Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (2023)

SSR characters are basically Tower of Fantasy characters with the best stats. The SR and SSR characters from Tower of Fantasy correspond to the 4 and 5 star characters from Genshin Impact, respectively. In today's guide, we will be discussing the best SSR characters in Tower of Fantasy and ranking them accordingly.

There are a total of 15 characters in Tower of Fantasy and 12 of them are in the SSR category. Each of these characters has their own abilities, evasive attacks, weapons, and shock abilities.wake upproperties and much more. Therefore, becoming familiar with its features and attributes is crucial. So be sure to check out our featuresFantasy Tower Charactersinstructions too.

1. Samir

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (1)

Samir aka Semir is easy going, calm, carefree and one of the most damage dealing characters which makes her the best SSR character in Tower of Fantasy. your skill withPistolsurpasses even elite executioners.

Samir is also very fond of pulling pranks and playing pranks on others from time to time. Samir is aDPDCharacter belonging to the element "Volt". She carries Dual EM Stars which are really reliable when it comes to DPS damage. Also read our guide on how to get theredark glass.

His charged attacks work very well with his element, as his attacks not only paralyze targets, but also electrify them, dealing additional damage in the process. His normal and jump attacks allow him to unleash a barrage of bullets that deal heavy damage and status effects.

skills and statistics

Ability:Samir's primary ability is called Electric Field, which allows him to fire an energy shield at the target's location. When the shield hits the target, it creates a barrier of reflective bolts, each bolt dealing 269.8% +14 Attack damage and hanging heavily on the target on the final hit. The ability has a 45 second cooldown.

Download:Samir's Shock ability allows him to create a Dominion of Thunder that not only suspends all nearby targets, but also deals damage equal to 238.3% Attack +13. In addition, he also removes all buffs that enemies have. Thunder Domain lasts for 3.5 seconds and deals 42.4% +2 Attack damage every 0.5 seconds to any target in the domain.

The statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:6.00 (morning)
  • Demand:10,70 (S)
  • Attack:18
  • PD:1165
  • Critical:14
  • Type:Volt

Attacks and Passive Abilities

Below is a list of all the attacks that Samir can use in Tower of Fantasy

  • War (Passive)
  • Double Fire (Attack x5)
  • Kugelregen (Push + Attack)
  • Energy Burst (Attack Hold)
  • Ghost Kick (jump + sustained attack)
  • Ascending Ray (Dodge + Attack)

2. Reyes

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (2)

Reyhe is strong, focused, serious and the best melee SSR character in Tower of Fantasy. He is always committed and does his job perfectly. "King" wields a large black scythe covered in flames called the Crow Scythe.

King is a DPS fighter who belongs to the "Fire" element. King's shield breaking abilities are second to none and he can easily break any enemy's shield. Most of King's abilities, including his main ability and his shock ability, utilize his flame-infused scythe, which has incredible range and damage.

Even if you stick to King's basic attacks, you won't have any trouble crushing your enemies because the damage he deals with his basic attacks alone is not to be underestimated. Also, after King's initial charge, enemies will take incendiary damage after breaking through their shields.

skills and statistics

Ability:King's primary ability, Mortal Coil, allows him to swing his scythe for 499.9% Attack +26 damage. The cooldown of this attack is 45 seconds. While you're at it, why not take a look at our guide?Fantasy-Tower-Strafsystemand learn about it?

descargar: Activating his Shock ability, King creates a Flaming Scythe that deals damage equal to 398% Attack +21. Lasts 10 seconds and also spawns a flaming scythe every 2 seconds. These Masteries create volcanic eruptions that deal damage equal to 66% of Attack Damage +3 to all nearby targets.

the statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:12:50 (Friday)
  • Demand:5,00 (B)
  • Attack:sixteen
  • Endurance:6
  • PD:1165
  • Type:Fiesta

Attacks and Passive Abilities

Below is a list of all the attacks King can perform:

  • flame (passive)
  • Normal Attack (Attack x5)
  • Scythe (Jump + Attack x5)
  • Offline (jump + hold attack)
  • Returning Chainblade (Attack x4 + Sustained Attack)
  • Sneak Attack (Crouch + Attack)
  • Returning Chainblade (Arrows + Dodge + Attack)
  • Bat Mastery (Dodge + Attack)

3. Cobalt-B

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (3)

Cobalt-B can be found while progressing through the Tower of Fantasy story. She wields a flaming-type offensive weapon called the "Flaming Revolver" that can blast enemies into oblivion. Your favoriteGiftsThese are metal items and limited stock items.

