How to stop your doorbell battery from draining too quickly once and for all - The Frugal Noodle (2023)

The Ring Doorbell is a great concept, but I struggled with low battery life with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and the Ring Peephole Cam. After a lot of experimentation, here are some surefire ways to improve your doorbell battery life if your doorbell is draining too fast.

How to stop your doorbell battery from draining too quickly once and for all - The Frugal Noodle (1)

What is the normal battery life of a ring?

But first, we need to know what "normal" battery life means. According to Ring, the battery should last between six and twelve months with normal use. Now I have never had this long battery life on my Ring Video Doorbell 2 and I haven't seen any Amazon reviews orReddit-BeuserAlso report such a long battery life. there is even oneClass action against Amazonby people who didn't even come close to the advertised battery life of six to 12 months. Let me know how long your ring's battery lasts in the comments below!

The typical battery life I've experienced (and seen online) is closer to a month or two with real-world settings on a properly functioning ring.

If you have "only" a month or two of battery life, it could mean there's no way to improve your battery other than to reduce functionality or plug it in. See below.

1. Try to optimize the settings

If you have less than a month of battery life, the first thing you should try is turning off or minimizing battery drain features to make sure it's not just a configuration issue. This is what Ring recommends and most of Ring's articles about short battery life.

Open the Ring app on your phone and select the ring. Disable motion detection, motion alerts and motion alert. Click Power Settings and uncheck or uncheck all suggested settings:

How to stop your doorbell battery from draining too quickly once and for all - The Frugal Noodle (2)
How to stop your doorbell battery from draining too quickly once and for all - The Frugal Noodle (3)

This establishes a baseline of battery life. If your battery life improves at least three months later (i.e. around 1% maximum usage per day), then your ring is probably fine. You'll need to adjust your settings to balance battery life with functionality.

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If your battery life is still low, read on.

2. If you have weak WiFi...

Another cause of poor battery life could be a weak Wi-Fi signal, especially if your device completely loses signal from time to time. In the Ring app, select the Ring device and click Device Status:

Your WiFi signal strength is displayed as a negative number in dB (decibels). The more negative the number, the weaker the signal. The closer to zero, the stronger the signal.

Typically, this value varies throughout the day, depending on several factors, such as: For example, whether other people in your building are using wireless devices. Therefore, take several measurements over a period of time.

If your signal number is red, you should try to improve it.article ringsgives some advice on this, but the most effective way is to move the Wi-Fi router closer to the doorbell and/or remove any obstacles. Remove devices that may cause interference, such as B. Cordless phones may also be helpful.

At one of my locations, my WiFi signal was very weak, often red even after moving my router closer, so I went ahead and bought a better WiFi router with a stronger signal. In my case, it didn't improve the ring's reception, and in the end, that wasn't the main cause of my ring's poor battery life. But it can help you.

If you have a newer ring that supports 5GHz Wi-Fi you might want to give it a try, or if it's already set to 5GHz then switch to 2.4GHz. This seems to have worked forever.some people on reddit.

3. When it's cold...

Ring says your ringercannot be charged in cold weather, even if your ring is connected directly to the mains. At -5 degrees F, the battery may stop working.

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This is simply due to physics and battery technology limitations.

If you live in a very cold place, my recommended solution is to get a circular crosshair. With this unit, the battery is located on the inside of your door. Keep in mind that the Ring Peephole cannot be connected directly to power and the camera cannot "see" the doormat, so you cannot use this device to search for packages.

4. When I'm old...

If your ring is more than a few years old, the battery may simply be dead. Try to get a new one.

However, I assume most people reading this have issues with a relatively new ring. If so, keep reading.

5. If the battery is draining too fast...

I tried all of that and more on my Ring Peephole Cam at my mom's house. No matter what I tried, my ring was draining its battery 8-10 percent a day!

When I was looking at the Amazon reviews for the Ring Peephole Cam, I saw someone post that an Amazon technician contacted them after posting a bad review. So I posted a one star review and it worked! Within days, someone from Amazon contacted me to make an appointment to try and debug the device.

And keep in mind this was about ONE YEAR after I bought the set!

A few days later, the technician called me at the agreed time. It was a pretty quick call as I had access to all my device data including battery life. He immediately saw that it sold out very quickly and offered to send me a new replacement! Wow, was I impressed.

