Who dies in Game of Thrones season 3 episode 9? (2023) (2023)

Who dies in Game of Thrones season 3 episode 9?

Castamere's Rain

"Castamere's Rain"
Catelyn Stark after unsuccessfully pleading with Walder Frey to spare her son Robb's life, seconds before her own death.
episode no.Season 3 Episode 9
Directed byDavid Nutter
Written byDavid Benioff DB Weiss

12 more rows

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Who died at the Red Wedding?

Lord Roose Bolton personally stabbed the wounded Robb Stark through the heart. The "lame" Lothar Frey stabbed Queen Talisa Stark. Previously, he acted as an envoy to lure the Tullys and Stark to the Twins. "Black" Walder Rivers, slit Catelyn Stark's throat.

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In which episode did the Red Wedding take place?

10 Season 3, Episode 9

The penultimate episode of season 3 presented fans with one of the most impressive ten minutes of television to ever see in the form of The Red Wedding. '

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What happens in Game of Thrones season 3 episode 8?

In the episode, Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark marry in King's Landing, Gendry arrives on Dragonstone with Melisandre, Arya and the Hound travel through the Riverlands, Samwell and Gilly camp north of the Wall, and Daenerys reunites with the mercenary company of the Second Sons. Yunkai Outskirts.

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Who got married at the Red Wedding?

The Red Wedding is a massacre at the wedding feast of Edmure Tully, Lord of Riverrun, and Roslin Frey in the Twins in AD 299. C. during the War of the Five Kings. The King of the North, Robb Stark, his mother Catelyn and most of his 3,500 soldiers are killed.

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Who killed Robb Stark and why?

Although Robb displays exceptional military talent, he is ultimately betrayed and killed at his uncle Edmure's wedding to Roslin Frey by the treacherous Walder Frey and Roose Bolton, all under the discreet command of Tywin Lannister.

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Does Robb Stark have a son?

After an intimate moment, Robb and Talisa discuss their postwar plans in the North. Soon after, she asks Robb if she's going to Volantis with her so her family can meet him...and hers her child, and reveals that she's pregnant.

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Did Jaime know about the Red Wedding?

No. Jaime no sabía de antemano sobre la Boda Roja. En Tormenta de espadas, Jaime escucha la noticia mientras se dirige a Desembarco del Rey. No sabemos exactamente qué pensó al respecto, y cuando recuerda esta información, ya está en King's Landing lamentando la muerte de otra persona.

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Why did Bolton betray Robb?

Roose chose to betray Robb long ago after the Lannisters defeated Stannis Baratheon at the Battle of Blackwater, and he always feigned loyalty, even as he plotted the destruction of the Starks.

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In which episode does Robb Stark die?

Castamere's Rain

"Castamere's Rain"
Game of Thrones-Folge
Catelyn Stark after unsuccessfully pleading with Walder Frey to spare her son Robb's life, seconds before her own death.
episode no.Season 3 Episode 9
Directed byDavid Nutter

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Why did the actor switch to Daario Naharis?

In an interview with EW, Skrein explained that Daario Naharis' acting change was for "political" reasons after he was asked if he was leaving for the fourth Transporter film. "It was reported in the press, but it was much more political than that.

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Who was the first Daario Naharis?

Game of Thrones fans were probably shocked when they realized that the character of Daario Naharis didn't look the same as when he was reintroduced in the fourth season of the hit HBO series. Originally played by Ed Skrein in three episodes, the character was recast with Dutch actor Michiel Huisman in the role.

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Who dies in Game of Thrones season 3 episode 9? (2023) (1)

Who played the original Daario Naharis?

daario naharis

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Why does Robb Stark marry among the seven?

Finding a septon and marrying in the Light of Seven was so much easier to do, especially when it had to be done in a hurry and in secret. This was backed up by writer Bryan Cogman in an interview with Winter is Coming, when he was asked about the matter and said: "Forced marriage!

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How old is Robb Stark when he dies?

16 years

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Who is Robb Stark's wife?