Associated with the Flame element, Cobalt-B is by far one of the best Tower of Fantasy DPS characters in the SSR category. He excels at ranged combat and can unleash firestorms on his enemies with his weapon. Due to his affiliation with the Flame element, he is recommended to use charge attacks with Cobalt-B.

(Video) Tower of Fantasy - WHICH SSR CHARACTERS TO PICK?

This not only maximizes their damage but also keeps them at a safe distance. Before you continue reading, please visit usFree Tower of Fantasy Codeslead and learn to save them?

skills and statistics

Ability:Cobalt B unleashes constant fire on its enemies in a frontal direction. This attack deals damage equal to 666% Attack +35 Damage. The cooldown of the skill is 60 seconds.

Download:Throws three grenades at its targets, each dealing damage equal to 570% Offense + 30 AoE Damage. The attack also launches enemies into the air.

The statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:6,50 (B)
  • Demand:10h00 (A)
  • Attack:19
  • PD:1165
  • Critical:13
  • Type:Fiesta

Attacks and Passive Abilities

At the moment, Cobalt B's passive attacks and abilities are unknown. We will update our guide as soon as the abilities become available.

4. Nemesis

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (4)

Nemesis is a ruthless, biologically enhanced killing machine whose power and abilities have earned him the name "Mercy Angle". She is an introvert by nature and generally very calm and easy going. The calm nature of her is likely due to the numerous mutations and modifications that "Aida's Heirs" forced her to make.

Nemesis is a DPS fighter belonging to "Volt". She wields a series of EM blaster weapons called the Venus. Nemesis has a unique passive ability that buffs all "Volt" members of your party. When she is used in conjunction with another volt weapon, volt damage is increased by 15% and volt resistance is increased by 25%.

This makes Nemesis an extremely good support member. In addition, his skills and abilities allow him to slow down the enemy and create an auto-targeting electrode and guided missiles. One of his advancements even allows him to produce aTreatmentChain that heals her and all nearby allies.

Her all-around abilities make her one of the best support and hybrid SSR characters in Tower of Fantasy.

skills and statistics

Ability: Nemesis uses Venus to launch homing missiles at her target that explode on contact. The damage dealt by this attack is equal to 233.2% Attack +12 and it also knocks down targets. The cooldown of his special attack is 25 seconds.

Download:Nemesis fires a crosshair beam into the ground, creating an unstable area and slowing all nearby enemies by 70% for 5 seconds. After a short delay, an electromagnetic blast is unleashed in the area, dealing 393.9% ATK +21 damage.

In addition, Nemesis can also use her Shock ability to create an Electrode that attacks every 1.5 seconds, dealing 39.9% Attack +2 damage. Only one electrode can exist at a time, and generating another removes the old one.

the statistics:

  • CS:273
  • smash:6.00 (morning)
  • Demand:8,00 (A)
  • Attack:18
  • PD:1165
  • Critical:14
  • Type:Volt

Attack Skills and Passives

These are all the attacks that Nemesis can use in Tower of Fantasy:

  • War (Passive)
  • voltage resonance (passive)
  • Normal Attack (Attack x5)
  • Airdrop (push + attack x5)
  • Advanced Pursuit (Attack + Sustained Attack)
  • Dual Focus (Sustained Attack)
  • Parallel Rays (Dodge + Attack)
  • Twin Spinning Focus (Mushroom Keys + Dodge + Attack)

5. Cocoritter

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (5)

Cocoritter is a sweet and innocent young woman who specializes in keeping her allies safe and healthy. She has a great fondness for snow and snowy areas and she loves penguins above all else. Associated with the "Ice" item, Coco Knight is by far the best SSR support character in Tower of Fantasy.

Cocoritter wields a staff called Absolute Zero, and his healing abilities are second to none. His signature ability is very similar to Pepper's, creating a field of effect and healing his allies based on his max attack attribute. However, one key difference between the two is that Cocoritter has much better scaling and the "effect box" moves with it.

