Tower of Fantasy: Charakter-Rangliste – Best SSR and SR Weapons (2023)

There are many ways to improve your game, but none are as powerful as your weapon choice. the reality ofFantasy-TurmIt's just that not all of your characters are born equal and some do their job better than others. To help you figure out which ones to use, we've put together this handy ranking of the best characters and weapons.Fantasy-Turm.

To use:we will have aFantasy-TurmThere will be guides and resources coming soon, so stay tuned.

Below is the tier ranking for each SSR and SR rarity character. The tier ranking of this list ranges from S to C: S-Tier means it's required for all accounts; Level A is strong but more situational than Level S; B-Tier describes a decent character that isn't essential but can be useful; and C-Tier characters are not recommended, but can still be fun. Character rank is divided into shield breakers, DPS and support.

Classification of Shieldbreakers

  • Level S: Rei
  • one level: Hello my son, Meryl
  • Level B: Schiro
  • Level C: Em

reiThe name is not just for show. This daring Cleaver is truly one of the best characters inFantasy-Turm. Not only does he have fantastic Shieldbreaker abilities, but unlike the other top Shieldbreakers, King is classified as a DPS. This is great as it makes it easier to have two DPS weapons on your team. Dual Weapon DPS activates the Attack Resonance effect, which increases damage output by up to 40%.

Tower of Fantasy: Charakter-Rangliste – Best SSR and SR Weapons (1)

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If you don't mind playing a more tank-centric style of play,they areIt's an amazing choice. She is probably the most underrated drillFantasy-Turm. Thanks to her Fission ability, Huma actually has the best theoretical shield break of any character.Fantasy-Turm. That depends on how good you are at dodging attacks, but its potential is unmistakable. As a bonus, your Molten Shield V2 only needs to be scaled to 1* to unlock most of its potential.

The best alternative to a tank-centric playstyle ismeryl. In many ways, Meryl is Huma's counterpart. While Huma uses a fire-based heavy weapon, Meryl uses an ice-based heavy weapon. The main benefit of using Meryl is that her shield break is more consistent than Huma's. While Huma relies heavily on Fission, Meryl is just as effective with her basic attacks. Though less complete than Huma, she relies on other members of her team to cover her weaknesses. This can make it a little more difficult to fit in an effective composition.

Tower of Fantasy: Charakter-Rangliste – Best SSR and SR Weapons (2)

SchiroHe's a better shield breaker than most people believe. Its base destruction rate of 11.40 is among the highest in theFantasy-Turm. Likewise, he is one of the most resource-efficient characters to invest in. Shiro's Shield Break at 1* isn't much worse than Meryl's Shield Break at 5*. Even completely free players can realistically aim for a Shiro 1*. Some players may find Shiro useful, as the relatively small investment required to power her up frees up resources that can be invested into other characters.

Like all RS,eneit is far surpassed by its rather rare peers. She's not terrible, however, and her Focus Smash attack can quickly stack and destroy shields. Those early in the game who are still waiting for their SSRs might find Ene useful as a basic shield switch.

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DPS tier list

  • Level S: Samir
  • one level: Cuervo, Tsubasa
  • Level B: Eco
  • Level C: Bailing, Hilda

By far the best DPS character inFantasy-Turmessamir. Its specialty is dealing damage that is safe and easy to exploit. It has a long-range auto attack that can be manually targeted, and Bullet Rain, an aerial whirlwind attack that keeps it out of range for most attacks. Combining this with his Electric Field ability results in a lot of splash damage, which is great for clearing most of them quickly.Fantasy-TurmContent.

Tower of Fantasy: Charakter-Rangliste – Best SSR and SR Weapons (3)

Cuervois the best alternative to Samir. Both use Volt weapons and hit hard, but while Samir can easily get the job done without taking too much damage, Crow requires you to be good at dodging attacks. Crow also comes with the caveat that it requires being behind an enemy to deal effective damage. That means he's great for team content alongside a strong player who can build aggression, but is average elsewhere. However, even with these flaws, Raven is a solid pick, as her raw damage is impressive when used correctly.

tsubasaHe is the most underrated DPS character inFantasy-Turm. His DPS performance is decent, and like Samir, he can deal most of his damage from a safe distance. But that doesn't make it so good. Tsubasa's unique selling point is that his sharp arrow can increase DPS by up to 15% in 1*. This buff applies to all active characters, so you can quickly get the necessary stacks for the buff and then switch to a different weapon. He's a great character for those looking to future-proof their accounts, as this effect will likely remain relevant in the meta for some time to come.

