Necrom Chapter Preview: The Arcanist Fully Revealed (2023)

  • 0:00introduction
  • 1:16Necrom Chapter Areas
  • 3:47necrom the city
  • 4:40apocryphal
  • 5:10buddy
  • 5:40Sicher de Sanity's Edge
  • 6:40Trifecta-berg
  • 7:28random assembly
  • 7:49champion points
  • 8:08new myths
  • 9:07must-have outfits
  • 11:19manufactured kits
  • 12:17Overland sets
  • 13:18Templar, Nightsword, Mage
  • 14:21My HONEST review of Arcanist
  • 20:31Herald of Tome Skills
  • 25:19Herald of Passive Tomes
  • 26:01Soldier of Apocryphal Abilities
  • 31:03Soldier of the Apocryphal Passive
  • 32:00Healing Rune Shape Skills
  • 36:32Passive Healing Execution Forms

Nefas Note: Specific numbers, particularly in tooltips, are not shared in this article, as it would give a false impression of upcoming changes in the Arcanist or Update 38 patch notes.


Necrom will be the first chapter to deviate from the year-long story format that has been stagnant since Elsweyr in 2019. Learmil, agent of Hermaeus Mora and also the one who recently sent the letter to content creators, will recruit us to stop a conspiracy against Hermaeus Mora. So instead of fighting a Daedric prince, it looks like we'll be siding with one. And yes, Hermaeus Mora is voiced by Wes Johnson, who voiced Sheogorath and Hermaeus Mora in previous TES games. I asked the devs if there are any other notable voice actors coming to ESO with this chapter, as High Isle has had quite a few, including Laura Bailey, but they've been pretty low-key.


Our allies include Meln the Mouthless, the ghost of a Telvanni magister, Scruut, a Daedric guardian and devoted follower of Hermaeus Mora, Gadayn, a Necrom mortuary novice. It has been suggested that Sotha Sil could appear, although we don't yet know why. Old ESO characters like Naryu and Ashur are also making a comeback.

The story takes us through the Telvanni Peninsula, which we haven't seen since the 1994 game The Elder Scrolls: Arena, and through the realm of the Apocrypha, after which we find out that other Daedric princes might also be involved, such as the Example vaermina and expert. A Telvanni mage named Shelreni Baro will be one of the opponents along with a Dremora named Torvesard, who we don't know much about.

content and area

Added new models of enemies and creatures that fans of the Elder Scrolls may be familiar with, including Seekers, Mind Terrors, Silenced Ones, Tomeshells, and Lurkers. New music composed by Brad Derrick, whose work was recently nominated for the British Academy Film Awards, will also be included in the game.

The Telvanni Peninsula covers about 40% of the Necrom Order's area, while Hermaeus Mora's kingdom of Apocyrpha covers about 60% of the Necrom Order's area. The Telvanni Peninsula, from what I've explored, has three different biomes, making it feel like the area from the 2017 Morrowind chapter, but also very different, like Vvardenfell's Edge and the southern parts of the peninsula. The usual basic elements of a zone are still there, including points of interest, digs, world bosses, etc.

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Necrom will be the capital of the Telvanni Peninsula and I think after traveling around it, the architectural style and some of the stories about the environment and NPCs in the city made me a little more curious to explore further. Speaking of NPCs, ESO has cemented the world record for having the most NPCs in a game with Necrom, which certainly makes me wonder how much more they could add to the game in the future, although judging by our Q&A it seems that as if a lot of back-end work has been done with game data and tech since 2021 to better enable Necrom and the Arcanist class

Since some of you have been asking, I don't think Necrom would be as good in an everyday crafting city like Leyawiin or Vivec City due to the layout of the crafting area and possible drop locations. Boxes, even though the shrine is close to the guild merchants.