Presented by. Queen Talisa Stark, née Maegyr, was a healer on the battlefields of the Westerlands, where she met, fell in love with, and eventually married the King of the North, Robb Stark.

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Did Robb name Jon his heir?

So, shortly before joining the Twins, Robb wrote a letter naming an heir to his position as King in the North. A Storm of Swords strongly suggests that Jon Snow was the man Robb named Winterfell's heir and that Robb's letter also legitimized him as Jon Stark, Ned Stark's legitimate son.

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What happens to Theon Greyjoy?

Theon defends Bran from the undead until he is the last man standing, but the Night King arrives. Bran thanks Theon and Theon attacks the Night King, but is killed after the Night King impales him on Bran's own spear. After the Long Night, Theon is cremated along with those killed in battle.

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After Robb, who became King of the North?

Robb would be so proud of Jon in GoT When fans get back on track for the highly anticipated seventh season of Game of Thrones, they'll have a new King in the North, and his name is Jon Snow.

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Who married Jon Snow?

Daenerys looks incredulous. Jon tells Daenerys that Rhaegar did not rape Lyanna; he loved her and they were secretly married.

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Is Talisa a spy?

Talisa's scenes in The Old Gods and the New are very intriguing: she is in the middle of a military camp, writing a letter and openly joking with Robb that she is a Lannister spy sending reports to Tywin.

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Who does Arya Stark marry?

Arya Stark

Art by John Picacio ©
Be born289 no. Cr. (Change 11) at Winterfell
spouseLord Ramsay Bolton (supposedly)
PaiLorde Eddard Stark
murmurLady Catelyn Tully

9 more lines

When did Roose Bolton decide to betray Robb?

Popularly, Roose Bolton turned on Robb Stark when he realized that the Stark cause was lost following the Lannister's victory over Stannis Baratheon at King's Landing. However, after re-reading the first book, I believe the evidence for the betrayal goes further than originally thought.

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What happened to the black fish in Got?

A Lannister soldier then informs Jaime that Blackfish died while resisting arrest.

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Edmure was killed at the Red Wedding?

Instead, the Red Wedding took place when everyone attended the celebrations. Edmure was not killed, as he was putting his new girlfriend to sleep at the time, but the next morning he found himself a prisoner of the Freys, a position from which he could never escape. The last time we saw Edmure was in season 6.

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Who dies in Season 3 episode 9 of got? ›

Catelyn threatens to kill Walder's wife, Joyeuse, if he does not let Robb leave alive, but Walder is indifferent to the threat. Robb is stabbed and killed by Roose while Catelyn watches in horror. After cutting Joyeuse's throat, Catelyn's own throat is cut by Black Walder Frey.

What happens in The Red Wedding episode? ›

The Red Wedding is a massacre at the wedding feast of Edmure Tully, Lord of Riverrun, and Roslin Frey at the Twins in 299 AC during the War of the Five Kings. The King in the North, Robb Stark, his mother Catelyn, and most of his three thousand five hundred soldiers are slaughtered.

Which EP is The Red Wedding? ›

Who Killed The Starks In Red Wedding? The red wedding is shown in the ninth and penultimate episode of the third season of 'Game of Thrones'.

What happened in season 3 episode 10 Game of Thrones? ›

The episode revolves on the aftermath of the events instigated by "The Red Wedding", in which Tywin Lannister is revealed to be the mastermind behind the massacre — with Walder Frey and Roose Bolton having conspired with the Lannisters against the Starks.

What is the saddest episode of Game of Thrones? ›

The Red Wedding is still the biggest tear-inducing moment of the entire series. A pivotal moment in pop culture, the penultimate episode of season three saw the death of several important characters. Robb Stark watches his pregnant wife Talisa die after she's brutally stabbed in the abdomen.