Tower of Fantasy: Charakter-Rangliste – Best SSR and SR Weapons (4)

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While none of the SR Rarity DPS characters are great,Ecostands out from the rest. This is less because your Thundering Halberd is good and more because it's so easy to upgrade. Their unique matrices are among the easiest to unlock.Fantasy-Turm, as they are not rare and many of them are given as a reward for fulfilling objectives. It's a decent budget DPS option for players who haven't had any luck with their SSR throws.

BothDepositjHildaThey are not worth using in most scenarios. Bai Ling is the better of the two, but is completely outclassed by Tsubasa as the better bow user. As for Hilda, she is probably the worst character inFantasy-Turm. Its Terminator turret is difficult to use due to its inherent lack of mobility and annoying recoil. Against blunt bosses, he just doesn't have enough mobility to dodge deadly attacks.

List of support levels

  • Level S: Nemesis
  • one level: Cocoritter
  • Level B: Null
  • Level C: Pfeffer

everyone who playsFantasy-TurmYou've probably noticed thatjusticeHe is the best character in the game. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as she's the only limited banner at launch. Nemesis pairs exceptionally well with Samir or Crow due to their Volt Resonance. When partnered with another Volt Weapon user, you will receive a flat 15% DPS increase when using Volt Weapons. This incredible passive, combined with his reasonable healing abilities, makes him the top choice no matter what your playstyle.

Tower of Fantasy: Charakter-Rangliste – Best SSR and SR Weapons (5)

While Nemesis is the best DPS-focused support in the game, she isn't the best healer. this honor goes toCocoritterand her Absolute Zero ice stick. She is a great general healer who does a wonderful job of keeping you and your teammates alive. She pairs well with Nemesis, as two support weapons activate the blessing's resonance effect. This doubles the effectiveness of all passive and healing abilities.

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Nullis a support character specializing in strengthening allies. Her healing isn't great, but the buffs she provides can make up for that. It offers a variety of buffs, including damage bonuses, damage immunity, crowd control, and debuff elimination. While traditional healers outperform Zero when completing more difficult content, he is great at speeding up the process of working with content that is easier to squash, like world bosses.

Tower of Fantasy: Charakter-Rangliste – Best SSR and SR Weapons (6)

The only other support inFantasy-TurmesPfeffer. She's better than you think, but her lack of usefulness holds her back. She's basically just a healer with a useful side effect that unlocks at 6*. Early players who want to try out the healer playstyle might enjoy using these, but it's best to upgrade to SSR support when the opportunity arises.

Fantasy-Turmis available on PC viaofficial game launcher.

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What is the best SSR weapon in Tower of? ›

Regardless, the objectively best SSR Weapons in Tower of Fantasy for the current meta are King's Scythe of the Crow, Nemesis's Venus, and Samir's Dual EM Stars.

What is the best SSR DPS in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Samir (Dual EM Stars) takes the crown as the best main DPS currently available. Not only does she benefit from the same volt resonance passive effects as Nemesis, but pairs it with a hail of bullets and kicks that dish out constant, sustained damage, leaving no opportunity for retreat.

What is the best weapon combination in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Combining Frigg/Balmung and Claudia/Gurem Blade, both have some of the most damaging skills in the game, and the shield-breaking prowess and freezing capability of Meryl/Rosy Edge (with the Frost resonance of Frigg), could be your best pick.

What is the best SSR relic in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The best Relic in Tower Of Fantasy is the Colossus Arm.

It's a powerful burst of extended DPS whenever you use it, and the ability to shrug off attacks that would otherwise hitstun you makes this SSR Relic an amazing tool in any player's toolkit.

Who is the best healer in tof ssr? ›

Cocoritter. Wielding the Absolute Zero weapon, Cocoritter is currently the best support healing unit. Her weapon has CC abilities, using her Ice element to freeze enemies in place.