Cipher's Middend will be a player-friendly town that you can find in the middle of Apocrypha, which was quite a psychedelic experience for me visually while playing the game. Words to describe apocrypha certainly include otherworldly, extraterrestrial, and somewhat Lovecraftian. There are also different biomes or areas in Apocyrpha that we can explore through missions that add up to around 30 hours of gameplay.


As usual, two companions are added with Necrom.

An eccentric Redguard mage named Azandar al-Cybiades, whose abilities will be modeled after the Arcanist class, and Sharp-As-Night, an Argonian mercenary with no connection to the Hist who has no recollection of his pre-adult life, whose ability lines will be the Warden class modeled after it. He can get more information about his stories through his complementary quest strings in ESO. In addition to companions, we also get a lot of new furniture, costumes, and a new house as well.

Trial Assembly on Trifecta

Finally, Trial with Necrom, which is set on the Telvanni Peninsula, features a 12-man heist. Unfortunately, I didn't get to explore much of this new test due to unforeseen complications with the Necrom test build, but at least I think it's a pretty good environment and I suspect one of the bosses or elites will be a pipe dream.

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In almost all ESO Trials, your party will usually pile up at the door leading to the instance that starts the encounter, but they'll all pile up on a bed and then shrink down to microscopic size and enter the mind of a powerful Mages. Guild. member to fight Vaerminas. wizard control.

The test environment is absolutely beautiful and I saw the new presumably No Death / Hard Mode / Speed ​​​​Run mount called Ram of Dark Dreams, which seems to be one of the best mounts I've seen in a long time. THAT I think a lot of raiders will want more than the Planesbreaker or Swashbuckler mounts.

After reviewing the benefits for the study and the viable cosmetics for those benefits, it appears that facial and body markings are included and not skin.

At this point I'd like to apologize for not knowing the test titles as I was much more interested in testing the Arcanist in a limited time, but the PTS was coming out on April 17, 2023 so we'll get to that time to be out. of all the world. knows

must-have outfits

Perfected Light Sample Set (Unterstützung)

(2 pieces)Adds X% full heal
(3 pieces)Acquire Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena monsters by X%.
(4 pieces)Agrega X Magicka Restoration
(5 pieces)Adds X% full heal
(5 pieces)When you heal yourself or an ally below X% health, ignite a light of hope within them for X seconds. If you are above X% health at the end of the effect, you and the ally gain Greater Heroism for X seconds. This effect can occur once every X seconds per target.

Perfected Light Test Set (schade)

(2 Article)Adds X critical chance
(3 pieces)Get a Lesser Slayer at all times, increasing your damage to Dungeon, Trial, and Arena monsters by X%.
(4 pieces)Adds X weapon and spell damage
(5 pieces)Adds X weapon and spell damage
(5 pieces)While standing still, you take X weapon and spell damage. As you move, you get X Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery.

Perfected Medium Sample Set (Damage)

(2 Article)Adds X critical chance
(3 pieces)Get a Lesser Slayer at all times, increasing your damage to Dungeon, Trial, and Arena monsters by X%.
(4 pieces)Adds X Offensive Penetration
(5 pieces)Adds X critical chance
(5 pieces)Increases your damage to monsters by X%. This effect is doubled for X seconds when you interrupt an enemy.

Refined Heavy Trial Set

(2 Article)Add armor X
(3 pieces)Acquire Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena monsters by X%.
(4 pieces)Adds X max health
(5 pieces)Add armor X
(5 pieces)Taking damage while below X% health will test your resolve. Also, if you are below X% stamina, fully restore health, magic and stamina and gain increased protection and aegis for X seconds. When you have more than X% stamina, you become a Bastion of Hope for X seconds and also grant your major and minor buffs Greater Protection for X seconds. This effect can occur once every x minute(s).

Core Game Updates

random assembly

With Update 38, it looks like we can randomize mounts from the Collections menu. So if you have multiple mounts and want to display them, each time you ride it will be a random one that you have collected. And this new feature also comes with a favorite mount option and you can choose from your favorite mounts at random.

champion points

From what I've seen, it doesn't look like new Champion Points slots were added with Necrom, but I did see new Mythics and new item sets added with the chapter.