This new unit has worked great so far. I haven't had the opportunity to test it for a long time, but so far the battery loses less than 1% of its capacity per day. At this rate, it should take more than three months.

So if your ring's battery is draining too quickly, even with the battery drain features turned off, there's a good chance it's simply faulty. You can do what I did and leave a bad review on Amazon, but I recommend trying to contact customer service first (I would never have thought to do that!)

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6. If all else fails, connect the power supply

Many of the Ring models (though not the Peephole Cam) can simply be connected to the power supply. I initially dismissed this option as I don't have the power to connect to an existing doorbell. But I thought I could easily run a thin electrical wire through the gap in the front door.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information about which power supply works with which ring models; Much of this conflicting information comes from Ring itself.

ring sold oneSteck Adapter (2nd Generation)that claim it works with Ring Video Doorbell 2 and 24V outletsdirect current.

However, elsewhererings websiteIt says: "Ring Video Doorbell 2 can only be connected to an AC power transformer. It is direct currentnocompatible." The AC-only instruction echo isRing's master chart shows what kind of power goes into each model. It says "AC only!"

And if you look for third-party power supplies on Amazon, you can find power supplies that claim to work with Video Doorbell 2 output and 24V.C.A.!

Based on the Amazon website and third-party product claims, I purchased this product from a third-party.C.A.Power Adapter:

After a few months of use I can say that it works very well. My doorbell didn't ring as one reviewer feared. My battery is now always at 99% or 100%! I LOVE not having to worry about changing the battery!

It was actually very easy to install. Simply screw the exposed power wires into the two screws behind the Ring 2 Video Doorbell. Note that the resistor mentioned in Ring's article was not needed and I did not install it. Here is the Ring installationInstructions for connecting the Video Doorbell Pro.

Power cord routing

The main thing to do is make a small notch in the plastic ring sleeve to allow the wire to come out. I secured it with a clamp carefully pressed by hand over electrical tape. You can add some caulk if you really want to hide it.

How to stop your doorbell battery from draining too quickly once and for all - The Frugal Noodle (6)

The wire itself was thin enough to fit through the space between my door and the driveway. It was 26 feet long, which was long enough to reach a plug inside.

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In the end, the power cord isn't even that visible unless you're really looking for it.

How to stop your doorbell battery from draining too quickly once and for all - The Frugal Noodle (7)
How to stop your doorbell battery from draining too quickly once and for all - The Frugal Noodle (8)

So this setup worked for my Ring Video 2 doorbell. I can't say if it will work with other Ring models or if it's better to get the official Ring power supply. If you try any of these, please leave a comment below with your results!


So, after a lot of work, I completely solved the battery problem of the two ring models! For my mom's peephole camera, I bought a replacement unit from Ring which did the trick. I connected my Ring Video 2 doorbell to a third party power source.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! -Brian

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Why does my ring doorbell battery lose charge so quickly? ›

If your Ring video doorbell or security camera battery is draining too fast, a poor wifi connection may be the cause. A poor connection can cause your doorbell or camera to frequently disconnect and reconnect to your wifi network, which wastes energy and contributes to battery drainage.

How do I prolong my ring doorbell battery? ›

Increased Activity
  1. Adjust your motion settings to a lower sensitivity.
  2. Disable certain products during specific hours of the day.
  3. Change Smart Alerts to Standard or Light.
  4. Adjust the direction of your Ring product.

Why Does My Ring doorbell battery not hold a charge? ›

If you've had your Ring Video Doorbell (1st generation) or Ring Stick Up Cam (1st generation) for many years, and the battery won't hold a charge, there's a good chance that your device needs to be replaced.

How long should a doorbell battery last? ›

From a full charge, the official rating of Ring Doorbell batteries is anywhere from six to 12 months (ratings vary based on models) before needing a recharge. Newer models tend to have better ratings, such as 10 to 12 months. This is … optimistic.

Can you overcharge a ring doorbell battery? ›

No, the device's charging circuit detects when the battery is at 100%. The LED will change color and the device will stop charging. For general safety reasons, we do not recommend leaving your device plugged in perpetually.

How many hours does the ring doorbell battery last? ›

Most of the real-world experience reported by Ring users online show that the average length of time the batteries last in their Ring Video Doorbell is between 3 to 4 months and 3 to 4 days.

