The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (2023)

Some players need a more "persistent" approach.

There is one for this purposetonof options in Dark Souls 3!

Thanks to the infusion system, almost any weapon with a heavy gem can be harnessed to generate power.

But, of course, there are some tools designed specifically for this task.

Join me today as we look at a host of other viable options for all the Dark Souls Chads out there!

20.Smough's Great Hammer

The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (1)

Wielded by half of the most famous boss fighting duo of all time, Smough's Hammer is a recurring weapon from the first Dark Souls.

Due to its obscene size, the hammer is often used comically. He does a lot of damage, has stamina, and a passive ability that restores HP when attacked!

unfortunately it is soRealslow and doesn't see much practical use in PvP combat aside from memes.

How to get it:In a chest on the second floor of the painting room in Irithyll.

19.seismic stone hammer

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Essentially a rock on a stick, the Quakestone Hammer is perfect for players who want several of them.Oomfon their swings.

Thanks to the unique ability of the earthquake weapon, you must dig the stone into the ground with a powerful blow, then tear it out of the ground to unleash a cataclysmic shock wave.

The shockwave can also be delayed to catch players off guard!

How to get it:In the harsh wasteland of the painted world, guarded by a red-eyed knight.

18.Dragon Slayer's Greataxe

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The heaviest of all the great axes, the Dragonslayer is imbued with lightning, deals split damage, and has a light Faith scaling.

It's good for building strength/wonders and deals high damage - most enemies and players are allotted 2 shots at the end of the game.

His unique ability, Falling Bolt, is equally flashy and impressive, but the excitement that comes with it makes it very difficult to land.

How to get it:Soul Transpose with the Dragonslayer armor soul.

17.Yhorm's Great Machete

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The longest great ax this time, and possibly everhigherIn terms of physical damage throughout the game, Yhorms is a strong contender.

The War ability increases your attack and allows for a unique heavy moveset reminiscent of Yhorm himself.

These moves have a much shorter range, but create extremely frustrating shockwaves that will stagger your enemies.

However, it ranks low on the list because it doesn't have a guaranteed two-hit combo like most other heavy weapons.

How to get it:Soul Transpose with Yhorm's Soul.

sixteen.great spear

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Because of the underdog history, I'm a little biased on this.

In the DS3 release build, the Great Spear was a mess: low damage, slow moveset, and unbalanced in its attacks.

(Video) Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl : Stalker Retrospective

But now, after several patches, he's much faster, much more damaging, and has good balance on his hits!

Speaking of which, this is it.inHit damage and I love my Leo ring combinations.

All things considered, it's an excellent, methodical weapon with a large scale that rewards a careful and planned approach to combat.

How to get it:Found at the beginning of Lothric Castle, before Dragon Bridge.

15.Dragon tooth

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This great hammer consists of an unbreakable dragon crusher and is a relic of the knight Havel from Dark Souls 1.

While slow and easy to dodge, Dragon's Tooth is excellent at taking down enemies and is very satisfying when a punch comes through.

Its use goes beyond weapons as it provides a natural 12.5% ​​increase in Magic and Fire damage when wielded!

How to get it:Dropped from Havel on Archdragon Peak. snake man

The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (7)

This weapon enjoyed surprising popularity, especially when players realized its full potential.

The human serpent ax is swift,Ergiolong and extremely spammy.

He reaches a high B-Strength and has the Martial Weapons ability, with a twist!

After using it, you can even deal damage by blocking shields, just like shooting.

While not innovative, it's a great tool for PvP and general gameplay.

How to get it:Contortionist drops on Archdrake Peak.


The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (8)

The meat cleaver is very similar to the human snake hatchet and has the same benefits.

Speed, range and very low stamina consumption.

It has an interesting passive feature: regenerate health with each hit, which can be useful for farming routes!

In exchange for Warcries, Butchers have a unique ability: Sharpen, which further enhances the HP recovery passive effect.

And while his base damage might be low, he has an incredible +10 S-Power!

How to get it:Dropped by the crazy NPC in Victims Street.

12.greatsword of exile

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A titan from early to mid game, the Greatsword in Exile is the weapon of choice for many players.

With the highest damage of any curved sword at the expense of the lowest range, the Exile swings almost as fast as a straight sword while also dealing incredible damage.

And despite its short range, it has good swing arcs that make it easy to catch players trying to roll or dodge.

How to get it:It was left behind by the exile who carried it himself out of Farron Keep.

11.Sword of the Black Knight

The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (10)

The Black Knight sword is easily my favorite sword and it has a number of advantages that put it at the top of the list.

First of all, the damage is high and the range is pretty good too!

Deals 20% increased damage to demonic enemies.InDeals additional balance damage, making it much easier to stun enemies.

He has the standard greatsword hyper armor for his attacks and even has stamina as a weapon ability, allowing you to play much more aggressively.

The only downside to this sword is its C scaling max power of +5, which isn't the best, but still makes it a great early and mid game weapon!

How to get it:Found on a corpse in the Burning Lake.

10.Greatsword of the Black Knight

The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (11)

The larger counterpart to the Black Knight Sword, the BKGS, is a massive Ultra Greatsword.

It has massive damage and very good range, as well as a much more desirable B scaling with a power of +5.

It has the same passive properties as the Black Knight's sword: 20% damage buff for demons and more balance damage.

