Top 50 wedding color scheme trends for a beautiful wedding - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (2023)

Choosing a Wedding Color Paletteis the first step to create cohesionheIt ties all your decor together and makes your design decisions that much easier. With that in mind, we've rounded up the most popular wedding color ideas for each season. Use them as a starting point for your own vision of your wedding day, and be inspired by the color palettes that real couples use at their own weddings.big days in 2022and beyond!

Tips for choosing wedding colors

  • Consider each priority:Think of high-priority decorations or items (for example, a certain type of flower you've always wanted to wear).
  • Use your location as inspiration:Take inspiration from your location or your environment, e.g. Interior design or your natural surroundings.
  • Consider the season:Many couples are inspired by the time of year the wedding will take place (see below). Look for colors found in nature at this time of year; airy beiges and cerulean blues in summer, warm oranges and deep emeralds in autumn, etc.
  • Examine your theme or aesthetic:If you already have a defined theme or look you're striving for, look for colors that help emphasize it.
  • look around:Check out the colors that already fill your home and wardrobe. You will likely identify a pattern that you are naturally drawn to and that you are comfortable with. Pro tip: If you go this route, make sure all of your wedding decorations flow seamlessly into your space.

Common mistakes when choosing wedding colors

  • You need to think about a traditional color palette:Certain wedding styles really don't need or use a lot of color schemes. Outdoor weddings in particular can benefit from using neutral linens and the surrounding nature.
  • Bet on wedding trends:Do not trust what is popular at the moment, but trust what appeals to you personally.
  • Play it safe:That said, don't shy away from colors that seem to be there just because they aren't common at weddings. Always choose what you think best represents you and your partner.
  • Choice of many colors:Avoid going overboard with your wedding color combinations. Too many colors and shades can make your wedding look disorganized and disjointed.
  • Don't ask for a second opinion:Your preference prevails, but it's worth looking at your ideas from a different perspective, especially when it comes to professionals.

spring wedding colors

1. Pink and sage green

Planning an outdoor wedding? Sage green is a soft color that mimics nature. This shade pairs well with a hint of pink (think light pink or dusty pink) for that blooming spring vibe.

2. Rose Gold and Ivory

Rose gold is a wonderful color for bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, and a dreamy pink when paired with ivory.rose gold wedding invitations.

3. Blush and Lavender

Soft, romantic wedding colors in soft pink and lavender create a warm and inviting look. From pale peonies to dusty pink carnations, there are plenty of flowers to incorporate into blush hues.

4. Golden and Peach

Warm pastel colors like peach are attractive. Add gold elements like vases for a luxurious glow.

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5. Neutral earths

Spring color palettes aren't limited to pastels. Create a timeless garden wedding with neutral tones like beige, olive green and ivory. This works well for a vintage vibe or bohemian bliss.

6. Orange and gold

Late spring is the perfect time for bold and bright wedding colors. High intensity colors like orange represent creativity and enthusiasm. A metallic gold and coral orange for a bright, playful feel.

7. Peach and Cream

Elegant and sweet, peach and cream add a romantic touch to your wedding decor. When the cupcakes arewedding dinnerMenu, peach and cream topping (and flavored) add the perfect pop of color to your dessert table.

8. Raspberry and light gray

Combining a bold color like raspberry with a soft, subtle gray creates a perfectly balanced color palette. Use soft gray as a neutral color on everything from your bridesmaid dresses to your tablecloths, and complete with a pop of bright raspberry on your floral or wedding signs.

9. Lavender and Yellow

Perfect for spring, soft lavender combined with bright yellow creates a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere for your big day.

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10. Canary Yellow and Green

Combine an earthy green with a bright canary yellow. They create an earth-toned color palette that captures the radiant energy you desire on your wedding day.

summer wedding colors

11. Platinum and Aquamarine

Incorporate these colors into a beach or island wedding. Watercolors like aquamarine and touches of platinum silver shimmer beautifully in the sun.

12. Blush and Gold

From bridesmaid dresses to floral prints, blush never goes out of style. You can pair it with a metallic color like gold for a luxurious look.

13. Turquoise and Pink

Use this bold, vibrant color combination to create wedding bouquets and flowers, dessert tables, stationery and accessories for your wedding reception.