Who has the saddest death in Game of Thrones? ›

Game Of Thrones' Saddest Deaths, Ranked
  • 8/10 Jon Was Murdered By His Fellow Men.
  • 7/10 Theon Redeemed And Sacrificed Himself.
  • 6/10 Ygritte Died Fighting.
  • 5/10 Oberyn Met A Gory End.
  • 4/10 Stannis Let Shireen Burn.
  • 3/10 The Red Wedding Deaths.
  • 2/10 How Wylis Became Hodor.
  • 1/10 Daenerys' Untimely End.
Nov 4, 2022

Who survives Red Wedding? ›

Nearly all of the Stark bannermen at the wedding were slain. The books mention only four who were taken alive, three from the Riverlands and one from the North: Edmure Tully, Marq Piper, Patrek Mallister, and Greatjon Umber. It is unknown if any of the other guests were taken alive too.

Does Lady Stark survive the Red Wedding? ›

As a bit of brief background for those who aren't in the loop, Lady Stoneheart is the resurrected form of Catelyn Stark. Following the events of the Red Wedding, where Catelyn was murdered, Beric Dondarrion gives his life to resurrect Catelyn. But she's different when she returns to life.

Who escapes the Red Wedding? ›

Not everyone was slaughtered at the Red Wedding — Edmure Tully became a prisoner of the Freys, and the Blackfish, Catelyn's uncle Brynden Tully, escaped. This gives the Stark kids two more relatives that they've forgotten about — seriously, did they never have any family reunions?

Why is Red Wedding so shocking? ›

Game of Thrones' Red Wedding is one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in television history, depicting the moment where Robb Stark's mistake in deciding to marry Talisa cost him his life at the hands of the Freys, as well as the lives of Talisa, his mother Catelyn, his direwolf, and countless Stark bannermen.

How did Sansa find out about the Red Wedding? ›

Sansa has learned from Tyrion the fate of her brother and mother at the Red Wedding. She and her husband join many other guests at the Queen's Ballroom to give Joffrey his wedding gifts. It is a new year, the 300th since Aegon's Conquest, and Joffrey's wedding is that night.

Who married Sansa? ›

Sansa Stark

What episode does Sansa lose her virginity? ›

The 46th episode overall, it was written by Bryan Cogman, and directed by Jeremy Podeswa. It first aired on HBO on May 17, 2015. Theon watches in horror as Sansa Stark is raped by Ramsay Bolton. The scene caused much controversy.

Who kills Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones? ›

As Daenerys rained dragonfire down on King's Landing in the fifth episode of Game of Thrones' eighth season, Jaime frantically searched for Cersei in the Red Keep. After being mortally wounded in his winning fight against Euron Greyjoy, the Kingslayer was desperate to reunite with his sister one last time.

What is the scariest episode of Game of Thrones? ›

The penultimate episode of season eight, "The Bells," saw Daenerys and Drogon rain fire down on King's Landing. This destruction kept going long after the Lannisters had surrendered, and it turned into a truly brutal massacre. Innocent civilians being burned alive was a disturbing and terrifying sight to see.

Who was the most evil character in Game of Thrones? ›

Easily the most callous, dastardly, and self-destructive villain in HBO's Game of Thrones universe, Cersei Lannister was, at points, television's most despised character, as her thirst for power and hatred of her brother, fan-favorite Tyrion Lannister, put her at direct odds with the heroes of our story.

Who has the hardest life in Game of Thrones? ›

The 10 Hardest Characters On Game Of Thrones: Ranked
  • 8 - The Mountain. ...
  • 7 - Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun. ...
  • 6 - Ser Arthur Dayne. ...
  • 5 - Greyworm. ...
  • 4 - Brienne Of Tarth. ...
  • 3 - Daario Naharis. ...
  • 2 - Khal Drogo. ...
  • 1 - Prince Oberyn Martell.
May 26, 2016

Why do Targaryens not burn? ›

In fact, Martin outright said as much during a Q&A back in 1999, calling the idea that Targaryens were magically immune to fire a “common misconception.” “TARGARYENS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO FIRE!” the author emphatically stated. “The birth of Dany's dragons was unique, magical, wonderous, a miracle.

