Haight Goldseed

It's opposite the fort in East Limgrave, so it's hard to miss. Travel southeast from Limgrave Minor Eardtree (east of Wayopoint Ruins) to find the fort, but watch out for the many enemies guarding it.

Castle Morne Golden Seed (Wailing Peninsula)

This is on a platform just south of Castle Morne's Place of Grace, the one in the middle of the Wailing Peninsula as you follow the Sacrifice Highway Bridge. An archer will shoot at you, so keep an eye on the castle and dodge if necessary, unless you want to take him out first.

Stormveil Castle Golden Seed


This particular golden seed can be found in Legacy Dungeon Stormveil Castle, on the main path leading from the Lifthouse to the boss gate where Godrick the Grafted waits. You will find him right in front of a giant troll warrior.

Stormveil Castle Deep Golden Seed

Similar to the Fringefolk Hero's Grave mini-dungeon, this golden seed can be found by defeating a Ulcerated Tree Spirit. He is at the foot of Stormveil Castle, well below the Elevator Chamber Mercy Point, and you will need to either unlock a side path down or use Soft Cotton to carefully descend down to find his lair.

Fewer seeds await you in Liurnia. If you previously collected all the Limgraves, you now need two seeds for each new flask charge.

Golden Seed City Academy Gate

Located in the center of the vast lake region of Liurnia, walk into the city from the Site of Mercy and you will see a sapling of golden earth on a small plot of land near the ruins of the city.

Liurnia Gorge Goldseed

At the northern end of the Liurnia region there is a long gorge. If you travel northeast from the Sitio de Gracia del Barranco, you will find this seed in the middle of a group of ruins.

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Caria Manor's Golden Seed

This golden seed is found in Caria Manor's outdoor mini-dungeon, and you can find it outside of the Manor's upper level Site of Grace, overlooking the terrain below.

Akademie Main Gate Golden Seed

When using the Glinstone key to access theVon Raya Lucaria Academy, face east, pass the teleportation seal and run along the broken bridge to Bellum Highway. A Golden Seed is waiting for you along the ruined bridge.

Academy of Raya Lucaria Goldener Samen

You can find this Golden Seed in the second Legacy dungeon of Raya Lucaria Academy in Central Liurnia. Once inside, you must fight the half-boss of the dungeon in the discussion room.

Once outside, you'll find yourself in a large, ruined courtyard - head upstairs and duck under a walkway away from a virgin kidnapper to find the Golden Seed in a small garden tended by undead nobles.


This deadly underground kingdom has hidden Golden Seeds in one of the most dangerous places.

Goldener Samen des Anbeterhains

On your way to the platform with the obelisks used to resurrect the dead deer boss, you will see a narrow strip of land that leads to the massive castle building. Go through them and you will see the Erdtree sapling on your left. Increasing your defense against piercing damage or your stealth is a good idea here, as the spooky archers are likely to land at least a shot or two when you traverse.

4 more seeds can be found in the corrupted and poisonous lands of the Caelid.

Castelo Redmane Road Goldener Samen

Along the southwestern side of the vast region is a path that leads to the Castle Redmane legacy dungeon. He dodges the dragon in the previous path and takes the right fork to find him on the path leading to the castle, but watch out for the giant ravens trying to ambush him.

The Golden Seed of the City of Sellia


Near the center of Caelid, to the east of the Aeonia swamp, there is a magical city called Sellia, and it is full of missing wizards that make life painful. Wander around the town and look to the north end to find stairs to a large sealed door, and outside the door you will find a golden seed.

Bestial Sanctum Gold Seed

In the far northeast of the Caelid region, in the Dragonbarrow high-level area, is the Bestial Sanctum, which you can travel to early via the Sending Gate in East Limgrave, behind the Church of Marika.

At the end of the path south of the shrine, there is a golden seed that you can grab, just watch out for the big gargoyle boss outside the shrine and many high level vulgar militias hidden in the landscape.

Golden seed from the catacombs of the war dead

In the far north of Wailing Dunes where you fightStar Court Radahnit's a small but deadly dungeon full of ghosts fighting each otherCatacombs of the War Dead. Continue to the end of this dungeon to fight and defeat a Rotten Tree Spirit to obtain a Golden Seed.