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14. White and Champagne

Clean and smooth, Champagne is a modern and unique color that looks beautiful and luxurious with a classic white. Add some lush greens and golds for a rustic wedding theme.

15. red and pink

Red is a classic romantic color that goes with almost every season. You wouldn't immediately think of pairing it with pink, but when they're together, these two make a fabulously bold declaration of love. Include gold pieces in the ceremony venue color pair, such as B. Tablecloths and table decorations, for a special touch!

16. Fuchsia and Green

Any green accent will work well with bright colors to give yoursummer weddinga fresh and natural feeling. Fuchsia is a vibrant shade of pink and purple that catches the eye. If your style is edgy, this fun, bold color looks great in floral packaging and pairs well with other neutral tones.

17. Snail and Gold

Periwinkle is a soft watercolor shade that mimics a beautiful summer sunset. In different summer color palettes, you can play with shades of blue and purple. Add a golden glow to your accessories for a dreamy, bohemian-inspired look.

18. Indigo and Sage Green

Paired with a soft color like sage green, indigo creates the perfect pop of bold color that can be incorporated into everything from your cups and plates to your flowers or bridesmaid dresses.

19. Magenta and Purple

The magenta and purple hues are inspired by a lush tropical paradise that is perfect for any summer wedding, but especially a beach wedding! If you're celebrating your beach wedding, these bold hues contrast beautifully against a backdrop of white sand and ocean blue.

20. Brass and Pastel Blue

The combination of shiny brass accents with a soulful pastel blue creates understated elegance and the perfect color contrast, especially if you're looking to add a metallic touch to your wedding palette. Brass jewels are the perfect accent and sparkle against a soft pastel blue.

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fall wedding colors

21. Burgundy and gold

A mix of deep red and purple, burgundy is a luxurious shade for fall weddings. Golden accents complement this color well, especially for decor. From golden chandeliers to red velvetCake and wine accompaniment, you'll have fun matching these colors for your big day.

22. Champagne and Taupe

These neutral colors also mimic seasonal color changes and look fabulous with gold sequins. Champagne and a pair of soft taupe create a classic vintage vibe for any look!

23. Orange and Brown

Celebrate the fall season with some pumpkin spice! If you're having an October wedding, pumpkins are a fun, inexpensive decor option for orange and brown schemes. You can place them along the ceremony aisle, on table decorations, and as the perfect autumn.Photo boothsupport.

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24. Gold and Velvet

Another great outdoor color combo, gold and velvet pair well with wooden elements. Incorporate berries into your flowers for a unique bouquet style. Take it a step further with gold sequins on the wedding dress for a royal sparkle!

25. Emerald and Ivory

Welcome fall with deep jewel tones like emerald. This deep green with ivory accents exudes a vintage vibe and pairs well with many color palettes.

26. Navy Blue and Burgundy

Navy blue is a classic shade for a late October or November wedding. You can pair it with a pop of color like burgundy for a chic fall party.

27. Coffee brown and cream

Cream goes well with coffee, so why not pair it with your wedding? Coffee brown is a rich, luxurious color. Combined with a smooth, elegant cream, it creates the perfect color combination. Gold is a fabulous highlight for this duo that is easily incorporated into decor and stationery.

28. Blood Orange and Red

Some of the best sources of color inspiration can be found in nature, like the vibrant oranges and reds of a sunset. This color combination brings warmth and still dazzles.

29. Green and brown pine

For a subtle, naturalistic color palette, spruce green and brown are the perfect match. Whether you're an outdoorsy bride or looking for a more minimalist wedding color palette, these earthy tones will add understated elegance to your big day.

30. Marsala is blush

A rich color like Marsala emulates the changing leaves of autumn and captures the season perfectly. Pair it with a soft pink blush to add a touch of delicacy and sweetness to your color palette.

winter wedding colors

31. Blue and White Slate

Slate blue is a soft, calming blue-grey color, reminiscent of a glimpse of a winter sky. In combination with Snow White, this combination makes for a beautiful highlight of the season.

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32. Forest Green and Gold

Gold is a neutral but bright accent that goes well with many colors. For an outdoor setting, a natural forest green combined with a touch of gold can create an intimate and relaxing blend.