What SSR weapon should I get? ›

The recommendation for the SSR Weapon Box is to choose the S+ or above weapons in the Reroll Ranking. They are at the top class in the current version, and may not lose many places even if new weapons are added, can used for a long time.

Is there a weapon better than Zenith? ›

Star wrath's melee damage is 110 + 220 projectile damage as well as 16 use time(very fast), which makes it the highest DPS item other than the zenith, followed by meowmere(200 damage, 16 use time) then daybreak(150 damage, 16 use time).

Who is the best DPS character? ›

The Best DPS Characters In Genshin Impact, Ranked
  • 9 Arataki Itto.
  • 8 Yae Miko.
  • 7 Wanderer.
  • 6 Eula.
  • 5 Raiden Shogun.
  • 4 Xiao.
  • 3 Kamisato Ayaka.
  • 2 Ganyu.
Dec 26, 2022

Who is the strongest DPS in Tower of Fantasy? ›

1. Samir. Samir is arguably one of the best DPS/ damage dealers in Tower of Fantasy. Moreover, Samir's Duel EM Stars pistols can do a huge amount of damage to the enemies from a certain range.

Who is the best DPS character in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Samir is the best DPS character in the game. She is arguably the best DPS character in the game right now. Her weapon – Dual EM Stars – allows you to deal tons of damage quickly. Plus, the best part is that she has a Charge rating of 10.7.

What is the highest Dex weapon? ›

Elden Ring: The 10 Best Dexterity Weapons, Ranked
  • 8 The Parrying Dagger.
  • 7 The Godskin Peeler.
  • 6 The Wakizashi.
  • 5 The Scythe.
  • 4 The Hand of Malenia.
  • 3 Morgott's Cursed Sword.
  • 2 The Uchigatana.
  • 1 Moonveil.
Jun 4, 2022

What is the best weapon in fantasy? ›

10 Most Memorable Weapons From Fantasy Movies & TV
  • Andúril: 'The Lord of the Rings' (2001) ...
  • Maneuvering Gear Swords: 'Attack on Titan' (2013) ...
  • Longclaw: 'Game of Thrones' (2011-2019) ...
  • Head of Medusa: 'Clash of the Titans' (1981) ...
  • The Elder Wand: 'Harry Potter' (2001-2011)
Oct 22, 2022

Is Sword of night and flame the best weapon? ›

The Sword of Night and Flame was immensely popular when Elden Ring released and, despite a post-launch nerf, remains one of the best weapons in Elden Ring. That's due to its Night-and-Flame Stance skill, which lets you cast two powerful spells from your sword.

Which relic is the best? ›

God Of War Ragnarok: Best Relics, Ranked
  • 8 Mystical Heirloom.
  • 7 Hilt Of Forsbrandr.
  • 6 Motsognir's Call.
  • 5 Hilt Of Hrotti.
  • 4 Hilt Of Gram.
  • 3 Hilt Of Hofud.
  • 2 Talisman Of Meign.
  • 1 Huldra Project #9.
Nov 17, 2022

Which relic weapon is the easiest? ›

Among all the Relic Weapons, the Anima series is the relatively easiest one to unlock due to how fast players can complete them.

How do I get the insanely perfect relic? ›

The N. Sanely Perfect Relic is obtained by breaking every crate and finishing the level without dying a single time. Bonus round deaths do not void the requirement as they do not increase the deaths counter. Perfect Relics are obtained in every level, barring Flashback Tapes and Boss Levels.

What class is best for Healer? ›

There are a lot of classes who can heal in World Of Warcraft - but not all of them are Healers, and only one can be the best. All roles in a party are important in MMORPGs.
World Of Warcraft: The Best Classes For Healing
  1. 1 Monk.
  2. 2 Priest. ...
  3. 3 Druid. ...
  4. 4 Shaman. ...
  5. 5 Paladin. ...
Oct 5, 2022

Is time the best Healer? ›

Time, according to the aphorism, is a great healer. Although primarily referring to affairs of the heart, the saying is also relevant to health. Many illnesses respond to the healing effect of time. But time is also a major constraint in modern healthcare.