Additionally, Cocoritter's Shock ability not only heals party members over time, but also continually removes debuffs from them.

skills and statistics

Ability:Cocoritter's Shrine ability allows her to create a healing zone that moves with her, healing all nearby allies for 95% Attack +5 every 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds. Sanctuary's cooldown is 60 seconds.

descargar: Your Discharge ability, Quick Release, not only continues to heal you and nearby allies for 118.8% Attack +6 HP, but also continuously removes the debuffs from. The duration of Coco Knight's Shock ability is seven seconds.

The statistics:

  • CS:272
  • smash:4,00 (B)
  • Demand:12:50 (Friday)
  • Attack:15
  • Endurance:17
  • PD:1.165
  • Type:It isshell

Attacks and Passive Abilities

The following are all of Cocoritter's passive attacks and abilities:

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  • Ice Armor (Passive)
  • Normal Attack (Attack x5)
  • Focused Attack (Attack x3 + Sustained Attack)
  • Ascending Barrage (Jump + Attack x5)
  • Moonfall (jump + hold attack)
  • Surge (Arrows + Dodge + Attack)
  • Tesseract (dodge + attack)

6. Tsubasa

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (6)

Tsubasa, also known as Hane, is the complete opposite of Nemesis. She is naturally talkative, opportunistic, and outgoing. She is a former member of Hykros, a former Hyena officer, and now serves Aida's heroes. Extremely skilled for her age, she always has an ear everywhere to keep up.

Tsubasa is a ranged sub-DPS character with an affiliation to the "Ice" element and wields an ice armor weapon called the "Ice Wind Arrow". effects that drop arrows.

In addition to her ranged abilities, her special abilities allow her to stun enemies when they collide with an obstacle. Also, his Discharge ability gives him an advantage in terms of speed and damage.

skills and statistics

Ability:Tsubasa does a backflip and fires three piercing shots. The main arrow deals 258.3% Attack +14 damage, while the other two arrows deal 60% damage. Penetrating Shot also knocks back and stuns the target if it collides with an obstacle. Tsubasa's special ability cooldown is 12 seconds.

descargar: Tsubasa's discharge ability is called Explosive Barrage, which allows him to create a hailstorm when Phantasia is activated or when his weapon is fully charged. The damage dealt by this attack is equal to 570% Attack +30. He also has a 10% chance to inflict a Freeze effect on enemies for 2 seconds. Explosive Barrage also increases Tsubasa's speed and has a 45 second cooldown.

The statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:4,00 (B)
  • Demand:11:50 (Friday)
  • Attack:18
  • PD:1165
  • Critical:14
  • Type:ice tray

Attacks and Passive Abilities

A list of all of Tsubasa's passive attacks and abilities:

  • Ice Armor (Passive)
  • Quick kill (attack x5)
  • Charged Arrow (hold attack)
  • Arrow Rain (Attack + Sustained Attack)
  • Air Volley (Jump + Attack x4)
  • Charged Arrow (Dodge + Attack)

7. Schiro

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (7)

Shiro is a laser-focused scientist who loves aquatic life and enjoys making friends with people who share her interests. Due to her extraordinary mind, she was able to convert key equipment into a desalination device, resulting in her main weapon, which was super sturdy and robust. She carries a severe chakram called the chakram of the seas.

She is a DPS fighter and one of the best SSR characters in Tower of Fantasy belonging to the "Grievous" element. She can cast Grevious on her enemies, causing them to take additional damage. Her special ability allows her to pull in enemies and hit them with a barrage of chakram blades. Additionally, Shiro's Shock ability has a high chance to stun all nearby enemies.

Upon reaching progression level 3, you can reset all weapon cooldowns by breaking enemy shields.

skills and statistics

Ability:Shiro can create a Chakram Hold that not only pulls all nearby enemies towards her, but also reduces their speed by 30%. Once enemies are in her domain, Shiro can fire five chakrams at her enemies, each bouncing five times dealing damage equal to 24.2% Attack +1 on each hit.

Shiro's special ability cooldown is 45 seconds.

Download:When Shiro's weapon charges up or Phantasia activates, she can activate her Spirit of the Air discharge ability. Shiro can fire his Chakram of the Seas at his enemies, dealing AoE stun damage over 1 second and dealing 41.4% Attack Damage +2 over 10 seconds.

The statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:10h00 (A)
  • Demand:6.00 (morning)
  • Attack:19
  • PD:1165
  • Critical:13
  • Type:Grab

Attack Skill and Passive

Shiro can unleash the following attacks in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Severe (Passive)
  • Quick Launch (Attack x5)
  • Air Discharge (Jump + Attack x3)
  • Dispersion (Attack x2 + Hold Attack)
  • Air Spin (jump + hold attack)
  • Sneak Attack (Crouch + Attack)
  • Waning Moon (Dodge + Attack)

8. Meryl

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (8)

Meryl is the main enforcer for Hykros. Due to her excellent fighting skills, Meryl has no problem getting through even the most dangerous tasks. She has a calm and cold personality, but in reality she only hides her true feelings from others. Despite her attitude, Meryl is anything but callous.

Associated with the Ice element, Meryl is one of the best defensive SSR characters in Tower of Fantasy. She wields a huge sword called the Rosy Edge. When it comes to her melee abilities, her shield breaking ability is second only to King. She has a great abundance of attacks.

Ground slam attacks as his normal attacks, long hit combos as his signature ability, and AoE attacks as his discharge ability. Along with his attacking abilities, his defensive abilities should not be overlooked. His ability and discharge ability can grant him immunity to crowd control and projectile protection, respectively.

After leveling up, Meryl restores a portion of her HP each time she passes through an enemy's shield.

skills and statistics

Ability:Meryl swings her greatsword, unleashing sword auras forward that deal damage equal to 141.7% Attack +7, with each strike dealing 5% increased damage. While this attack is active, Meryl is immune to control effects. The cooldown is 45 seconds.

Download:Meryl breaks the ground to create a barrier, and all enemies within the barrier take damage equal to 503.2% Attack +26 and are heavily suspended. In addition, enemies within the barrier will have their speed reduced by 50% and will also lose the ability to dodge or jump. The block duration is 5 seconds and blocks all incoming projectiles.


The statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:12:00 (Friday)
  • Loaded:4,00 (B)
  • Attack:15
  • Endurance:7
  • PD:1165
  • Type:ice tray

Attacks and Passive Abilities

The following are all of Meryl's attacks in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Ice Armor (Passive)
  • Heavy Cleave (Attack x4)
  • Air Strike (Jump + Attack x4)
  • Ascending Slash (Attack x3 + Hold Attack)
  • Moonset Slash (jump + hold attack)
  • Sneak Attack (Crouch + Attack)
  • Whirlwind (hold attack)
  • Devastate (Arrows + Dodge + Attack)
  • Rising Slash (Dodge + Attack)

9. Cuervo

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (9)

Crow, also known as Karasuma, is a fast, cunning and cunning assassin who moves at the speed of light. Ruthless by nature, he is an anti-hero who seeks to punish all wrongdoers and cleanse them of their sins. He lurks in the dead of night and plans his next assassination in the shadows.

He is also very optimistic and loves cats. Crow is a DPS fighter and wields two-volt blades called Thunderblades. Raven excels at lightning slashes and blade throws. He has a great signature ability and a discharge ability that allows him to fire six returning swords and summon three swords that orbit him.

Additionally, Crow's Discharge ability also allows him to teleport to the enemy's location. He also gains a very deadly backstab ability after landing the first jab from him.

skills and statistics

Ability:Raven fires six returning blades, each dealing 52.8% Attack +3 damage. You also get a Hyperbody effect when you don't have the Blades, and that effect will be removed when the Blades return. The cooldown of this attack is 45 seconds.

Download:After charging up his weapon, Crow can teleport to the target's location, dealing 86.9% +5 Attack damage while simultaneously shocking the target. In the process, Crow also summons three swords around him, dealing damage equal to 65.5% Attack +3.

the statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:6.00 (morning)
  • Demand:8,00 (A)
  • Attack:18
  • PD:1165
  • Critical:14
  • Type:Volt

Attacks and Passive Abilities

Crow's list of attacks with his move set is below:

  • War (Passive)
  • Twin Blades (Attack x5)
  • Burst (Jump + Attack x4)
  • Quick thrust (Attack x3 + sustained attack)
  • Spiral drive (Sprung + Halteangriff)
  • Sneak Attack (Crouch + Attack)
  • Flying Blades (Arrows + Dodge + Attack)

10. claudia

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (10)

With a fierce, domineering and fair personality, Claudia is a born leader and someone not to be messed with. She is announced as the captain and commander of all the heroes. She is known for striking fear into the hearts of her enemies before slicing them in two with her one-handed longsword.