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new myths

mythical aEven if you have more than one party member alive, excluding companions, you can no longer cast ultimates. Instead, casting an ult transfers your maximum resource to your living party members, splitting it evenly between them. You also gain minor heroism in combat.
Myth BWhen you have more than X% Stamina, you gain a buff that reduces damage taken by X%, but you lose X Stamina when you take damage, up to once every X seconds.
Myths CIf you have no active buffs that require X or more items, increase damage dealt by X%, decrease damage taken by X%, and increase healing done by X%.
Myths DAdds X penetration and increases your damage by X%, critical damage by X%, and decreases your light and heavy attack damage by X%

manufactured kits

set A created

(5 pieces)Adds X Offensive Penetration
(10 pieces)Adds X weapon and spell damage
(Article 12)Adds X critical chance

set B created

(2 Article)Adds X maximum resistance
(3 pieces)Adds X max health
(4 pieces)Adds X max magic
(5 pieces)While you have a companion alive, reduce the cooldown of their ability by X%. Despite not having a living partner, it reduces the cost of your magic, stamina, health, and ultimates by X%.

Set C created

(2 Article)Adds X max health
(3 pieces)Adds X max magic
(4 pieces)Adds X maximum resistance
(5 pieces)If you use an ability that costs resources during combat, reduce the cooldown of your potion by X seconds. This effect can occur once every X seconds.

Overland sets

Overland Game A (light)

(2 Article)Adds X max magic
(3 pieces)Adds X maximum resistance
(4 pieces)Adds X max magic
(5 pieces)After being on a bar for X seconds, you gain X magic and resistance when switching bars.

Game Overland B (Medium)

(2 Article)Adds X weapon and spell damage
(3 pieces)Adds X weapon and spell damage
(4 pieces)Adds X weapon and spell damage
(5 pieces)Once you gain XP from kills, you gain X damage from weapons and spells for every X experience you gain for X seconds. This bonus can be up to X weapon and spell damage.

Overland C Set (Heavy)

(2 Article)Adds health recovery X
(3 pieces)Adds X max health
(4 pieces)Adds health recovery X
(5 pieces)A stranger (?)

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Class change (Templar, Nightblade, Mage)

What I noticed with Templar is that the Piercing Blows Biting Blows ability now seems to have the fourth tap of audio from the previous iteration of the ability, it's finally gone, and the ability no longer seems to awkwardly move your character to the right after it finished . the magic.

Additionally, Solar Barrage now deals X% more damage to your class abilities while it is active.

For Sorcerer, Dark Deal seems to have gotten Major Berserk, while Major Berserk seems to have been extended from the end of Storm Atronach.

For Nightblade, there seems to be an increase in the duration of the Incapacitation Strike and Soul Harvest debuffs.

Future of the PTS Cycle

In closing, I asked the devs a question that some of you were curious about, and it looks like the 6 week public test server cycle will remain here instead of going back to the original 5 week PTS cycle.

by arcanist

Herald of Tome Skills

the blind eye(Ultimate) - Rip the cloth of the Aurbis to summon a Kindred of Hermaeus Mora. This creature fires reality-shattering lightning for X seconds, dealing X magic damage to enemies within X yards every X seconds. The shoot's beam can be moved by redirecting The Unblinking Eye.

  • Morph (Gaze of the Tidal King): The beam automatically follows the original target.
  • Morph (The Faint Eye): Also traps enemies at X% for X seconds.

runic blades- (Cost is determined by Max Resource) Create a series of Apocryphal Runes before casting them at an enemy that deals Xx magic damage and generates Crux. This ability deals X% more damage for each active Crux when used.