How low should I let my ring doorbell battery get? ›

Note: These tips do not apply to Ring Alarm. What are low battery notifications? When the battery in one of your battery-operated Ring cameras or doorbells falls below a 30% charge, your Ring app will warn you with a low battery notification.

How do I turn off my Ring camera to save battery? ›

You can definitely do this! You will have to configure the settings under your Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Modes > Disarmed/Home/Away.

How long will a Ring battery last on low battery? ›

Well, if you want to know how long ring batteries last before they need to be recharged or replaced, read on. Ring batteries ideally should last about 6-12 months. However, most users report that the lifespan is a lot less than that. Some batteries drain faster than usual, lasting only 4-6 weeks.

How do I know if my Ring Doorbell battery is bad? ›

Tap on the menu lines (top left corner). Click 'Devices' and select the Ring doorbell you wish to check. Tap on Power Settings > Battery Status > Battery Level. If there are no Power Settings on your app, go to 'Device Health' to check the camera's battery life.

Can you leave Ring Doorbell plugged in? ›

You should also try to avoid leaving the Ring Doorbell plugged in for an extended period of time. The Ring Doorbell battery can be charged every 6 months or so and should last 6-12 months if it's not constantly being triggered by motion or debris.

How long should a wireless doorbell last? ›

Most wireless doorbells will operate for up to 2 years before battery replacement is needed.

Is battery or plug doorbell better? ›

Wired doorbells are more secure because they don't use batteries that can potentially run out or be removed by burglars. You don't have to worry about changing batteries or charging them up; just connect them to an outlet, and they'll work continuously.

How long does it take to charge a doorbell battery? ›

Typical: It takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge the battery using a compatible 7.5W AC adapter (sold separately). Important: To help prolong the life of your doorbell's battery, it will only charge to 75% if the doorbell is wired to the doorbell system.

Do you have to constantly charge Ring Doorbell? ›

If your Ring Video Doorbell 2 is hardwired to an existing doorbell, that will keep it charged with normal use. If your Ring Video Doorbell 2 is not hardwired, the battery will need to be periodically recharged.

How often should I charge my Ring Doorbell? ›

The Ring Doorbell is a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell system with an integrated camera so that you can quickly see who's at the door. But its internal battery means that you need to recharge it once or twice every year.

Is it easy to change battery on Ring Doorbell? ›

Most Ring Video Doorbell models feature a quick-release battery pack, which is designed to be easily removable. That's because most Ring Video Doorbell models are battery-powered and are designed to help owners quickly and easily change out the battery for a charged one.

How do I check the battery level on my Ring Doorbell? ›

First, Check Battery Charge in the Ring App
  1. Tap the three lines (☰) on the top left of the Ring app.
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Tap the doorbell you want to check.
  4. Tap Power Settings.
  5. Under Battery Status, you'll see Battery Level.
  6. Below Battery Status, you'll see Feature Power Usage.

How long does a Ring Doorbell 2nd generation battery last? ›

Ring says that the Ring 2 battery should last 6-12 months with average use. What's “average use?” Well Ring defines this as 3-5 events per day. Every time your doorbell records a clip and sends it to the cloud is an event.

What height should a Ring Doorbell be set at? ›

In fact, as illustrated above, viewing faces is not a problem if the Ring Doorbell is mounted at the correct height of approximately 48 inches above the ground.

Does cold weather affect Ring battery life? ›

Extremely cold weather has unfortunate effects on lithium-ion batteries such as those used in Ring devices. As the temperature drops, these batteries begin to have trouble holding a charge and if it gets cold enough, they'll stop working altogether.

What mode should my Ring Doorbell be on? ›

In the default setting, Home Mode ensures your indoor Ring cameras do not detect motion or provide Live View. Your Ring Alarm Motion Detectors are disarmed while your Contact Sensors are armed and your Ring outdoor cameras remain fully active.

How do I manually turn off my Ring Doorbell? ›

Disabling Your In-Home Doorbell Chime on a Ring Pro
  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Tap on your Ring Pro.
  4. Tap Device Settings.
  5. Select Doorbell Kit Settings.
  6. Tap the toggle to disable or enable your in-home doorbell chime. If the toggle is green, the feature is enabled. ...
  7. Tap Done in the upper right to save your changes.

