Top 10 Elden Ring 2023 Blood Weapons and Builds After Patch 1.09 (2023)

In this article, we are listing the top 10 Bleeding Weapons in Elden Ring. From katanas to daggers, we explore the most powerful and effective weapons for inflicting bleeding on your enemies. Whether you prefer quick, agile attacks or heavy, devastating blows, there's a bleed weapon for every playstyle in Elden Ring. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the best bleed weapon options in Elden Ring!

New Top 10 Bleeding Weapons in Elden Ring after Patch 1.09

What are the best 1.09 options after bringing back your weapon stats in a previous patch and taking a bit more off the strongest stat as the White Mask and Bloodlord augments no longer give as much AR? Do you offer raises? . In a pinch: which bleed stack weapons are the best? Specifically, we looked at what we think are the top ten options for unique bleed builds: "Unique" means unique weapons and playstyles.

10 - Hound-Zahn

Bloodhound's Fang is without a doubt an incredibly powerful weapon, if not the best of the best starting weapons in the entire game. After all, this is a bleeding weapon, it's been in good shape for a long time, in 1.09 it's even better because it's a big curved sword; for this type of weapon they increase the range of speed and the recovery time of various attacks, honestly I say it. crazy. And it's one of those weapons that you can upgrade in many ways, whether it's increasing the bleed with Grease or adding some fire to it with a strong elemental effect. Of course, you don't normally use this weapon to focus on the bleed aspect, but you can eventually make progress on that part, although there will be enough bleed with this weapon to use the white mask and your talisman constantly to get the AR boost. obtain. Otherwise, here you have a very consistent and powerful weapon. Ash of War allows you to land a big hit, recover, dodge an attack, and use iframes to dash back for a subsequent attack, which can either be incredibly powerful and useful, or a little tricky to land in PVE. In PvP, it's hard to pull off the next attack because it's so obvious, but the first type of return hook, which is a constant source of damage and completely drains someone's health and induces a bleed process, will kill a lot of players. So it's undeniably very useful, but bleed as part of this weapon is more of a tool to get AR upgrades.

9 - Bloody Helix

Bloody Helice is a heavy sword that has taken a beating in previous patches. The counter attack damage from the phantom thrusting and reaching weapon was something of a threat in the Elden Ring era. That's what they wanted to address. In 1.09 they regenerated this weapon type and reduced the size of the hitbox for multi-attacks, having specifically improved counter damage in PvP. But that doesn't really stop this from being an absolute machine, wreaking havoc beyond what it's entitled to and obviously causing bleed when necessary, which is still very powerful in PvE. In fact, you can use the finesse of the bouncing Ashes of War to dodge attacks and jump back up. Despite the constant weakening, it is undeniable that it is still in a strong position. And as a bleed weapon, it technically bleeds a bit more than the Bloodhound Fang, but those are our two examples of weapons that aren't good at bleed but are overall strong weapons.

8 - La semilla maldita de Morgott

Morgott's Cursed Sowrd features heavily in this patch, as Cursed-Blood Slash Ash of War. They greatly improve Cursed-Blood Slash to increase projectile spawn speed and reduce cooldown. Allows for consistent light attack combos that result in actual combos seen in PvP. Increasing the projectile spawn rate allows you to spawn them faster, which means better DPS potential in PvE, leading to more consistent tier, more DPS, and more bleeds, or just landing in PvP now, which makes a huge difference. . Again, this is a curved greatsword with increased speed range and cooldown on various attacks. So it feels really good, especially with actual combos like that to pull off. Morgott's Cursed Sowrd is in a very good position and is very good for build potential due to its much better attack and recovery times, even in a war zone.

7 - Ghiza hilt

The Ghiza wheel was revamped in 1.09 and it went a bit under the radar. His Ash of War: Spinning Wheel features a chainsaw-style attack in the form of a corkscrew. She's been buffed to increase the speed of her attack generation, so she spawns much faster on first use and also moves much more evenly. They also added the time to cancel casts and strong attacks when the ability is in use, so you can finish it off with an attack much more safely, or just cancel it, which means you don't get stuck in that animation, which is common in PvE, where there are, a lot of fun is more relevant. Because if you chain yourself to an enemy and deal that much damage but are about to get hit, you can just run away. The problem with this, of course, is that you don't get interrupted long enough for the channel to work and stay for any relevant length of time. Holding it long enough to bleed is fine, but if nothing prevents you from just doing it, you can rack up a lot of DPS and a lot of shots in a short amount of time. So if you can do that within a good penalty window, sometimes that's easier said than done.