Despite her strong and serious personality, behind her bravery hides a lady who loves cats very much. Claudia wields a heavy sword known as the Guren Blade. She is a DPS character that belongs to the "Grievous" element. Claudia's damage output is excellent and she has excellent debuff abilities.

The thing about her character is that it requires some investment before she really becomes what her description is. So if you decide to guide Claudia, make sure you yardenough materials to get her to at least a three-star breakthrough level and a five-star breakthrough level, Claudia is easily an S-tier character.

skills and statistics

Ability:When activating Claudia's special ability, Wander, she dances on up to five targets dealing damage equal to 418% Attack +22. Repeated attacks on the same target deal 20% less damage. At the end of her ability, she performs a slam attack, dealing 264% +14 Attack damage and heavily suspending targets. She is immune to control effects and takes 50% less damage while her ability is active.

Download:Claudia charges at her target, dealing 523.3% Attack +28 damage, leaving a storm of blades in her wake that deals an additional 209.6% Attack +11 damage. Additionally, this attack severely levitates targets and grants immunity to various effects such as Heavy, Freeze, Burning, and Electrify for 5 seconds.

The statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:7,50 (A)
  • Demand:12:00 (Friday)
  • Attack:sixteen
  • Endurance:6
  • PD:1165
  • Type:Grab

Attacks and Passive Abilities

Claudia can use the following attacks in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Severe (Passive)
  • Physical resonance (passive)
  • Quick Cut (Attack x5)
  • Sprungschlag (Pular + Ataque x4)
  • Cyclone (Attack + Sustained Attack)
  • Edge Jump (jump + hold attack)
  • Sneak Attack (Crouch + Attack)
  • Jump Attack (Dodge + Attack)

11. you are

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (11)

Huma, also known as Schumer, received medical attention from Hykros after contracting a rare disease that gave her superhuman strength. She is quiet and introverted, but she will stop at nothing to get what she wants once she puts her mind to it. She wields a flaming shield that can transform into an ax called the Molten Shield V2.

Huma is a defensive unit belonging to the "Flame Element". Huma wields one of the most unique weapons in Tower of Fantasy, which is essentially a two-in-one weapon. Your playstyle can change depending on what mode your weapon is in.

His shield can be used for defense, while his ax can be used to attack, making Huma one of the best hybrid SSR characters in Tower of Fantasy.

skills and statistics

Skill (Shield Conversion):Turn your shield into an ax shape and smash the ground, dealing 373.8% +20 Attack damage while holding the target breathing deeply. Additionally, the attack leaves a large area of ​​flame in its wake for five seconds, which not only inflicts a burning state, but also deals 233.6% Attack +12 damage.

Skill (Ax Conversion):Change from ax form to shield form and slam the ground to deal 309.5% Attack Damage +16 Damage to your enemies. The attack pushes the target back and prevents them from switching weapons. The Shield and Ax abilities share the same cooldown, which is only 25 seconds.

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descargar: Huma unleashes a shock wave of flame, dealing 352% Attack +19 damage. During his attack, he also taunts his targets, granting them 15% damage reduction. He also throws shield-like objects at taunted targets, not only granting him an additional 5% damage reduction, but also restoring his dodge ability.

The statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:10h00 (A)
  • Demand:10h00 (A)
  • Attack:14
  • Endurance:9
  • PD:1165
  • Type:Fiesta

Attacks and Passive Abilities

Huma can perform the following attacks:

  • flame (passive)
  • Normal Attack (Attack x4)
  • Air Strike (Jump + Attack x3)
  • Anticipation (hold attack)
  • Dexterity (jump + sustained attack)
  • Eruption (dodge + attack)

12. Null

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Characters [All Rankings] (12)

Zero, also known as Rei, is a super-intelligent computer geek who has erased all information about his past. He is quick-witted, witty, and has fierce competition that leads him to practically ignore anything he doesn't find interesting or useful. He carries a catalyst called the Negating Cube as a weapon.

Zero is a support unit associated with the Flame element. Zero has excellent defensive gear, and his signature ability allows him to create a shield that can absorb up to 800% attack damage over 10 seconds.