  • Morph (Writing Runeblades) - Increases the power between X and Y of the critical rating of weapons and spells and deals X% more damage for each active Crux when cast.
  • Morph (Escalating Runeblades) – The final rune explodes, damaging all enemies within X meters of the target. This ability deals X% more damage for each active Crux when used.

cutter of destiny- (Cost determined by Max Resource) Use pure knowledge in a blast of energy that shatters the world in front of you. Channels lightning for up to X seconds, dealing X magic damage every X seconds. Casting Fatecarver consumes all Crux and increases damage dealt by X% per Crux spent.

  • Morph (Exhaustive Fatecarver) – (Cost determined by max resource) Casting Exhaustive Fatecarver consumes all Crux and increases damage dealt by X%, duration by X seconds, and slow by X% per Crux spent.
  • Morph (Pragmatic Fatecarver) – (Cost determined by Max Resource) Casting Pragmatic Fatecarver consumes all Crux and increases damage dealt by X% and reduces cost by X% per Crux spent.

abyss impact- Fill your arm with Abyss magic to form tentacles that lunge at your enemies for X physical damage. Enemies are rooted for X seconds and marked with Abyssal Ink for X seconds. Deal X% increased damage to enemies stained with Abyssal Ink.

  • Morph (Flail of the Cephaliarch) – Creates a crux, dealing up to X% increased damage to enemies below X% health.
  • Morph (Tentacular Dread) – Transforms into a Magicka ability, dealing Frost damage. Damage to enemies stained with Abyssal Ink is increased by X% and root duration is increased by X seconds per Crux consumed.

The inspiration of Tome Bearer- Engrave a series of runes on your weapon that pulse intensely every X seconds. Each tick enhances your class abilities, and hitting an enemy with one deals X bonus magic damage and spawns Crux if you don't have it. While on any of the skill bars, gain Greater Brutality and Greater Sorcery, increasing weapon and spell damage by X%.

  • Morph (Inspired Scholarship): Increases damage frequency.
  • Morph (Recovery Treatise) – Recovers X Magicka and Stamina when dealing damage.

the imperfect ring- Summons a buggy rune under an enemy that etches nearby enemies with scribbled glyphs, dealing X magic damage over X seconds. An ally near The Imperfect Ring's original target can activate Runebreak Synergy, dealing X Frost damage to enemies within X yards.

  • Morph (Rune of Displacement): Summons a rune under an enemy. After X seconds, the rune will pulse, pulling enemies within X yards and engraving them with scribbled glyphs, dealing magic damage over X seconds.
  • Morph (Ultimate Rune): The rune remains on the original target for X seconds before exploding, dealing X Frost damage to enemies within X yards. Rune Blast cannot be retriggered by Fulminating Rune for X seconds. Up to X nearby allies can trigger Intensify Synergy, increasing Explosion Damage by X%.

Herald of Passive Tomes

the unfortunate fortune- Changes fate when you earn or spend Crux and increases your Critical Damage and Critical Healing by X% for X seconds.

used quintessence- You control the warp and woof of your soul. Recovering Magicka or Stamina increases your weapon and spell damage by X% for X seconds.

mental injury- (With the Herald of the Tomb ability equipped) Your attacks damage the spirit with heretical knowledge and increase the damage dealt by status effects by X%

broken secrets- What you don't know can kill you. Increases your Physical and Spell Penetration by X for each Tome Herald ability.

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Soldier of Apocryphal Abilities

flaming shield(Ultimate) - Gather the true power of Apocrypha around you, forming protective tentacles and a damage shield that absorbs X% of all damage for X seconds, up to a maximum of X damage. When the shield collapses, it slams back, dealing all absorbed damage as magic damage to enemies within X yards over X seconds.