Who has the best death in got? ›

Game of Thrones: Most Memorable Character Deaths in the HBO Series, Ranked
  • 8 Red Wedding – Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, Talisa, and Grey Wind.
  • 7 Shireen Baratheon.
  • 6 Ramsay Bolton.
  • 5 Oberyn Martell.
  • 4 Joffrey Baratheon.
  • 3 Tywin Lannister.
  • 2 Ned Stark.
  • 1 Hodor.
Aug 23, 2022

Who betrayed khaleesi? ›

15. Jorah Mormont's Betrayal Is Revealed. Daenerys's most trusted confidant Jorah Mormont becomes her primary enemy when she finds out that he had been spying on her for Varys — at least when he met her. Though it seems his allegiance is firmly for her now, Daenerys harshly exiles him.

Who is the most satisfying death in Game of Thrones? ›

Here, we look back at the ten most satisfying of these killings.
  • Lysa Arryn. ...
  • The Mountain. ...
  • Ser Alliser Thorne. ...
  • Stannis Baratheon. ...
  • Tywin Lannister. ...
  • Viserys Targaryen. ...
  • Ser Meryn Trant. ...
  • Walder Frey.
May 26, 2019

How many characters died in the Red Wedding? ›

The infamous Red Wedding claimed the lives of four major characters in one fell swoop. The fallout also led to Arya Stark's vicious killing of a Frey soldier who bragged about sewing Grey Wind's head to Robb Stark's body.

What were Robb Stark's last words? ›

In Game of Thrones, Robb Stark's final word is "mother," as he calls out to Catelyn. In the books, however, Robb's last words are "Grey Wind," the name of his loyal direwolf who is also killed at the Red Wedding, with his head later sown onto Robb's body.

What happens to Lady Stark? ›

Walder had planned to take Catelyn hostage, but the maddened woman claws her own face and Ser Raymund Frey is allowed to slit her throat. The Freys dump her body naked into the Green Fork, a mockery of House Tully's funeral customs, after Catelyn has been dead for a day and a night.

Do all the Stark children survive? ›

Of all the great houses of Westeros, the Starks wound up making out better than most of the others. Three of the five kids survived (or four of six if you count Jon, who's technically a Targaryen), and most of them got what they wanted.

Does Catelyn Stark become a white walker? ›

In the novels by George RR Martin, Catelyn returns from the dead as a white walker known as Lady Stoneheart. However, the character never made the cut in the HBO fantasy drama, which concluded last year.

What happens to the eldest Stark daughter? ›

Later on, when her eldest brother Robb wins a battle against the Lannisters, Sansa is publicly beaten and humiliated in front of the court by Joffrey and Ser Meryn (on Joffrey's orders), as payment for her brother's crimes.

Why did Walder Frey betray the Starks? ›

He made a pact with the Lannisters to murder Robb Stark just for breaking a promise of marriage. This aspect of him is also seen where his sons and daughters constantly try to win his favor. Lord Walder was only conditionally loyal to anyone who could give him and his house a great benefit.

Did Jaime Lannister plan the Red Wedding? ›

The fact that Tywin Lannister was the real mastermind behind the Red Wedding who conspired with Frey for him to betray the Northern Army, while breaking of the marriage pact was merely a cover.

Why do Indians marry in red? ›

In Indian culture, red is a major hue in most religious rites, and it has a variety of positive implications, representing new beginnings, zeal, and fortune. Red symbolizes the Hindu deity Durga, who signifies new beginnings and feminine strength.

Why do Asians get married in red? ›

The roots of the ceremony stem from China's 5000-year history which includes more than 2000 years of feudal society. Traditionally, on the wedding day, the bride wore a red dress and covered her face with a red veil. Red symbolizes good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

How did Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding? ›

The result of the red wedding was that the Boltons became Wardens of the North by Royal decree. Now, the Boltons no longer exist as Lords or Wardens of the north. Jon Snow and Sansa took back Winterfell and destroyed House Bolton after winning the 'Battle of Bastards'.