Zero can also be used as a group healer, but unfortunately his healing abilities are locked behind his progression levels one and three.

skills and statistics

Ability:Zero's special ability is called Omnium Shield, which allows him to cast a special type of shield against himself and his allies that can absorb up to 800% attack damage for 10 seconds. At the same time, this is not the only use of this shield. The shield also deals 142.9% Attack + 8 damage to all nearby targets and knocks them back.

His attack damage is also directly proportional to the number of dice Zero has.

Download:After activating Zero's Shock ability, he gains five cubes to unleash on his enemies along with a shockwave attack. The damage dealt by the shockwave is 171% Attack +9, while the damage dealt per die is 48.5% Attack +3. Additionally, all nearby allies gain damage immunity for 3 seconds.

The statistics:

  • combat strength:272
  • smash:5,00 (B)
  • Demand:13h00 (V)
  • Attack:14
  • Endurance:9
  • PD:1165
  • Type:Fiesta

Attacks and Passive Abilities

Zero has the following passive abilities and attacks in his arsenal:

  • flame (passive)
  • Energiewache (Passive)
  • Power Rocket (Passive)
  • Normal Attack (Attack x5)
  • Omnium Rocket (jump + hold attack)
  • Energy Blast (Jump + Attack)
  • Omnium Shock (Ataque x3 + Hold Attack)
  • Soul oiled (Dodge)


Characters are ranked based on our analysis and research and are subject to change. Several characters are nerfed while others are buffed. This means that the character currently on top might not be the best character in the game a few patches down the road.

Also, each character has a different play style and each character can be the best depending on who is driving it. Therefore, we recommend that you thoroughly analyze the character's abilities and playstyle instead of rushing to find the ultimate character.

This concludes our ranking of the best SSR characters in Tower of Fantasy. Let us know what you think of our guide in the comments below.

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What is the best SSR character in Tower of Fantasy? ›

King is the highest-rated shatter character in Tower of Fantasy, with upgrades offering huge boosts to your damage against shields.

Who is the best character in Tower of Fantasy? ›

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  • 6 King.
  • 5 Zero.
  • 4 Cobalt B.
  • 3 Tsubasa.
  • 2 Coco Ritter.
  • 1 Meryl.
Aug 13, 2022

How rare is an SSR in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The base probability of obtaining an SSR weapon is 0.75%, with the overall probability (including guarantee) of 2%. You are guaranteed to obtain an SSR weapon at least once in every 80 Special Orders.

Who is the best shatter character in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Sporting the highest base Shatter stat of any Tower of Fantasy character, King (Scythe of the Crow) is the best shieldbreaker in the game. His scythe is devastatingly fast, and many of his skills are tailored to dragging enemies back within range of his attacks, allowing no respite for retaliation.

Who is the best healer in tof ssr? ›

Cocoritter. Wielding the Absolute Zero weapon, Cocoritter is currently the best support healing unit. Her weapon has CC abilities, using her Ice element to freeze enemies in place.

Who is the strongest in the tower? ›

1) Enryu. Finally, Enryu is regarded as the second-highest Ranker overall, being one rank above Jahad himself. An Irregular who was the first to enter the Tower during Jahad's rule, his nickname “Administrator Murderer” instantly proves just how powerful the enigmatic force can be.

What is the best SSR weapon? ›

Regardless, the objectively best SSR Weapons in Tower of Fantasy for the current meta are King's Scythe of the Crow, Nemesis's Venus, and Samir's Dual EM Stars. Naturally, there are other SSR units that come close to these three in terms of utility or damage.

Who is the strongest DPS in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Samir is the best DPS character in the game. What is this? She is arguably the best DPS character in the game right now. Her weapon – Dual EM Stars – allows you to deal tons of damage quickly.

What is SSR in rarity? ›

Super Star Rare (abbreviated as SSR) is the second highest among the five rarities of cards present in the IDOLiSH7 game. They are marked with gold, uppercase letters SSR found on the bottom-right of the card.

What is the drop rate of SSR in TOF? ›

Random SSR weapon - base probability is 0.75%, guaranteed drop every 80 orders. Random SR weapon - base probability is 1%, guaranteed SR or higher drop every 10 orders.