  • Morph (Sanctum of the Abyssal Sea) – Increases damage shield.
  • Morph (Gibbering Haven): When shield absorbs damage, pseudopods attack to surround up to X allies within X yards and grant them a damage shield for X seconds, absorbing up to X damage. These shields can be used once every X seconds.

runeshok- Creates a defensive apocryphal rune that deals X magic damage and applies a minor mutilation for X seconds, reducing the damage dealt by X%. The rune asks the enemy to attack you for X seconds and creates Crux. The taunt does not apply if it would trigger the taunt immunity.

  • Morph (Runic Sunder) - Transforms into a resistance skill and deals physical damage. The rune reduces your target's armor by X and allows you to gain that armor by X.
  • Morph (Runic Embrace) – This Eerie Doodle applies Minor Lifesteal along with Minor Maim, healing you and your allies for X health every X seconds when targets hit take damage.

Runewell Guardian- Like the old Rune Knights, summons a damage shield that absorbs X damage for X seconds. The first time you take direct damage after rolling, the shield will push you back, dealing X magic damage to the attacker. This damage scales with your armor. Consume Crux to increase the strength of the damage shield by X% per Crux spent.

  • Morph (Still Lucid Mind) - Consume Crux to increase the strength of the damage shield by X% and refunds X% of the cost of Lucid Mind per Crux spent.
  • Morph (Impenetrable Runeward) - Drastically increases the size of the damage shield for the first second.

Fatewoven Armor- Forge challenging runic armor around you, granting great resolve for X seconds and increasing your armor by X. While the armor lasts, taking damage causes a minor fracture and reduces your attacker's armor by X for X seconds.

  • Morph (Cruxweaver Armor) – Increases buff duration and generates a Crux on damage up to once every X seconds.
  • Morph (Unyielding Fate) – Grants X% defense weakness and increased resolve for X seconds. Consume Crux to gain X% additional Block Mitigation per Crux spent.

runic defense- Cast a Complex Rune Aura, granting you and your party members Minor Resolve for X seconds. This protective grid reduces the damage you take by X% and increases party armor by X. The first time you take damage while below X% health, the lesser protection is used to heal you to X health.

  • Morph (Runic Stunward) - Casts a complex runic aura that stuns enemies for X meters X seconds.
  • Morph (Runic Guard of Freedom) – The first time you take damage while below X% health, Lesser Ward is consumed to heal you to X health, give you X armor, and apply crowd control immunity for X seconds. This immunity can only occur once every X seconds.

Rune van Eldritch Horror- Engrave an incomprehensible rune on your enemy's head, stun them with fear after X seconds and stun them for X seconds. This terror inflicts a small vulnerability for X seconds and increases damage taken by X%. When used on a monster, the stun lasts for X seconds. This ability cannot be bypassed.

  • Morph (Sinister Worship Rune): Carve a blasphemous rune into your enemy's mind, enchanting them for X seconds after X seconds. This strange attraction causes them to move towards the player while trapped by X%, inflicting a small vulnerability on them for X seconds and increasing the damage they take by X%. When used against a monster, the spell lasts for X seconds. This ability cannot be bypassed.
  • Morph (Rune of the Colorless Pool) - Carve an amorphous rune into your enemy's mind, stunning them with fear after X seconds and stunning them for X seconds. This non-dimensional phenomenon applies minor vulnerability and minor frailty to your enemy for X seconds, increasing damage taken by X% and critical damage by X%. When used on a monster, the stun lasts for X seconds. This ability cannot be bypassed.

Soldier of the Apocryphal Passive

sign of the invisible- Form a secret soldier in your mind to defend yourself against mysterious external forces. While a Soldier of Apocrypha ability is active on you, increase your Armor by X.

source of the abyss- Apocrypha Knowledge wells up from the depths of your psyche, increasing your Health, Magic, and Stamina regeneration by X for each Soldier of Apocrypha ability.

the overlooked fate- Casting an Arcanist ability twists the fabric of fate around you, causing you and your party members to dodge slightly for X seconds and reducing area attack damage by X%. This effect can occur once every X seconds.

relentless result- The will of an arcanist is absolute. Consuming Crux grants you X Ultimate. This effect can occur once every X seconds.