6 - rivers of blood

Rivers of Blood has dropped quite a bit, although katanas are technically better at 1.09, with increased attack speed and shorter cooldown, that's not really the problem with this weapon. It all comes down to Ash of War Corpse Piler getting some harsh treatment. To get the real effect, you need to press against the target for your weapon to hit as well as the Corpse Piler's cursed blood skin. Then you do some good damage and there's some good bleed. It's definitely still relevant in PVE because you can get it at a reasonable range and build it well. The problem in PvP is that it doesn't shake enemies as much or at all anymore, so they get hit and roll without getting hit by the combo, making it pretty hard to deal any real damage with this thing in PvP to set up. Still, it's relevant for stacking bleeds, and especially in PVE where you can beat bosses and objectives and just go to town, it's still relevant and a little easier to land on because you can time it whenever you want.

5 - Mohgwyn's Holy Spear

Mohgwyn's Holy Spear has been noticeably affected by the reduced range of the Blood Blessing Ritual, but that's not too relevant given how powerful this bleeding weapon is. If there is an enemy at the end, let's say PvP, it will still bleed them out. And the same goes for PVE, you can count on it, especially when they've staggered the animation, they just run off and still take down people like Melania, and that's no small feat. Also, they made this weapon type even worse in 1.09. They used Greater Spears and reduced the size of the hitbox for various attacks so they have slightly less ghost range which is definitely annoying but it's still very powerful when it hits and we think spears are great but spears are a very powerful type of weapon. Ashes of War spam due to bleed will be very strong with this weapon, so it is still in good condition.

4 - Eleonora's arctic sword

Eleonora's Poleblade has its own unique Ashes of War and a unique heavy attack when used two-handed if you perform this type of vertical spin multiple times in a row. Pole Blades also improves with each patch. At 1.08 they increase the speed of some attacks and the two-handed recovery time, perfect especially for a bad sword. In 1.09 they improved attack speed and reduced attack cooldown again for Twinblades as a whole. So they're really comfortable to use, they're becoming more and more relevant weapons, and the post blade feels great because the two-handed version has those specific upgrades. While Ashes of War is a bit clunky, it can stack up quite a bit when you can land it, requiring you to dash forward, combo, and dash backwards. However, it would be easier to use DPS consistently if you stay on target. But with this explosive combo, you have to admit that it deals decent damage and feels better nowadays. Therefore, we recommend you to give it a try if you haven't used Eleonora's Poleblade for a long time.

3 - Seppuku + Scavanger Curved Swords

We're using seppuku on Scavanger's curved swords, which prevents spamming, especially since curved swords work so well right now and oddly enough, spamming the jump attack is still a great way to get a lot of hits and a lot of blood while Nerf Interestingly the shipping stacks up very quickly and of course Seppuku will increase your bleed, it will increase your AR and is generally very strong. It's just not number one anymore because in the end the seppuku required a lot of health to start, it takes a bit of time and takes less time, the damage buff is actually worse, and reapplying it if you do it during a boss fight is depleted. It is not the best and simple. On the other hand, Scavanger's curved swords do a great job with increased attack speed and lower cooldown, and for some reason the first curved sword attack is even faster. There are even better options to do something like Seppuku or Blood Flame or whatever. As such, they are a fantastic choice for seppuku and probably our best overall choice for a weapon to do it with.

2 – Reduced power posture

Blood daggers are great because you can do a lot of damage with a new power stance. Improvements in 1.08: You have better attack speed, increased range, which is awesome, and of course a cooldown that leads to combos and kickbacks if you get stuck even with a combo. Powerstance Reduvia is amazing, high bass bleed, no health cost, blood blade damage detection from Ash of War in the weapon pack, just trust the powerstance and go to town with it. Before long you'll have a ridiculous outburst. This patch is worth it, as are all of the blue builds, as the white mask and talisman have been nerfed, but it's still incredibly powerful and much more consistent than other weapons on this list. Powerstance Reduvias are much more consistent and weigh absolutely nothing, so you can wear high balance armor, even swap them around and remove combos.

1 – Blood Flame + Ashes of War Chainsaw Style.

In particular, Ash of War's Blood Flame and Chainsaw style is very similar to the Wheel of Ghiza, a perfect example of this being Ash of War's spinning weapon or spinning attacks. We even tried this out with Reaper's Scythes and it was an amazing build, the tap speed you hit at is so fast it bleeds all the time. And with Bloodflame you can work, for example, in Hidden or High decks and the hits you take also deal very high damage individually. Combine the two and you'll hit the highest burst and DPS potential in the game. While Bloodflame has been toned down a bit so that it no longer improves bleeds in the Ashes of War supply area, it's still very good on weapon attacks and that's exactly what it is. As such, we rate Bloodflame on its tricky nature and reusability. of seppuku higher than the seppuku.


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