Can you get SSR from black nucleus? ›

Below is a list of the probabilities of getting different items when using a black nucleus: SSR weapon = 0.3% SR weapon = 3% R weapon = 30.7%

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Who is the best healer in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Cocoritter. Coco is the most powerful healer, and her healing is considered to be the highest among all. She is listed in A-tier. A staff is her weapon and is named as absolute zero, and as far as the element is concerned, it is ice with support resonance.

What is the best class in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The tank class is also worthy of being called Tower of Fantasy Best Class. The Tank class specializes in defending the team against enemy blows. They are mighty warriors that face the enemies head-on and deal enough damage while tanking to finish them off.

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Who is the rank 1 in Tower of God? ›


Who is the weakest character in Tower of God? ›

1 Weakest: Rachel

Rachel is the reason that Bam heads into the Tower in the first place and she becomes the catalyst for a lot in his life. Despite this hold Rachel has over Bam, she never exhibits any skills in Shinsu or combat and spends a lot of time hiding in the shadows.

Who is Baam's wife in Tower of God? ›

Who does Baam marry in Tower of God? Bam permitted people to live freely in the Tower, which included some of his regular friends back when he was on the second floor. He ended up marrying two of those: Rozéal and Grey.

What is the strongest weapon in sf2? ›

#1 — Blood Reaper

The ULTIMATE weapon. This Kusarigama combines an incredibly versatile style of fighting with a fantastic Bleeding enchantment and extra high damage.

What AR has the fastest fire rate? ›

It uses a side-by-side barrel configuration, and it can reach a maximum rate of fire of 6000 rounds/min when fired in two-round burst mode with a 0.01 second delay to increase ballistic performance, making it technically the fastest-firing rifle known.

Who is good for Main DPS? ›

The Best DPS Characters In Genshin Impact, Ranked
  • 21 Shikanoin Heizou.
  • 20 Nilou.
  • 19 Fischl.
  • 18 Diluc.
  • 17 Tartaglia.
  • 16 Xiangling.
  • 15 Kamisato Ayato.
  • 14 Tighnari.
Dec 26, 2022

Who has the highest DPS in TDS? ›

Gladiator, Gladiator has the best DPS and Damage so far. You can Solo Fallen with this if you have Accel or Turret. Gladiator's ability also helps so much too.

Who are the best 4 star DPS? ›

15 4-Star Genshin Impact Characters Who Are Even Better Than 5-Star Characters
  1. 1 Bennett. Pyro Sword User.
  2. 2 Chongyun. Cryo Claymore User. ...
  3. 3 Xiangling. Pyro Polearm User. ...
  4. 4 Razor. Electro Claymore User. ...
  5. 5 Xingqiu. Hydro Sword User. ...
  6. 6 Ningguang. Geo Catalyst User. ...
  7. 7 Sucrose. Anemo Catalyst User. ...
  8. 8 Beidou. Electro Claymore User. ...
Aug 10, 2022

What Tower has the highest DPS in Tower heroes? ›

stuff about the dps chart.

Maitake can do a lot of total damage but it takes time to do as much damage it can do, Dumpster Child's effect attacks much faster but the effect doesn't last longer. Chef has the highest limit dps but with Volt's special scaling it becomes highest limit dps.

What mage does the most DPS? ›

Best boss DPS (in realistic settings)Frost Mage achieved 25.34% more maximum boss DPS than Arcane Mage when dealing with occasional movement, lag and crowd-control. Least affected by movement (single-target)Frost Mage's single-target DPS was -46.68% less affected by increased movement compared to Arcane Mages.

Is SSR the highest rank? ›

The SR rank is comparable to 4 stars which is the second highest rarity while the SSR is like 5 stars and the highest rarity obtainable in the game.

Is SSR better than SR? ›

Character Tiers

When comparing the rarity, characters can be classified into Rarity ( R), Super Rarity (SR) characters and Super Special Rarity (SSR) characters. From the R, SR and SSR, the best characters come as SSR characters.

Is ur or SSR better? ›

However, this is just looking at card stat values and does not consider a card's skill type, skill level, idol group, sub-unit or year categories and skill slots. Where all of these factors are equal, a UR will always trump an SSR.

Can you get SSR from world boss? ›

Low Drop Rates – The main attraction of World Bosses is obviously the juicy potential chance of getting an SSR weapon or matrice drop. However, the rates to get them are so low. Realistically, players can not expect to get the SSR weapons or matrices as the number of times players can get rewards are also time-gated.

