LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (2023)

To use a mount in The Lord of the Rings Online, you must train your riding skills. You can purchase them in a variety of ways depending on your preferences and account type.

VIP members(Monthly subscribers) can complete a level 20 quest in Bree LandLearn to ride a horse for free. The mission takes place at Hengstacers Farm, north of the city of Bree. Talk to Éogar, son of Hadorgar, to start the quest Show Your Quality.

Free to play and PremiuminvoicesYou must purchase the driving ability in the LOTRO Shop.Anytime after completing the introductory quest (around level 5 or so). The cost is 95 LP for each character. (LOTRO Points can be earned through a real money purchase in the LOTRO store or by completing in-game actions.)

Riding skills are trained on each character individually, unless you purchase the Journeyman riding trait, which is an account-wide riding skill that unlocks and upgrades to +78% speed.The Journeyman mount ability can be purchased from the LOTRO store for 2995 LP and does NOT include a mount.

Learn driving skills at Hengstacer's Farm

If you are a VIP and want to complete the Learn to Ride quest, head over to Hengstacer's Farm in Breeland. To get to Hengstacer Farm, head north of the town of Bree to Hengstacer Farm. The quickest way is to go to the nearest Stablemaster and take the Swift Travel to West Bree. Then, talk to Bill Rosewood at the West Bree Gate to bring a horse to Hengstacers Farm. Passengers who will take you directly to West Bree can be found at Michel Delving, Celondim and Thorin's Gate.

You can also follow the path out of West Bree Gate and then turn north and follow the river past Thornley's Worksite until you come to the farm road on the right.

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LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (1)
LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (2)

This is how you show your quality.

Éogar in the stable offers to look forshow your qualityWhen you start the quest a timer will start and you will want to run to the brown horse or pony in the small stable in front of Éogar. Go up to the bay and go south through the first gate, follow the path around the gate and go through each of the gates, there are 12 in total. You have to complete the mission in 2 minutes and 48 seconds. If it doesn't work, you can try again. Just talk to Éogar.

This is how you get to your first mountain

After completing the "Show Yourself" quest at Hengstacers Farm in Breeland (or gaining the riding ability), you can purchase a horse/pony from Éogar with silver. The first purchase of Éogar costs 500 silver for horses with 62% sprint speed and 200 health. The Breeland Starter Steed has 32% speed and 50 health for 200 silver.

After the first purchase of a horse, you will receive a discount on all subsequent purchases, and the cost will be reduced to 200 silver for 62% speed horses and 80 silver for 32% speed horses. Once you gain reputation with the Men of Bree, the cost will drop even further.

The horses available in Éogar are shown below: the starting horse Bree, Bloodbay, Blonde Sorrel, Bay, and Chestnut.

LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (3)
LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (4)
LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (5)
LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (6)
LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (7)

You put the horses in line

If you are a man or an elf your horses will be horses, while if you are a hobbit or a dwarf you will ride a pony. The horse or pony you choose is the same color and has the same saddle, equipment, etc.

Both horses and ponies belong to the same species (Equus caballus). The difference between horses and ponies is body size. A horse is a horse that stands at least 14.2 hands or approximately 1.20m tall. A pony is a horse with less than 14.2 hands. Ponies remain small throughout their lives and grow faster than horses.

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Types of supports in LOTRO

There are over 200 mounts to collect in The Lord of the Rings Online, from ordinary horses and ponies to brave horses in battle armor, goats that roam the distant mountain depths, and majestic elk that roam the forests of Egladil.

NeverthelessThey are horses and ponies, which come in many different styles; Some wear simple saddles, while others don festive cassocks or brave battle armor. You can get horses from many different sources, including reputation, barter, festivals, the LOTRO store, and more.
goatsThey are the only mountains that can pass through the dark tunnels of Moria's mines. They can also be driven across the country and are available by joining certain factions, festivals and the LOTRO store.
ElkMounts can be purchased in-game through the Figments of Splendor trade, at some festivals, or from the LOTRO store.
VigilantThe mounts were introduced with the War of the Three Peaks expansion and are included with the purchase of the Collector's Edition or Ultimate Fan Bundle.
LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (9)
LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (10)
LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (11)

assembly details

  • When you teach a mount, its ability is added to the Mounts tab in the ability window (press "K"). You can equip the skill to a slot on your action bar or cast it from the skill window.
  • Mounts are usually obtained by gaining reputation with a faction, completing specific quests/feats, participating in Christmas festivals, trading special currencies, and in the LOTRO shop.
  • Resource nodes such as minerals can be collected while mounted.
  • It is possible to perform a horse travel skill, e.g. B. "I return to Bree," etc.
  • Most mounts are collected and linked per character.
  • Account-wide mounts are available in the LOTRO store. These mounts are a one-time purchase and come with each current character and each new character you create.
  • There are three animated mount emotes: /mounttearup, /mountbow, /mountkick
  • If you hold down the space bar, your horse will whinny softly.
  • There are 44 different character emotes that can be animated while on horseback.