Two Golden Seeds are hidden in the underground area of ​​the Ainsel River and in Nokstella, the Eternal City.


Nokstella Golden Juntos

Once you have progressedRanni the witch search lineto the point where you can use a teleporter in Renna's Rise to enter the upper part of the Ainsel River, follow it down to reach Nokstella, the Eternal City and take the path through the City or along the river where the Golden Seed He waits for you near the bottom of a staircase near the elevator that goes down to Lake Rot.

Lago de Rot Goldener Together

Beyond Nokstella is another elevator that leads to the Pool of Rot, a vast area of ​​Crimson Rot. You'll need to carefully climb the platforms to reach a ruin on the other side, where you'll find the Great Cloister filled with adoring Rotting Whelplings.

After descending to the lower level of the ruins, you can find another optional fight against a festering tree spirit that spawns at the base of the falls that lead from the lake above to the Great Cloister. Defeat him and you will get his Golden Seed.

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More Golden Seeds await in the Altus Plateau region, including Capital City and Mt. Gelmir.

Erdtree Grazing Hill Golden Seed

If you enter the Altus Plateau from theRuin-Covered AbyssDungeon you have to cross a narrow valley guarded by a large dragon that will flee after taking some damage. Just after the narrow pass, enter the plateau proper to see Leyndell in the distance, and you can find a golden seed near a place of mercy at this lookout.


Altus Highway Junction Golden Seed

Just north of the main entrance to Leyndell, the capital, in the southern part of the Altus Plateau, there is a road junction with a path leading north to the stele on the map, and you can also find a golden seed nearby.

Golden seed at the entrance of the northern capital

The other main entrance to the suburbs of the capital city of Lenydell also has a Golden Seed, which you can collect along the main road through Windmill Pastures, but it will probably be heavily attacked by the four catapults further up the road that they guard the entrance to them first.

Altus Plateau Minor Earth Tree Golden Seed

The central area of ​​the Altus Plateau has its own Minor Erdtree in a misty forest full of worm faces. Search the north side of this area, directly east of the large broken bridge, to find the golden seed in the mist.


Mt Gelmir Volcano Manor in the Golden Seed area

As you follow the treacherous path through Mount Gelmir towards the distant Volcano Manor, you will need to scale a large peak using a ladder or a Spiritspring jump to reach a fully grown Fallingstar Beast and find a large rocky ramp jutting out to the north leading to the volcano. Lordship.

Once you jump into this northern region from the peak and follow the path to the mansion, you will also find a golden seed here.

Golden seed from the bottom of the canyon of Mount Gelmir

Just south of Scorched Minor Erdtree is a large chasm that you can explore if you head north from the Wyndham Ruins. Avoid the fiery geysers at the bottom of the canyon and you'll find the Golden Seed overlooking the Little Earth Tree below.

Golden seeds around the southern capital (2)

Upon entering the outskirts of the capital of Lenydell, behind the two Tree Sentinels guarding the gate, you'll find one of two locations that is home to Little Golden Seedling, which has not one, but two (!) Golden Seeds to collect.

Golden Seeds on the outskirts of the central capital (2)


In the central part of the outskirts of the capital, directly in front of the main gate of theLenydell, capitalwhich is hermetically sealed, here you will find another little golden seedling, which in turn has two different golden seeds ready for you.

Capital Periphery Tree Spirit Golden Seed

South of the earth tree sapling in the Phantom Tree Site of Grace, you'll find a path that leads south to a small camp of soldiers, which is immediately overrun by an Ulcerated Tree Spirit that appears out of nowhere.

Defeat this mini-boss and earn your Golden Seed.

Golden Leyndell Tree Spirit Seed

once insideLeyndell, capital real, head to the main street of the capital and head north to the lower part of the ruined city.

To the right of the large dragon corpse is a large open area where a festering tree spirit will ambush you and upon defeat drop a golden seed.