What are the chances of getting SSR from boss? ›

SSR Drop Rate is Around 1%

For reference, the probability of pulling an SSR weapon from using 10 Gold Nucleus at the same time is 0.75%, while pulling an SSR Matrix from 10 tries is around 1.7%.

What is the level cap in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Tower of Fantasy's overall Wanderer Level cap is 70. It's impossible to reach that level, however, for at least 88 days. This isn't due to the breadth of content, although Tower of Fantasy does offer plenty to explore. It's because of a hard-coded limit: the daily max level cap.

How do you farm Red Nucleus? ›

Another way to farm for Red Nucleus is to play the game. As you progress through the story and complete quests, you'll earn experience points. These experience points can be used to level up your characters, and each time a character levels up, they'll earn a Red Nucleus.

What is the best way to farm Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy? ›

How To Get Red Nucleus In Tower Of Fantasy
  1. To get Red Nucleus, players can either exchange it for 150 Dark Crystals or buy it through Tanium, which is a currency that can be bought with real-world money. ...
  2. Dark Crystals are a free-to-get currency in Tower of Fantasy.
Aug 19, 2022

Can you save Red Nucleus? ›

Once you've gotten your first Red Nucleus, head into the Special Orders tab and select Rebirth of Clemency. From here, you can either use one order and get a random reward or save up for 10 Red Nuclei and get a guaranteed SR/SSR drop.

Who is the fastest character in FF? ›

Shirou is the fastest delivery guy, as per the in-game description. His passive ability is Damage Delivered.

Who is the best female character in FF? ›

There were several decent female characters featured in Final Fantasy 8, but Selphie is arguably the best one.

Which priest is best healer? ›

The Holy Priest is the classic, most user-friendly healing class available.

Who is the master in healer? ›

Faith, repentance, baptism, a testimony, and enduring conversion lead to the healing power of the Lord.

What is the strongest healer in wow? ›

Preservation Evoker

The combination of Evoker's healing throughput, cooldowns, and versatility has made them the strongest healer throughout the Season without question. Preservation Evoker has exceptional burst healing output along with a unique array of defensive cooldowns.

What is the most op tower in Tower battles? ›

  • Shotgunner.
  • Plasma Trooper.

What is the best class in tof? ›

Warrior Class. This is the number one best class in Tower of Fantasy. Warrior class consists of all Simulcara that are capable of getting in there and fighting enemies face to face. Additionally, they are excellent at dealing massive amounts of Damage Per Second (DPS) while also being hard to kill themselves.

How hard is Tower of true skill? ›

This tower contains an extreme amount of immensely difficult jumps throughout, with most of them being often quirky or complex wraparounds, so it should be attempted only after the player is skilled at those types of jumps.

What is the best SRR in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Regardless, the objectively best SSR Weapons in Tower of Fantasy for the current meta are King's Scythe of the Crow, Nemesis's Venus, and Samir's Dual EM Stars. Naturally, there are other SSR units that come close to these three in terms of utility or damage.

What is an SSR in Tower of Fantasy? ›

These ranks act as rarity levels or stars if we compare them to traditional gacha games. The SR rank is comparable to 4 stars which is the second highest rarity while the SSR is like 5 stars and the highest rarity obtainable in the game.

Is Nemesis worth it? ›

Nemesis is an expensive game, a large portion of which is sunk on the very detailed miniatures. Both the crew and alien intruder minis are very well made and look fantastic. However, I do feel that the game suffers in order to include them. As do most games that put their deluxe nature upfront as a selling point.

What is the best shatter weapon in tof? ›

Scythe of the Crow

Not only is its default shatter stat the highest in the game, but you get another 15% boost to your shatter ability at Advancement 1.

Which SSR relic should I choose? ›

The best Relic in Tower Of Fantasy is the Colossus Arm.

It's a powerful burst of extended DPS whenever you use it, and the ability to shrug off attacks that would otherwise hitstun you makes this SSR Relic an amazing tool in any player's toolkit.

What is the max level in Tower of Fantasy SSR? ›

Tower of Fantasy has a max Wanderer Level of 70, but the game has a built in system to make sure players can't reach it too early. Tower of Fantasy is one of the newer free-to-play Gacha MMOs developed by Hotta Studio.


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