Change the name of your steed

When you summon your horse, a panel will appear with your steed's portrait, name and health, and a button to dismount. You can move this panel anywhere on the screen using the CTRL and \ keys. Then drag the panel and save it by pressing CTRL\ again.

By default, your horses and mounts have names. This can be changed if required by right-clicking on the portrait and selecting "Rename Mountain".

Improve driving skills

Mounts obtained in the game are usually 62% speed, special feats and mounts purchased from stores are 68% speed. There are speed upgrades for your mounts. These are available in the LOTRO store as indicated:

Student Horse Trait (Account Wide)for 1995 LP: Increases all mount speeds on your account to 68%. This feature is also available as a single mount speed upgrade for 995 LP.

Official Driving Feature (Account Entire)For 2995 LP: Increases all mount speeds on your account to 78%. Journeyman Riding also unlocks the ability to ride account-wide for all current and future characters. If you plan on having more than one character, this is one of ours.LOTRO Store Recommended Must-Haves.

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It is worth noting that these driving skills can be obtained in the shop from time to time. You don't need to learn +68% Apprentice Riding first to learn +78% Journeyman Riding. You can save your LP to buy Journeyman and skip the others.

LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (12)

war horse for battle

War Steeds are descendants of the Mearas, a race of wild horses native to northern Middle-earth. They surpass other horses in speed, intelligence, and strength. The Riders of Rohan expansion introduced the War Steed, a type of mount that you can use in battle. You do not need to own the Riders of Rohan expansion to get your war steed.

When your character reaches level 71, they will receive the quest "The Wold" from Dala and can go to Langhold, Rohan, where they will complete a series (level 75) of 12 quests to learn combat on horseback and on horseback.

Steed of War is slightly larger than normal touring mountain bikes and can traverse any landscape, though combat on horseback is restricted to certain areas. The war steed rides faster and turns more than a normal horse (agility traits help with turning radius).

The warhorse you are with is gray in color. You can change the skin color, mane/tail, and cosmetic items equipped in an outfit slot. The War Steed features levels of progression, detailed specialization, and a combat system. You can also equip outfits for your war steed and a legendary harness.

LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (13)

There are three types of war steeds that can be customized to suit your preferred play style. They are:

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Warhorse - Light
The steed is a lightly armored warhorse. Fast and agile, the Courser offers the greatest speed and maneuverability on the battlefield, trading off stamina and armor to maintain mobility.

War Steed: Medium
The Rouncey is a moderately armored warhorse. The Rouncey provides balance and stability without sacrificing survivability or maneuverability.

War Steed - Heavy
The Destrier is a heavily armored warhorse. Stocky and imposing, the Destrier was bred to fight. The slower and immobile warhorse trades speed and mobility.

show your steeds

If you own a premium home in the Kingstead Meadows or Eastfold Hills neighborhoods of Rohan, you can show your travel endorsement with a trailer listing. A steed carrier (kept in your wallet) is a token used as currency to embellish a steed.

Various halters are included with the purchase of a Deluxe House (5) or Mead Hall (8). They can also be purchased with Mithril Coins or traded with Figments of Splendor. There are three cases included with the Rohan case set from the LOTRO store.

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LOTRO driving skills and all about mounts. (14)

How to make a mountain decoration.

  1. Activate editing mode in your home.
  2. Right click on the meadow post in your garden.
  3. A window will open asking if you would like to purchase a container decoration. Confirm the purchase and pay for the decoration with the halter or mithril coins.
  4. Once you have purchased the mount decoration, open the mounts tab (K) and drag the selected mount ability to the docking post.
  5. A headline will appear on the post and your headline decoration will be created.
  6. Rotate the stand as you like.
  7. Press save.

You can always remove the decoration from the container and put it in your inventory, move it to another hook, or keep it in the safe.

You can place 5 mounts in the Deluxe Courtyards and 8 in the Mead Hall Courtyards (only in the two Rohan Rooms at the time of writing). You can rotate the supports and place them in different places. In edit mode, look for the mounting posts, usually near the post. Supports stay put with a bit of animation, they don't move.

More assembly resources:

  • A pictorial guide to class mounts.
  • 20 LOTRO store confirmations

Thank you for discussing with me all the details of owning a horse in Lord of the Rings Online. I hope you find the perfect mount to accompany you on your travels. 🐴


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