Does Sansa get pregnant? ›

Fortunately, the answer is... nope! Sansa is not pregnant with Ramsay's baby, at least according to a reliable Game of Thrones spoiler and news website Watchers On The Wall.

Did Arya avenge the Red Wedding? ›

Arya avenges the death of her family and Red Wedding, by killing Walder Frey and his sons. sing his powers, Brandon learns that Jon is actually the son of Lyanna who was adopted by Eddard to protect him from Robert's rebellion. Daenerys accompanied by her armies and dragons sets sail to Westeros.

Who poisoned Joffrey? ›

Olenna reflects on the horrible way that Joffrey died, and the gruesome details that the poison caused; she admits that part was unintentional on her part, as she had never seen the strangler work in person before. Jaime is shocked to learn Olenna was the one who poisoned his son.

Who gets Sansa pregnant? ›

One of the less pleasant theories to crop up during this years series of Game of Thrones (and that's saying something) was the idea that Sophie Turner's Sansa Stark, newly liberated from her abusive husband Ramsay (Iwan Rheon), would end up pregnant with his child regardless.

Does Sansa have a baby? ›

Not a child any longer." Petyr Baelish: "Sansa and King Daveth might have consummated the marriage, but he ended up leaving her a grieving widow. When she was wed to Tyrion, such consummation never took place.

Does Arya marry Ramsay? ›

Even so, Ramsay marries Fake Arya in the godswood. A bard by the name of Abel arrives uninvited, with six women followers, to perform for the wedding. Theon believes that he hears his name ("Theon") whispered by the godswood, after months of thinking of himself only as Reek.

Who does Arya sleep with? ›

Popular on Variety

Williams had long been under the assumption that Arya identified as queer. The character has sex with Gendry in “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” the second episode of the show's eighth and final season.

Why does Arya Stark go blind? ›

Her loss of vision was a punishment from Jaqen H'ghar after Arya took the life of Meryn Trant—a life that Jaqen claims belonged not to Arya but to the Many-Faced God. If the penalty sticks, it could spell serious trouble for the Faceless Men's new apprentice—and for Williams' daily preparation.

Who broke Sansa's virginity? ›

Who can forget how Sansa lost her virginity to her sociopathic new husband, Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones? It was during a night of horrific (and controversial) rape, no less. However the same rape fate doesn't befall the eldest Stark daughter on the pages of George R. R. Martin's novels.

Who kills Tyrion Lannister? ›

In spite of his death sentence, Tyrion does not die in the Game of Thrones finale. Instead, he manages to talk Jon Snow into assassinating Daenerys and is eventually pardoned by Westeros' new king, Bran Stark (who is now called Bran the Broken, as if that's a complimentary title).

What happens to Sansa Stark? ›

And her story closes in a way that proves it. In the Game of Thrones finale, Sansa becomes Queen of the North. After Tyrion Lannister convinces representatives of the Seven Kingdoms that her brother Bran deserves to be king because he has the least ego, Sansa steps forward to demand that the North remain independent.

Who kills Daenerys? ›

In Game of Thrones' series finale, Jon Snow was forced to kill Daenerys Targaryen after she became the Mad Queen.

What is the most shocking scene in Game of Thrones? ›

The beheading of Ned Stark

Setting the tone that no character is ever truly safe from being killed off in Game of Thrones, this was one of the first of the show's scenes to well and truly shock audiences far and wide.

What is the most watched episode of Game of Thrones? ›

This record was broken again during the season five finale, with 8.11 million people squirming through Jon Snow's (probable) demise.

What is the most satisfying episode in Game of Thrones? ›

Game Of Thrones: The 10 Best Episodes, According To Ranker
  • The Laws Of Gods And Men (Season 4 Episode 6) ...
  • The Door (Season 6 Episode 5) ...
  • The Watchers On The Wall (Season 4 Episode 9) ...
  • The Lion And The Rose (Season 4 Episode 2) ...
  • The Mountain And The Viper (Season 4 Episode 8) ...
  • Blackwater (Season 2 Episode 9)
Apr 15, 2022

Who kills Viserion in Game of Thrones? ›

Game of Thrones: Season 8

After Daenerys and Jon reach Winterfell, Jaime Lannister, who killed the father of Daenerys and Viserys to prevent him destroying King's Landing, also arrives at the Stark ancestral home.