Healing Rune Shape Skills

Glyph of Vitalisierende(Ultimate) – Summons an Apocryphal Glyph saturated with vitalizing energy that can heal you and your allies. The glyph spawns at X% health and becomes stronger as you heal it. The antediluvian power in the glyph pulses every X seconds, dealing up to X damage with weapons and spells and healing you and your allies up to X health relative to their health.

  • Morph (Glyph of the Tides): Glyph spawns at a higher percentage of health.
  • Morph (Resonant Glyph) – Summons a mysterious apocryphal glyph that can damage you and your allies. The glyph spawns at X% health and becomes stronger the more you damage it. The glyph deals up to X weapon and spell damage and heals you and allies around you for up to X health relative to their health every X seconds.

rune ending- Create a series of precise apocryphal runes, then cast them at yourself or an ally in front of you. Runes heal X times for X health and generate Crux. Each active Crux reduces the cost of this ability by X%.

  • Morph (Evolving Rune End) – Heals for an additional amount over time.
  • Morph (Audacious Rune End) – Healing a target below X% health grants them Minor Heroism for X seconds and spawns X Ultimates every X seconds.

waterfalls remedy- Channel the nether sea to fuse a bolt of regenerative energy. The beam heals you and allies in its path for X health over X seconds. Consume Crux to also restore X Magicka and Stamina per Crux spent on your allies over X seconds.

  • Morph (Cascading Fortune): The bolt heals up to X% more in proportion to the severity of the target's injuries if you restore Fate itself.
  • Morph (Healing Wave): The beam gradually increases in power the longer you channel it, healing up to X% more at the end of its duration.

Chakram Schilden- Cut blind man's runes to summon spinning mystic discs. The discs surround you or up to X allies in front of you, giving you a shield that absorbs X damage for X seconds. Dame prefers your crosshair target or low health targets with no shields.

  • Morph (Chakram of Destiny) – Spawns a Crux. Rearranging an already protected target creates a new shield that is X% stronger.
  • Morph (Tidal Chakram) – Consume Crux to reduce the cost by X% per Crux spent.

arcane domain- Take out your tome and summon Hermaeus Mora's Vigoratum to summon a whirlwind of awesome power. Standing in this vortex grants you and your allies a bit of Dexterity, a bit of Bravery, a bit of Intellect, and a bit of Stamina, increasing your weapon and spell damage by X and your Health, Magic, and Stamina by X%.

  • Morph (Zena's Empowering Disc): Minor Courage, Minor Valor, Minor Intellect, and Minor Stamina effects stick to you and your allies for X seconds after exiting the Vortex.
  • Morph (Reconstructive Mastery) – The vortex also heals you and your allies for X health over X seconds.

Tor Apocrypha- Break the walls of the world to create a portal in a destination. The twin brother will appear right in front of you. If you cross the threshold, you can teleport from one to the other as long as the portals remain open. Apocrypha Gate spawns Crux every time you teleport.

  • Morph (Flying Feet Gate) - After teleporting, gain Major Swiftness for X seconds, increasing your movement speed by X%.
  • Morph (Passage Between Worlds) – Allies standing in either portal can trigger Passage synergy, allowing them to teleport to the opposite portal.

healing passives

healing tides- Your mastery of weaving Fate and Abyss increases your healing by X% for each active Crux.

terrible clarity- You've been staring into the abyss for too long. When you generate Crux, you restore X Magicka or Stamina, whichever is greater.

learning- Knowledge is power. Your Excess Scholarship increases your Magicka and Stamina regeneration by X%.

Complicated rune shapes- (With a healing rune form ability) Being an Illuminatus reduces the cost and increases the strength of your damage shields by X%.