Why is Noelle the best Healer? ›

She's trained to sweep, after all. With her Elemental Skill in effect, Noelle gains a shield and begins healing the team with each strike of her weapon. Both boost scale from her DEF stat, making her a premier tank to swap in when the rest of the team needs patching up.

What is SR and SSR in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The SR rank is comparable to 4 stars which is the second highest rarity while the SSR is like 5 stars and the highest rarity obtainable in the game.

What is the drop rate of SSR in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Random SSR weapon - base probability is 0.75%, guaranteed drop every 80 orders. Random SR weapon - base probability is 1%, guaranteed SR or higher drop every 10 orders.

What is the best early strength weapon? ›

The best strength weapon is Grafted Blade Greatsword, found in Castle Morne in Weeping Peninsula, a region to the south of Limgrave that's accessible from the start of the game.

Do ranged weapons use Dex or Str? ›

By default, ranged weapons use Dexterity as their ability modifier. If they are tagged as finesse (darts are the only official ranged weapon with this tag), then they can use either your Strength or your Dexterity modifier, at your choice.

Is the dragon Greatclaw good? ›

Dragon Greatclaw: It's not particularly bad; it's not particularly good. The Dragon Greatclaw has an underwhelming ability that boosts poise, and it is decent enough at staggering enemies, but it doesn't stand out in any meaningful way from the crowd.

Is Meowmere better than Zenith? ›

The Meowmere has the highest listed base damage of all weapons in the game, apart from explosives. However, other endgame weapons like the Zenith, Terrarian, or Star Wrath often have much higher DPS , e.g. due to unlisted bonuses. It was referred to as Meowmur before its release.

Is godly or Legendary better for Zenith? ›

Its best modifier is Legendary.

Is Zenith stronger than last prism? ›

The Last Prism used to have the highest overall DPS of any weapon in Terraria, but it has since been surpassed by the Zenith.

Who is the strongest 4 star DPS? ›

Xingqiu is regarded as one of the highest damage dealers in the entire game. He works well with Cryo characters, such as Chongyun. Xingqiu also works excellently with Pyro characters, such as Diluc, Xiangling, or Bennett.

What is a main DPS character? ›

The Main DPS character in Genshin Impact typically deals lots of damage and is the character that will primarily carry your team in the game. For these reasons, they are on the field most of the time.

Who is the weakest 5 star Genshin Impact? ›

Qiqi, a five-star character, is dead — well, undead. A zombie resurrected by magical beings and gods called the adepti, Qiqi now works at the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor under the care of a strange man named Baizhu.

What is the best shatter weapon in tof? ›

Scythe of the Crow

Not only is its default shatter stat the highest in the game, but you get another 15% boost to your shatter ability at Advancement 1.

Who is the best healer in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Cocoritter. Coco is the most powerful healer, and her healing is considered to be the highest among all. She is listed in A-tier. A staff is her weapon and is named as absolute zero, and as far as the element is concerned, it is ice with support resonance.

Is lightning the strongest FF protagonist? ›

That doesn't stop Lightning from being the strongest Final Fantasy protagonist of them all. Each sequel makes her stronger than the last, and by the time Lightning Returns comes along she's a character that wields dozens of powers and is classified as a goddess herself.

Who is the strongest in the tower? ›

1) Enryu. Finally, Enryu is regarded as the second-highest Ranker overall, being one rank above Jahad himself. An Irregular who was the first to enter the Tower during Jahad's rule, his nickname “Administrator Murderer” instantly proves just how powerful the enigmatic force can be.

Who has the highest DPS in TDS? ›

Gladiator, Gladiator has the best DPS and Damage so far. You can Solo Fallen with this if you have Accel or Turret. Gladiator's ability also helps so much too.

What is better strength or Dex? ›

Strength builds allow players to take and dish out hits equally effectively, while dexterity builds allow players to become opportunistic assassins who dish out massive damage before retreating.

Do ranged weapons add Dex to damage? ›

Yes, a ranged attack with a ranged weapon would include your Dex bonus to both attack and damage rolls. The Player's Handbook mentions this twice. You add your Dexterity modifier to your attack roll and your damage roll when attacking with a ranged weapon, such as a sling or a longbow.

