Septum Piercings: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Them (2023)

Septum piercings are still a big problem. With 162,000 average monthly searches and more than 2 million hashtags on Instagram. actually secondJeweler, are the most popular piercings in the world. It's no wonder all of our favorite stars have come on board with septum piercings over the years.

Ever since Jessica Biel decided to sport a clean and elegant septum ring (also called a bull nose piercing by many) in 2013, followed by Rihanna and FKA Twigs (who made it a style staple), septum piercings of nose have Become one, become a big trend. Everyone from Zendaya to Zoe Kravitz to Florence Pugh has worn a fake or real septum ring, and that number is only going to increase with the months. Like thisear holes, the partition never goes out of style.

With that in mind, read our brief overview of all things septum, including septum piercing placement, septum piercing cost, and associated aftercare.

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Rihanna with jeweled septum ring.

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What is a septum piercing?

A septal piercing is a piercing that goes through the nasal septum, also known as the piece between the nostrils. The needle goes through the thin piece of meat to the front of the nose and then through thejewelry is worn– usually a ring, a horseshoe or, less often, a bar. Many refer to a bullnose piercing as wearing a ring-shaped piece of jewelry, so you may have heard of that as well.

Does a septum piercing hurt? And how much do septum piercings hurt?

Most piercings can be uncomfortable. After all, a needle is stuck through the skin, which is then replaced with a thick piece of metal. Everyone has their own tolerance for pain, so keep yours in mind, but a septum shouldn't hurt much more than a regular nose piercing, and it shouldn't cut through the cartilage. It will be a hard pinch, you will want to sneeze, you will be allowed to water your eyes and hopefully not much else.

Interrogamos a BeccaLibFemBlog, a piercing expert who had her septum pierced four times, saying: "Compared to some piercings I've had, it wasn't too bad, probably less painful than the standard nose piercing." As long as you go to a good piercer, you will find the weak spot right in the middle.

How are septum piercings done?

There are many septum most piercings, and there may be some variations in the method. Usually, however, your piercer will clean the area to be pierced before grasping the septum with a small pair of pliers. They then insert a cannula (a hollow needle attached to a tube) through the nose before inserting the jewelry into the new hole. Once the jewelry is in place (usually a horseshoe bar), the piercing is complete.

How much does a septum piercing cost?

It is probably worth noting at this point that you shouldNever skimp on piercings– It is much better to pay a little more and go to a really good, certified piercer than to save a few pounds. Septum piercings normally cost between £15 and £40, so find the most reputable piercing shop in your area and see how much they charge. On average you can expect to spend around £30.

Do septal piercings go through cartilage?

NO. When it comes to septal piercing placement, an experienced piercer should go through their "sweet spot," the area of ​​flesh between the cartilage and the front of the nose, so that it looks similar to the side of the nose. which is being drilled.

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Zoë Kravitz with her septum piercing

Care after septum piercing

While the most sensitive and painful part of healing should be over in about 1-3 weeks, septum piercings take 6-8 months to fully heal and you can change your jewelry in 6-8 weeks as long as you are good. .cured. However, you should try to leave it on for as long as possible to ensure it has healed properly to avoid infection.

How long does it take for a septum piercing to heal?

As with all piercings, try to leave it alone and clean your piercing with salt water every day. There are also good salt sprays that work better with it.all nose piercingsfor positioning. Oddly enough, Becca's best advice is to "dip the tip of your nose in slightly salty water," which seems weird to her, but it gets the job done.

A small amount of white discharge is perfectly normal, but if you notice yellow or green pus, your piercing could be infected. However, your piercer should provide you with all the necessary information about aftercare, and if you have any concerns, you can return to have your piercing examined.

What do I do if my septum falls out?

Why does my septum piercing smell bad?

I'm going to be a little gross with you... it's pretty common and people call it septum funk. If the odor is combined with pain, yellow pus, or blood, you may have a problem. Otherwise, that smell is the smell of dead skin cells and your body trying to heal itself. Keeping the piercing clean and switching to wood or glass jewelry in a timely manner should help curb the odor.

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Do septal piercings close completely?

As with most piercings, it depends on how long you wear it for. If you have the piercing for more than a few months, the hole may not heal completely. It will shrink a bit though, and due to the location of the perforation, it's unlikely anyone will see the hole anyway.

How do I change my septum piercing?

After waiting around 6-8 weeks (yes, really), you might consider swapping out your septum jewelry, perhaps swapping out a horseshoe jewelry for a ring that many sport with the associated bull nose piercing look. . You might consider going back to your piercer and asking him to talk to you about it, but alternatively doing it at home shouldn't be too difficult.

If your original piercing was glued down with balls, simply unscrew one and slide it out. It can be a little tight, so consider going back to the piercer to have it done. There isdifferent types of jewelryTherefore, it is worth getting specific advice, but you should try to put on the new jewelry as quickly as possible. Wash your hands, sanitize the area and jewelry, and align the rod with the hole before sliding it out. You may have to lower your nose a bit to get it right, or it may take several tries to find the hole. The same rules apply to other types of rings or bars.

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Zendaya with septum piercing

How do I remove my piercing?

Depending on the type of jewelry you pierced yourself with, remove the balls or separate the clicker with clean hands before removing the wand from your nose.

How do I lift my septum piercing?

If you have horseshoe jewelry on the bridge of your nose, you should be able to hide the piercing to go to school, work or to go out with your grandmother. There are different methods, so ask your piercer, but usually you just pull the skin of your mouth down to make the piercing more visible; then push the balls up until the jewel enters your nose. This becomes easier the older the piercing is and the less swollen the nose is.

How are septum piercings stretched?

Typically, your septum has been pierced with 16g/1.2mm or 14g/1.6mm jewelry. If you wish to stretch it into an even larger hole, you will need to do so very slowly, as the cartilage will begin to migrate through the nose. Check with your piercer, but many people recommend waiting four to six months before starting to stretch. You should also wait a few months between gauges.

There are several methods, but the most common (with clean hands, disinfected jewelry, and a clean nose) is to massage the septum as well.Jojoba or other oil.You then need to get an insert pin a meter or two above your starting gemstone, ie h 2mm (12g). You have to push the pin through the septum and then line up the new connector with the larger end of the pin, pull the pin out with the jewelery and actually replace it. Don't go up more than an inch every month or two, and listen to your body.

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For a classic, minimalist hoop, head to the Maria Tash. The clicker's simple design should make it easier to click into place.

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This beautiful rose gold chain design will dangle below your nose for a more dainty look than a chunky barbell. It also comes in white gold.

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This unique pointed design is easy to slide onto a page and click. You can also get it in rose gold or white gold.

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For a more dramatic Rihanna-style piece of jewelry, opt for this chunky, dirty gold version.

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Forget chandelier earrings, crystal-encrusted septum rings are the new standout accessory.

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Crafted in surgical steel and gold-plated, this sparkling ring is an easy way to update a simple barbell look.

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