Leyndell Capital Golden Seed


As you make your way through Leyndell, Royal Capital, head to the west side where a large wall surrounds the abandoned manor house. Here you will find a large gargoyle miniboss guarding a golden seed on a large platform along the western walls.

A few more golden seeds await on the mountaintops of the Giant Region, including the Sacred Snowfield, far to the east of the Altus Plateau, beyond Leyndell, the capital.

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Rold's Golden Seed Survey

As you make your way through the Forbidden Region on your way to the top of the Karkonosze Mountains, after leaving Leyndell, Royal Capital, look for the narrow valley that leads to Rold's elevator to find a Golden Seed in the mist not far away. away from a Blade member, Black Boss, will ambush you.

Giant's Catacombs Gold Seed

Before you cross the narrow bridge behind the Zamor ruins where the fire monks gathered, look for a small slope to the south that leads to a mini dungeon with the nameGiant Catacombs Mountain. At the end of this dungeon you will find a Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss. Defeating him will give you a golden seed.

Goldenseed of the Western Cordilleras

After crossing the narrow platform above the Zamor ruins to the top of the mountains, you will come to a frozen river guarded by large golems. Go east along the river until you reach another area on the south side of the river that ends in a small plateau and you will find the Golden Seed.


Golden Seeds of the Eastern Cordilleras

When you reach the southeast part of the giant ridges through the big chain, you will pass the big corpses of the giants on your way to the top. As you ascend the southern slopes, head to the eastern side where the trolls drop large exploding pots and you'll find a golden seed embedded in the base of a giant corpse.

Golden Seed of the Sacred Snowfield

This can only be reached after unlocking the secret entrance to the northern snowy region via the secret medallion. After passing the dungeon to Hallowed Snowfield, ride north through the low visibility blizzard and look for a large log where you will find the lights glowing from the golden seed at its base.

Sanctified Golden Seed of the Frozen River

Farther north, in the Sacred Snowfield, a great frozen river flows from east to northwest. If you follow the river as it bends north, you'll find a golden seed perched on a small ridge above the river, leading to the shimmering village to the northeast leading to Miquella's Haligtree.

The final two golden seeds can be found in the twisted nether region known as Crumbling Farum Azula, a legacy dungeon only accessible by defeating the fire giant on the mountaintops of the Far East.

Dragon Temple Gold Seed


As you progress through the Temple of the Dragon, you'll find a goblin stealth barrier along one of the corridors that opens up an elevator to the roof of the temple. Up here are many skeletal beastmen patrolling the ruins on the roof, and in the center is a golden seed guarded by several of them.

Golden Seed of the Dragon Farum

Later in Farum Azula, when you approach the big bridge, you will be attacked by a stationary dragon that shoots beams of light. After defeating this large dragon, look up a slope to the left towards some ruins where Stormhawk Birds have gathered and you will find the Golden Seed among them.

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Are there enough Golden Seeds Elden Ring? ›

There's actually more than 30 Golden Seeds in Elden Ring, but even if you find extras, the game refuses to let you use them.

Where are all the Golden Seeds in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring Liurnia Golden Seed locations

There are five Golden Seeds in Liurnia of the Lakes located in (or near) Academy Gate Town (1), Main Academy Gate (2), Academy of Raya Lucaria (3), Caria Manor (4), and Ravine-Veiled Village (5).

How many Golden Seeds are there in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring Golden Seed Guide

You need 1 Seed for upgrades increasing to 6 total Flasks. You need 2 Seeds for upgrades increasing to 8 total Flasks. You need 3 Seeds for upgrades increasing to 10 total Flasks. You need 4 Seeds for upgrades increasing to 12 total Flasks.

What is the max Golden Seeds? ›

You can upgrade your flask a maximum of 10 times (with a total of 30 Golden Seeds), taking your maximum flask charges to 14. Oddly enough, we discovered there's a few leftover Golden Seeds even once you've reached the maximum.

What is the maximum number of flasks you can have in Elden Ring? ›

The maximum number of Flasks you can have is 14, and you'll be able to allocate them however you want. Sacred Tears, on the other hand, are hidden in the churches that are scattered throughout Elden Ring's Lands Between, making them much easier to find than Golden Seeds.


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