How do I turn off Ring setting mode? ›

Here's the short version: That Setup mode button you had to locate? Press and hold it down for 20 to 30 seconds. Your Ring Doorbell will eventually flash and start restarting.

What happens when Ring Doorbell battery dies? ›

While convenient, the battery-powered doorbells can be a pain when the battery drains completely. You'll get notifications from the Ring app before the device shuts off. If it does die down, you'll have to set it up again in the Ring app. If you don't want the hassle, then go for a hardwired option like the Ring Pro.

How do you recharge a Ring Doorbell? ›

Remove the security screw on the base of the doorbell and lift the faceplate up and away from the wall. Remove the battery by pressing the release tab. Connect any micro-USB charger to the charging port in the battery. Your battery is fully charged when the light on the battery shines a solid green.

Does a battery ring doorbell Ring inside the house? ›

A Ring doorbell that's 100% battery powered will be audible outside of your home, but you will not hear a chime inside.

Can I use any USB cable to charge my Ring Doorbell? ›

Batteries on the Ring doorbell and Ring doorbell 2 are charged using a regular micro-USB cable. Each new doorbell comes with an orange cable, but any micro-USB will work just as well.

Can I wire Ring Doorbell without turning off power? ›

If you install the Ring Video Doorbell Wired where a doorbell is already in use and you connect the Ring Video Doorbell Wired to your home's doorbell electrical wiring, you must turn off the existing doorbell's power source at your home's circuit breaker or fuse and test that the power is off BEFORE removing the ...

Can wireless doorbells be hacked? ›

While some have been addressed and eventually resolved, Ring doorbell security issues are still high, especially since they're not encrypted. So, can Ring devices be hacked? Yes, they can.

What are the disadvantages of a smart doorbell? ›

Con: May Slow Your Internet Connection

This is because the doorbell will be streaming live video footage, which takes up a lot of bandwidth. If you have a slow internet connection or you frequently use other devices that require a lot of data, you may want to reconsider installing a video doorbell.

Is it better to get a wired or wireless video doorbell? ›

The truth is that both wired and wireless doorbells have their pros and cons. Still, most people find that wired units are preferable for convenience, reliability, installation process, and affordability.

Which company door doorbell is best? ›

  • Our pick. Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell. The best smart doorbell camera. ...
  • Runner-up. Eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K (Wired) A subscription-free hardwired option. ...
  • Also great. Eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) ...
  • Upgrade pick. Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) ...
  • Budget pick. Ring Video Doorbell Wired.
Jan 11, 2023

Why is Ring wired so cheap? ›

To keep the price low, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired does lack some features found on the more expensive Ring Video Doorbell 3. For example, it only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi rather than 5GHz as well.

Why would my doorbell lose power? ›

The problem may be an issue with the doorbell button, the chime unit or the transformer. A tear in the doorbell circuit wires could also make your doorbell stop working. When you're ready to fix a doorbell, you'll need replacement parts and a few tools.

How do I know when my doorbell is fully charged? ›

Your battery is fully charged when the light on the battery shines a solid green.

How long does a Ring Doorbell 3 battery last? ›

With normal use, your Ring Video Doorbell's battery will last between six and twelve months. The battery may deplete faster if your Ring is capturing a large amount of motion events every day. The Ring app will notify you when the battery is getting low.

How do I reset my doorbell battery? ›

Nest Doorbell (battery)
  1. Locate the reset pin hole on the back of the doorbell. Tip: The reset pin on the Nest Doorbell (battery) is located below the USB port on the back of the doorbell.
  2. Press and hold for 5 seconds.
  3. Your doorbell will restart, and the status light will be steady, solid white.

How do I turn off the power to my doorbell? ›

How to Disable a Doorbell
  1. Turn off the breaker that supplies the power to the doorbell. ...
  2. Remove the doorbell button. ...
  3. Remove the doorbell chime cover and unscrew the wires that supply the unit with power. ...
  4. Locate the doorbell transformer, which is usually in the basement.

Can doorbell wires shock you? ›

Doorbells work on low-voltage wiring, so there's almost no danger of being shocked while working on the doorbell button or the chimes. That makes doorbell repair a good project even for the homeowner who's afraid of electricity.


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