33. Lilac and Lavender

Like muted shades of purple, this duo brings a sense of calm to your special day. Consider splashes of lavender and lilac in your bouquet or table for a soft shading look.

34. Ruby and Sage

Some couples prefer the traditional Christmas colors throughout theirwinter weddings, and that's okay! Decor in ruby ​​red and sage green is easy to find this season. Add a touch of gold to your wedding for an exciting holiday feel.

35. red and white

A romantic red and wintry white are favorites for Christmas and Valentine's Day. This bold contrast with silver or gold jewelry creates a passionate and sophisticated look for your bridal party.

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36. Rose Gold and Ivory

We are obsessed with this luxurious color combination inWedding Invitation. From the champagne flute to the menus, ivory and rose gold decor adds a classic, romantic touch to any wedding style.

37. Purple and Gold

It's a real matter! For an elegant winter wedding, go for purple and gold sparkles. You can incorporate different shades of purple into floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses.

38. Purple and forest green

If you want to add beautiful shades of purple to your color palette in a subtle yet elegant way, then mauve is the color for you. The lighter shades of mauve are easy to incorporate into your wedding decor and pair beautifully with your floral green.

38. Champagne and silver

Champagne paired with silver combines the best of both worlds: classic and clean and bright and sparkling. These colors can create a fancier color palette that looks effortless and sophisticated, adding a touch of style and sparkle to your big day. They also work well for a New Year's Eve wedding!

40. Copper and Red

Exuding a sense of luxury and warmth, copper sets itself apart from its champagne and gold counterparts with a unique color choice. Copper creates a striking metallic tone that looks sublime and really shines when paired with a dark shade of red.

Other fun color schemes for weddings

41st Pantone Color of the Year

Inspired by personal ingenuity and creativity, Veri Peri reflects the innovation and global change happening around the world. The complexity of this reddish purple blue brings a fun, vibrant attitude to any wedding color palette.

42. Dusty Blue e Cranberry Red

Modern and elegant, this combination of blue-grey with a hint of red is a charming duo. organize aBrunch-Boda? To search fordusty blue wedding invitations, and add some delicious blueberries to your reception table decor!

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43. Gold and White

keep it simple A classic white with gold looks elegant any time of year, especially for an outdoor garden wedding. Whimsical and romantic, nature is a wonderful backdrop for pastel flowers and neutral tones.

44. Black and white

Classic and timeless, you can never go wrong with a black and white color scheme. Whether you're going for a traditional or modern look, almost any color can spruce up this palette. Consider adding beautiful metallic tones or glitter accents for a dynamic pop!

45. Rainbow

Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear different colors of the rainbow to create a sweet color palette for your wedding! You can also schedule guests to throw different colored confetti during your party!

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46. ​​Burgundy and gold

The combination of burgundy and gold creates a truly regal color scheme, perfect for celebrating your wedding day. Pair deep, rich wine with shimmering gold accents for an unforgettable winter color palette.

47. Ivory and Olive Green

If you were obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw's iconic wedding dress in Sex and the City, you'll love this gorgeous color combination. From botanical arrangements to table settings, ivory and green are simple yet elegant colors to incorporate into your wedding.

48. Preto e Blush

If you decide to abandon traditions and get married in awedding at city hall. Try this duo of black and blush for a pop of color! This couple also looks great in a rock 'n' roll inspired wedding theme.

49. Teal and Gold

Non-traditional but bold, teal and gold make an eclectic duo. Teal is a soft watercolor that adapts to any season and conveys a sense of tranquility. With golden detailswedding invitationsand table decorations are beautiful additions to any celebration.

50. Metallic

Use gold, silver or copper as an accent color to add a touch of sparkle to your wedding aesthetic, or as standalone colors for complete glam!


Even if you want to think about your color palette, don't forget to have fun with it. Wedding planning may not always be so much fun, so use it as an opportunity for creativity and expression.

With that in mind, we have a lot of tips onhow to create a vision boardto help you come up with new ideas for your big day. Once you've decided on your wedding colors, you can also update yours.invitationsPairing Whether to find inspiration or to protect yourselfseller, Zola is your one stop shop for everything wedding related.


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