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My first test review of the Arcanist

I had a lot of fun playing with the arcanist as a damage dealer, and in San Francisco, to the dismay of Main Battle developer Brian Wheeler, I found a viable two-bar rotation on the second pair and got 100,000 pairs on the raid dummy. . It should be able to hit numbers similar to other popular damage classes like Necromancer or Dragon Knight once people get comfortable with it; we are talking about 120,000 DPS and so on.

And before you ask, yes, he can mount a strong attack, as many of you wanted me to find out.

The main features of this class are heavily built into two things: first, the interactions of passive abilities with active abilities, and of course, the much-discussed Crux system.

To simplify the Crux system, it's basically like building a conjoined weapon stack in Sorcerer or Merciless Resolve in Nightblade. However, you can stack up to 3 Crux stacks and you will NOT send those Crux rune symbols spinning around your character as projectiles.

Instead, they simply act as buffs for Arcanist's abilities.

Some arcane skills generate this quid and some spend it, while others don't even spend or generate a quid. Skill Morphs can also determine the Generator or Donor attribute in addition to other effects.

Some abilities do not statically cost Magicka or Stamina, rather the cost of some abilities depends on which of your Stamina or Magicka resources is higher.

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While the class may sound complicated or recycled at first, I can tell that the combat, audio, and visual effects developers and the other development teams put a lot of thought and effort into the gameplay and tactile feel of the class; I could definitely feel some tension with the class between the concept of high level play and more casual play, so I did understand some of the design decisions that I felt were a bit anticlimactically simple compared to my preconceived notions of how the class would prefer. I actually played it. Unlike the 2019 Necromancer class, I felt great playing it and many of you have asked me to do it.

So yeah it feels a lot better than Necromancer, it feels gimmicky apart from the tentacle ability which can feel a bit clunky from the moment I played it but other than that ability it's a really fun and engaging gaming experience with some hybridization and direction. twists. And unlike Morrowind's Warden class, the arcanist feels much more integrated into the chapter or story itself, from tooltip descriptions to visual themes.

The lightning ability - Fatecarver - is something to get used to, on my first review I found it clumsy or awkward, but on the second review I felt much better.

I would say that the channel nature of the ability may seem off-putting to some people who enjoy the more active elements of ESO's combat system, but it isnoa fast-paced removal of the combat system, but more of a chance to make you think about what's going on around you and what you should throw next, if that makes sense.

For the arcanist heal, I definitely felt that the class support and healing abilities were more appropriate for 4 man content or small group stuff than a 12 man raid team in a Trial. I think in general, while passives are pretty forgiving for new support players looking to heal or tank, they at least support and heal.

For tanking with the arcanist, I certainly appreciated a class-specific taunt, though I had my doubts about its effectiveness compared to the other taunts. From early playtesting it didn't seem like the Arcanist's one solid pull ability was working well but apparently it has been worked on and improved, I feel like there is definitely a lack of crowd control compared to Dragonknights with the Arcanist in Feud adds and Perhaps in Stark contrast to the healing or damage aspects of the Arcanist class, I felt like a tank's Crux spawn was much slower and there wasn't much to play around when it came to Crux to expend my tanking abilities.

I liked the fact that the arcanist tank felt more reactive in terms of abilities and again some of the abilities and passives were really fun to tank or support in general so it will be interesting to see how well he dies as an arcanist as class. everything will appear in both PvP and PvE.

Some of you will notice that some skills have frost damage and this is in no way meant to change Warden as a class as I asked the devs about it.

The reason some abilities have frost damage is because thematically, without breaking game balance, like introducing Oblivion damage into class, abyss, or darkness can be cold.

Surprisingly, all the skill effects and audio are brand new, you will see and hear a lot of animations and sounds that you have never experienced before in ESO, and I really think a lot of people will enjoy the aesthetics and combat gameplay. ESO's Arcanist class in a nutshell People will no doubt call me a corporate wacko at first for this, but the same people will probably also complain that there's no point in playing their specs once the class is out.


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