Who kills littlefinger episode? ›

The season 7 finale of Game of Thrones saw Arya Stark slit Littlefinger's throat after Sansa Stark sentenced him to death.

Who kills the hound in got? ›

The Mountain, before he was a giant undead murderer, basically shoved The Hound's face into a fire and burned him terribly over basically nothing (The Hound was playing with one of The Mountain's toys when they were both boys).

Who kills Tyrion in Game of Thrones? ›

In spite of his death sentence, Tyrion does not die in the Game of Thrones finale. Instead, he manages to talk Jon Snow into assassinating Daenerys and is eventually pardoned by Westeros' new king, Bran Stark (who is now called Bran the Broken, as if that's a complimentary title).

Who kills Daenerys dragon? ›

The Night King killed Viserion, Rhaegal was shot down by Euron Greyjoy, and only Drogon survived the end of Game of Thrones - last seen furiously melting the Iron Throne before flying off with Daenerys' dead body.

Is Viserion a zombie? ›

Besides his endlessly-multiplying bloodthirsty wights, one of the Night King's most powerful weapons was Daenerys' old dragon Viserion, who was turned into an ice zombie at the end of season 7.

Which Targaryen was killed by a dragon? ›

The moment happens in season 3, episode 4, “And Now His Watch Is Ended,” when Joffrey Lannister is chilling with Margaery Tyrell and giddily explains, “Rhaenyra Targaryen was murdered by her brother, or rather, his dragon. It ate her while her son watched. What's left of her is buried in the crypts right down there.”

Why did Littlefinger turn Sansa against Arya? ›

It becomes clear he wants Arya dead, because she is only a threat to him. Either Arya will kill him, or she will kill Sansa – thereby removing what he sees as his 'control' over the north.

Why did Sansa sentence Littlefinger to death? ›

She accused Littlefinger of several crimes: killing their aunt Lysa Arryn, conspiring to kill their uncle Jon Arryn, committing treason by holding a knife to Ned Stark's throat and attempting to assassinate of Bran.

Does Arya forgive the Hound? ›

For her part, Arya's never going to entirely trust The Hound, but she doesn't appear to want to kill him anymore either. In season four, she leaves him for dead after his hard-fought battle with Brienne to keep the youngest Stark girl safe, but she refuses to kill him, even when he begs.

Does the Hound love Sansa? ›

The Hound falls in love with Joffrey's betrothed, Arya's sister Sansa, enchanted by her innocence and romantic dreams. When he decides to abdicate his position during the Battle of the Blackwater, she's the last one he visits.

Why did Sansa betray Jon? ›

Did Sansa betray Jon? She did betray his trust because he made her swore an oath that she would never reveal what she was about to learn. He was assured in his knowledge that hasn't kept anything secret from his family and the secret will be safe.

Does Jon Snow become king? ›

In Season 6, Jon ends up as King in the North not because he has sought the title but because others see him as worthy. He admits so himself in Season 7, Episode 2, "Stormborn," explicitly telling the lords and ladies of the North: "You all crowned me your King.

Who takes the Iron Throne? ›

Really major spoilers. Don't read this if you don't want to know what happens in the series finale. The game of thrones is over, just as Game of Thrones is over, and even though Drogon melted down the Iron Throne for scrap, the Seven Six Kingdoms continue apace with a new king — Bran Stark, a.k.a. the Three-Eyed Raven.

Is Bran Stark paralyzed? ›

Bran dreams of becoming a knight since childhood, but is rendered paraplegic by Jaime Lannister in the first novel after stumbling upon the latter's affair with twin sister Cersei Lannister.


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