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fantasy goals(Thousand) is a shared open worldscrambled eggsdeveloped byinfinite levelfor Android and iOS.SimulateThe weapon characters in the game are ancient heroes whose consciousnesses have been transferred into artificial intelligences that the player can equip. Once a Simulacra is unlocked, the player can summon it and thus equip the character. The player character then takes on the form, traits, and personality of that simulacrum. Don't worry, we've rounded up all the Tower of Fantasy drills based on their strengths in this tier list.

Drills and Games at Tower of Fantasy

Contrary to the general concept of standalone characters and weapons, the game features the characters that are the mocks combined with their signature weapons, so technically you're just looking for weapons in the gacha banner.

The game also allows you to freely use any weapon without any limitation on any character. At this early stage of the game, SR characters can also remove most of the game's content; The only cases where you need powerful characters are inPhantom Past, Apex League y Void RiftFrom now on and before, you will have to look at a list of levels.

Fantasy Tower Simulator Augustus 2022 Tier List

The tier list provided here is based on a character's overall long-term viability and current meta compared to other characters. The levels are dividedfrom S+ to Bwhere isNivel S+It is highly recommended for characters and B-tier characters are not that great and there are other alternative options to choose from.

ebenCharacterassociated weaponElement
Supersaturated (S+)RakeVenusWalt
Stark (C)The same thingdouble star EMWalt
Stark (C)At seapink rosees
Stark (C)tsubasaIce Wind Arrowes
Stark (C)The kingcrescent crowFuego
well a)Coco RitterAbsolute zeroes
well a)cuervogood heavensWalt
well a)ShiroChakram der Meerephysicist
well a)Nullnegative cubeFuego
well a)they areMolten Shield V2Fuego
well a)EneCelles
Honesto (B)Ecohalberd thunderWalt
Honesto (B)Bieberstaff of scarsWalt
Debil (C)hildeterminatores
Debil (C)Depositnightingale featherphysicist


the nemesis is herethe best support for Volt teams, as he not only provides decent heals for the whole team, but also has passive DPS abilitiesAdditionally, there is a zero constellation base in your kit, which grants a 20% volt bonus damage that can be upgraded by unlocking more constellations.

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Generally,Nemesis is a major character when it comes to Volt Squadsand allies with almost every character in the Volt. The downsides of him include being tied only to Volt teams for his full potential, even if his team is just as strong at the highest level. Nemesis is a restricted banner character, which means she can only be summoned with Red Nucleus, which is better saved for the next DPS than support.

The king

Without a doubt King is one of the best.DPS-Schildbrecherin the game based on the current meta. His element type is Flame and he has good AOE attacks that are very effective against different types of enemies and bosses. Once he has his zodiac signs, they give him a lot of power and with one star he can apply a powerful DOT debuff that makes him a favorite character in his arsenal.

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King is very powerful on his own, but to maximize his damage potential, he must execute combos effectively; However, he is prone to combo breaks, which means a loss of DPS on turns and requires a certain level of skill.

The same thing

Samir is a Volt-type DPS with a fast attack and one of the most agile characters in the game in terms of combat moves. AreThe kit includes unique air strikes.and assault attacks, which not only give you a window to quickly dodge, but also allow you to correct your position if necessary.

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by SamirThe fast-paced fighting style also has a drawback.because it requires good movement control; Otherwise, you could waste a few seconds on wrong combinations. It has a wide variety of attack abilities, but it's not worth it in most situations, since the damage is quite low and you can switch to another character. The best thing about her is that she is a capable DPS with only zero stars and can play the role of attacker quite well.

At sea

Meryl is very similar to King, but instead of being a DPS, she is a tank and her debuffs include Freeze and Stun. Her attacks are relatively slow compared to other characters, but her shields and crowd control abilities are more than adequate. In itapex competitionMeryl is one of the best characters to challenge other players and at the same time the worst enemy you will face when you face them.

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SonUltimate grants him a powerful shield and stuns enemies., not to mention reduced movement speed and an icy cage that can prevent him from getting out. His normal ability also causes him to ignore crowd control debuffs, which means it's pretty hard to stop the combo once it starts. Meryl not only suffers from slow attack speed, but her abilities are also slow to cast, making her a little clumsy with team rotations.


tsubasa is the only onesafe option in the long run, like most charactersIn the current meta, the new limited edition characters outclass him upon arrival, but his kit includes a unique ability that can be used in certain scenarios. He has a Team Boost ability that unlocks on a star and massively increases again.Six stars mean an increase of 24% or 40%.This boost is very important in certain cases, such as in Bygone Phantasm and beyond.

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Other than that, he is also a powerful character and has AOE skills that can deal significant damage. The only downsides to his team are that he has a number of conditions that must be met before Squad Boost can be applied, and he has weak basic attacks.

Coco Ritter

coconut is oneHe is a healing support character and can do a decent but basic null constellation heal early on.That's all most characters in the game can do these days by taking on more than one role at a time, and since Coco is just a healer, she's certainly not worth taking a spot in the team's rotation.

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she has that tooDamage increases on his ability, along with his ability to control crowds.But all of that and much of his gear, like Energy Replenishment and Heal Boost, are hidden behind some constellations that are pretty hard for the average player to find right now. His element is Ice and he has access to the Ice Bowl ability, common to all Ice characters, which can freeze enemies. In general, she is a good healer early in the game, but she finds herself overshadowed by better healers later in the game.

they are

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Above all, Huma is oneThe character is a tank and wields a unique weapon that can change form from shield to ax or from ax to shield at will.accompanied by high AOE damage. Like Samir, so is she.Very convenient just based on the null constellation.; However, tank-only abilities like Taunt aren't very useful in real combat scenarios. Your zodiac signs are very powerful and can unlock a lot of perks and debuffs in your kit. Overall, she's a good character to use in the game if you have her.


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corvo is oneVolt-DPSand it is similarThe same thingbut instead of oneThe rifle contains a double sword.and has a flashy style of play. can alsoEffectively break shieldswith the right maneuvers. Your constellation can unlock some very powerful stat boosts based on HP percentage. Overall, he's a great character to invest in, but he's hard to play efficiently as he requires good mechanical skills.


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shiro isprimarily an AOE damage dealerIhas good crowd controlThis will pull enemies some distance away to destroy them with attacks. In higher zodiac signs, you can handle some situations very well. she is one toopretty good shieldbreakerBut at a higher level, others can do better than them, and their skill set is a bit difficult to implement.


zero is onegreat healer and when it comes to healing he is close to Coco. His equipment is mainly focused on his weapon, which you will need to acquire over time to increase its effectiveness. You can also equip yourself with decent shields and combine them with your abilities.

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zero is onegood character in the long term, since with the signs of the zodiacIt can unlock many powerful abilities such as equipment level upgrades, and it can also act as a secondary DPS that can compete with other DPS in the level. In most constellations you are essentially a one person team as you can play all roles by yourself.

last thought

The game was released just a few days ago and the current meta is heavily based on the already running Chinese version of the game. The global version has undergone some changes that may have changed things now and in the future. So test your characters yourself and try to create synergistic teams.

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