Do Firearms add Dex? ›

You do not normally add your dex to firearms damage. Gunslingers however get the ability to do so at 5th level.

What are the strongest weapon? ›

1. Tsar Bomba: The Tsar Bomba qualifies as a weapon of mass destruction in every way. The weapon was the Soviet Union's response to the nuclear program of the United States.

What is the best class in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The tank class is also worthy of being called Tower of Fantasy Best Class. The Tank class specializes in defending the team against enemy blows. They are mighty warriors that face the enemies head-on and deal enough damage while tanking to finish them off.

Which weapons to use Tower of Fantasy? ›

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List
S TierAbsolute Zero, Chakram of the Seas, Venus, Scythe of the Crow, Dual EM Stars
A TierIcewind Arrow, Thunderblades, Molten Shield V2, Rosy Edge, Staff of Scars, Negating Cube
B TierThe Terminator, Thunderous Halberd, Nightingale's Feather, Pummeler
1 more row
Aug 24, 2022

What is the strongest sword in Final Fantasy? ›

Final Fantasy VI. The Lightbringer and the Ultima Weapon are the two strongest weapons.

Was Night and Flame nerfed? ›

The studio behind the game, FromSoftware, went on to nerf the weapon, but thanks to a certain modder, the Sword of Night and Flame is back and better than ever.

Is Zenith the best sword? ›

The Zenith is generally agreed upon to be the game's strongest weapon, making it ideal for any type of fight.

What is the best shatter weapon in ToF? ›

Scythe of the Crow

Not only is its default shatter stat the highest in the game, but you get another 15% boost to your shatter ability at Advancement 1.

What does SR mean in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Character Tiers

Characters in the Tower of Fantasy (ToF) can be categorized into several classifications considering factors such as rarity, stars, ranks etc. When comparing the rarity, characters can be classified into Rarity ( R), Super Rarity (SR) characters and Super Special Rarity (SSR) characters.

What is the strongest weapon to use? ›

Click to skip ahead and see the 5 Most Powerful Weapons In The World.
  • RPG. ...
  • SAM. ...
  • AH-64 Apache Gunship. ...
  • F-35 Lightning II. ...
  • Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier. ...
  • Chemical weapon – Chimera virus. ...
  • The Agni Missile. ...
  • The Trident II D5 SLBM.
Dec 23, 2020

What is the most powerful weapon? ›

Russia's Tsar bomba: World's most powerful nuclear weapon of mass destruction. The Tsar bomba exploded about 4 km above the ground and reportedly produced a mushroom cloud 60 km high.

What is the greatest weapon of all? ›

Prayer is the Greatest of all weapons

Prayer is not only another weapon, but the greatest of all the weapons as it infuses the rest of the armor with the power needed to fight the enemy. It is the one thing Paul asks the Ephesians to do for him: pray!

What is the best secondary in Shatterline? ›

The G5 Earl is considered to be a good choice of sidearm, due to its shockingly high accuracy (one of, if not the highest in the game).

Is rage blade the best weapon? ›

Rageblade is a Barbarian-only weapon that replaces the Emerald Sword and has the fifth greatest attack damage of all weapons.

Which 4 star weapon to forge? ›

The Prototype Starglitter is a four-star Polearm that you can forge for your character in ten seconds with a few simple ingredients and 500 Mora. Once equipped, your character will see their Normal and Charged Attack damage increased by eight percent for up to 12 seconds after they've used their Elemental Skill.

Is sr better than ssr Tower of Fantasy? ›

These ranks act as rarity levels or stars if we compare them to traditional gacha games. The SR rank is comparable to 4 stars which is the second highest rarity while the SSR is like 5 stars and the highest rarity obtainable in the game.

What is SR and SSR? ›

SR = "super rare", aka C. SSR = "super,super rare", aka B.

What is the difference between SSR and SR weapon Tower of Fantasy? ›

A Full ★ SR Is As Strong As A 3~4★ SSR

Skill Effects and ease of use are factors but if you compare their stats. There will be times that an SR weapon has higher base stats than SSR. SR weapons also consume less materials to level up so it is recommended to level up SR that you find easy to use.


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