Its passive balance makes it the most unbalanced Ultra Bigsword in the game!

How to get it:It is thrown by the Black Knights who wield it for themselves.

9.ultra great smoke sword

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The weapon of choice for one of the toughest bosses in Dark Souls 2: the Smoke Knight.

The Steam UGS is an extremely heavy slab of rock and deals massive damage over long ranges.

It requires as much as50 forceon the one hand, but it has an interesting additional benefit:

It's quite an effective shield!

He has a high absorb rate when blocked while two-handed, and the block effect extends to his shard ability as well, allowing you to parry hyper armor attacks without taking a penalty!

It can't be infused, but that's not a problem as it can still be buffed to S scale.

How to get it:It was dropped under the Burning Lake by the Tsorig Knight Slayer.


The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (13)

The Millwood is by far the best of the one handed axes.

It has the same bonuses for all axes, i.e. high damage and speed with a low stamina cost.

However, it gets even better when you consider weapon skill, which is a direct upgrade to the war skill found on most axes.

Millwood's Battlecry allows you to leap forward and attack enemies, stunning and knocking them back in your path, then giving you a damage boost.

The stun on this attack is long enough that you can instantly turn it into a light combo without knocking your opponents away!

It can also be polished and achieves great A scale performance at full power.

How to get it:In the Painted World DLC, extracted from a corpse on top of the Millwood Tower inhabited by archers.

7.big ax

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The name is program.

As effective as it is simple a weapon, the Great Ax is a favorite among power builders due to its early presence in the game.

When integrated, it can easily guide you through the entire game.

He deals unholy damage and can be amplified by his battle cries.

Plus, it can be buffed and infused, making it great for hybrid builds, too!

it doesextremelyHowever, the range is short and it is recommended to have some power armor to hit people in the face with this thing all the way.

How to get it:Placed next to Farron's wolf in the elevator by Stray Demon.

6.great sword

The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (15)

Another nice and simple weapon.

Don't let the boring name fool you, the greatsword is meant for one thing: pure destruction.

And that's worth it.

Tons of hyper armor, damage, and the longest range of any UGS.

The greatsword has an A power rating and is ideal for full game and late game PvP.

It is very similar to the Black Knight's greatsword, only it is easier to obtain, upgrades, scales better, and has a longer range, making it the preferred choice in most scenarios.

It's also easier to upgrade since all you need is Titanite!

How to get it:A body was stolen from a broken bridge at Farron Tower.

5.Linked Greatswords of the Ringed Knight

The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (16)

One of the newer weapons that you can acquire throughout the game, the RKPGS is not intended for first-time players.

However, its purpose is pure PvP destruction.

They have incredible damage, range, and combo potential, allowing you to take down most enemies 100-0 without them saying a word in the stadium.

If you can use them correctly.

Their complexity and variety are well worth learning, and once you master their moves, all sorts of devastating combinations are at your fingertips!

How to get it:Drops from the Ringed Knight using them just before the Church Cathedral Spears in the Ringed City DLC.

4.Split Blade Greatsword

The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (17)

if you have read itOur list of main halberds, you know how crazy this weapon can be.

It turned out to be incredibly effective for building strength and hard to hit S scale at +10!

Helicopter weapon skill combos can be combined in so many ways that you should check out some videos on how to use the moveset effectively.

But once you get the hang of it, you're completely unstoppable: you must tear through your enemies with stun combos that render them completely defenseless.

There's a reason this weapon is one of the most common in PvP.

How to get it:Purchased from the Humpbacked Stone Witch at the start of the Ringed City DLC.


The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (18)

I love that this gun is so high on the list.

While the description might say "Not Intended For Combat Use", this is onecompleteTo lie.

The peak isincredible.

It deals full damage, which means the Leo ring fits the bill perfectly.

Also, spike attacks stun opponents, so the second hit is guaranteed.InCounts as a counter attack!

This allows Leo to develop ring-based power to easily two-shot enemies, and when combined with A-scale power, the pickaxe is a truly fearsome weapon.

How to get it:Located on a corpse in the Irithyll dungeon, near the giant.

2.Ledos Grote Hamer

The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (19)

About the topicincredibleWeapons, if I had my way, Ledo's great hammer would be at the top of my list of strengths.

The transcendental moveset feels amazing when you take down enemies.

He is surprisingly fast, deals incredible damage, and has a great unique ability.

In Call to Stone, you must swing your hammer in a devastating two-hit combo, coating the weapon in stones and buffing damage for 40 seconds.

If you perform a charged heavy attack while on buff, the rocks will explode, sacrificing buff for a huge burst of area of ​​effect damage.

With the highest resistance demands60, only big and strong men can use this naughty boy. But man, is it worth every stat point?

How to get it:Dropped by the Silver Knight Ledo when he invaded Ring City.

1.big club

The 20 Best Power Weapons in Dark Souls 3 - FandomSpot (20)

So the best power weapon in Dark Souls 3 is... a stick.

But a big stick!

Thanks to early availability, a scaling in power, ability to upgrade, amazing range, stun lock moveset, incredible damage, and martial weapon abilities.InHyper Armor, this weapon really has no downsides.

In fact, he looks great in every Souls game and is a consistent fan favorite throughout the series!

While it may lack the flair of some weapons, hitting people with a big caveman-style club can still be fun.

How to get it:It was dropped by the Exile carrying it in front of Farron Tower.


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